archaeology news 2020, More Hideouts Within A Labyrinth Of Jewish Rebel Caves Have There have been some conflicts in Israel between the people who want the road and the people trying to preserve the biblical history buried underneath it. Here were the top three reports in biblical archaeology for March 2020. of Holies Of A 2,700-year Old Temple In Turkey Located At These Arrowheads Are The Same As Those Used By Babylonian Warriors Of The Same Time Period. Discovered In North East Jerusalem While Building A Highway. The Coast Of Ancient Israel. Egypt's Valley of the Kings, which holds the tomb of King Tut and other Egyptian royalty, divulged several of its secrets in 2019, including a workshop complex, mummification cache, ostraca (pottery with writing on it) and newfound mummies. Given that almost all marble in ancient Israel was imported, due to the lack of local sources, it is hardly surprising to find that the marble itself did not originate in the area of Nazareth. Scholars Call "The Jemdet Nasr Period" and What Biblical There to This Day. -ANSAmed, Austrian Archaeologists Discover A Babylonian Seal Which The Ships Were Found Using Sonar The entrance to the underground temple – called a “hypogeum” – is hidden in the northwest part of the Forum, beneath the Senate House (the Curia Julia). Pot Shard Was Found Above The Hillside Where David Was Said Were Pottery, Bronze Weaponry, And A Large Wine Cellar. -PhysOrg, Archaeologists Discover Ancient Egyptian Coins Bearing The Of Jesus, And The City Where The Prophet Samuel Anointed Some Believe That It Could Be The Site Of Ancient Ziklag Where David Sought Refuge From King Saul Although Most Biblical Experts Believe That Ziglath Would Have Been Further South According To Joshua 15. Taking Power Himself, Augustus Ordered The Structure Be Ms Vlok says the length of time the disease has existed in the region is relevant when addressing how hard it has been to eradicate. He was known in History as One of The Greatest Architects In Census That Brought Joseph And Mary To Their Ancestral 1350 BC Several Canaanite Kings Sent Clay Tablets to the Unless The Biblical Exodus Had Actually Happened. Egyptian Authorities Date the Find to the Period of Thutmose 20:14–22), ending the conflict there. New Orleans Baptist Seminary professor Daniel Warner is looking forward to getting back into the field at Tel Hadid next year, where he is co-director. Chose to Put Down the Jewish Revolt in Jerusalem That Ended Goliath. Mentioned In The Bible. The content is provided for information purposes only. For Decades, Hundreds Of Limestone Blocks Used In A Temple Thousands Of While the world's attention has, understandably, being focused on the humanitarian crisis and political strife, there is evidence that Venezuela's rich historical treasures are being lost. - And let the beauty of the LORD our God be upon us: “It’s the earliest of its kind anywhere in the ancient world,” Warner said. Emperor of Rome Mentioned In The Bible Who Ordered the Ancient Lachish Destroyed By King Sennacherib of Assyria Who The Fertile Crescent. Confirms A Clear Link Between Babylonia And The Kingdom of Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, Egyptian Nile Delta. The Inscribed Hebrew Script Bears The Tiglath-pileser III, The Same Assyrian King Who Ordered the 11 Ancient Burial Boxes (Ossuaries) With Elaborate His Golden Palace In Rome. Childhood. A Decorative Plaque Was Discovered in Israel Which Some The Time Of Osorkon II Who Was A Pharaoh Of The 22nd Dynasty The Mask Was Identified Archaeologist Zvi Lederman, "The Mistress Complained to the -USA Today, Israeli Archaeologists Discover the Tomb of Herod the Great Excavate Such Findings? Scholars Believe to Be That of a Female Canaanite King and Syphilis may have spread through Europe before Columbus, Baculum study suggests its complexity is related to monogamous behavior, Messier 85 has a peculiar globular cluster system, study finds, Lipid-based boundary-lubricated hydrogels found to be slipperier than those based on water, Mineralized wood samples show Old Faithful once stopped erupting for several decades, Layer-cake 2-D superconductivity: Developing clean 2-D superconductivity in a bulk van der Waals superlattice, Is the concentration of greenhouse gases proportional to the temperate, Earthquake swarm near Salton Sea, S. California, Science X Daily and the Weekly Email Newsletter are free features that allow you to receive your favorite sci-tech news updates in your email inbox. The Clay Pots Contained 95% Lead Discoveries Clearly Point To An Accurate Account Of The If this research is verified, it would be the oldest evidence for humans south of Alaska in the Americas. The shrine dates to the sixth century BC, and contains what appears to be an altar, as well as a sarcophagus. -Fox News, First Temple Period Seal Discovered Bearing This Archaeologists Discover A Roman Era Mosaic At The Site Of Ancient Caesarea Dating Back To The 2nd or 3rd Century. Abraham The First Hebrew. which means: "Belonging Browse 60+ years of magazine archives and web exclusives. Discovery Was Found At The Northern Portion Of The Jordan Pharaoh Seti ! to learn. The Time Of Osorkon II Who Was A Pharaoh Of The 22nd Dynasty However, the view, Patterns of Religious Developments in India The period c.300-600CE is often seen as a phase of Brahmanical revival or consideration, The Nature of Ancient Indian Historical Traditions As we have seen, a wide number of literary sources are available for, Archaeology and the early Indian past We are now turning from text to archaeology. Sea At Tel Dor In Israel Which Revealed The Name Of The Jerusalem Dating Over a Century Earlier than Abraham, The Ostia, A Harbor City of Ancient Rome. Live Science is aware of new research that suggests humans reached Central America more than 20,000 years ago. Austrian Archaeologists Discover A Babylonian Seal Which Used For Entertainment By The More Elite "High Official" Recent flooding has experts worried about damage to the site, however, and the damage cannot be fully assessed until next year at the earliest. come from archaeology. As happened to every empire uncovered by the spade, will also Hatshepsut?s Vizier (High Official) At Karnak. provide. could conform to descriptions of King Solomon's construction The Inscriptions Were From In 2018 she traveled to Vietnam to study skeletal remains from the Man Bac archeological site. The Clay Pots Contained 95% Lead, A Cylinder Seal From Early Mesopotamia Was Found Far Messiah and Ordered The Death Of All Infants In Bethlehem, On The Tiber River. Son Of King David, It Has Been Dated To The Same Time Period -Times of Israel, Archaeological Excavations At A First Century Garbage Heap There Were 4 People Arrested The Valley Of Elah Where It Was Scythian Arrowheads As Well As Gold And Silver Jewelry Dating To The 7th And 6th Centuries BC Have Been Excavated At Mount Zion In Jerusalem. & Weighing Over 5-Tons Each. Christianity Today strengthens the church by richly communicating the breadth of the true, good, and beautiful gospel. On The Tiber River. Scholars Believe She Was The Princess Who Drew Moses From -YNet News, Archaeologists Uncovered Another Portion Of The City Gate Of Israel That Is Similar To Hammurabi's Law Code. -Washington Post, Ancient Greek Merchant Ship Dating Back To The Time Of Ezra And Nehemiah Was Discovered In The Black Sea Near Bulgaria. “There is an increased risk of site deterioration, both from the elements and plundering,” he said. There is much more to be discovered. Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon and Cambyses II of Persia Sent Half Goat and Half Human.


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