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With 55 species of Arizona snakes, the state ranks second only to Texas in terms of snake diversity. VenomousThe Sonoran Coralsnake is a small secretive snake that is very rarely seen. While not all of the snakes that can be found in and around the Phoenix city limits, these are some of the most common. If you need help identifying a snake, please email This snake, as the name implies, is completely nocturnal, and won't be seen on the move during the daytime. Harmless The kingsnake is very easy to identify by the high-contrast white and black bands that run the entire length of the body. Snakes of Arizona - Order Squamata, Suborder Ophidia (Serpentes) Click on names or icons for photographs and additional information. All content on this website The banding is more apparent throughout the body, which is usually grey with varying degrees of pink, orange, or brown. However, those found in the species account section may be used for any noncommercial scientific, educational, or conservation purposes provided that photographs are not altered and continue to bear the copyright symbol and name of the photographer. Venomous The Tiger Rattlesnake lives in many of the same rocky, mountainous areas as the Speckled Rattlesnake. This subspecies is usually smaller than L. t. gracia in AZ. All rights reserved. They are common to see on desert trails at night and in garages, sheds, and under yard debris, as well as in well landscaped apartment complex areas throughout the city. It occurs in a variety of habitats but generally prefers open areas with sandy soils. The Tiger Rattlesnake is often confused with the Speckled Rattlesnake, but can be easily identified by the unusually small head and large rattle. REPRODUCTION: Mating takes place in spring. Geographic Distribution. Arizona Game and Fish Department. Snakes Turtles & Tortoises The 100-Mile Circle Habitats in the ‘Circle’ Brochures & Affiliated Works The Sonoran Herpetologist Living with Venomous Reptiles Just for Kids Projects Charles H. Lowe Fund Jarchow Conservation All photos on this website are copyrighted. 2005. The underside has sporadic dark brown or black spots or blotches. Click on names or icons for photographs and additional information. Hughes from Rattlesnake Solutions says snakes can’t handle Arizona’s extreme heat and it could be fatal if they reach temperatures of 105 or above. Though it lives in entirety of the desert surrounding the Phoenix area, it mostly stays underground. Gulf Publishing Co. Houston, TX Arizona. Most, but not all of the diversity is a result of the Arizona rattlesnakes. Hughes from Rattlesnake Solutions says snakes can’t handle Arizona’s extreme heat and it could be fatal if they reach temperatures of 105 or above. This snake is a strong burrower, complete with a countersunk lower jaw to prevent sand from getting in its mouth. Lichanura trivirgata trivirgata. Gulf Publishing Co. … "This was a little bit different; I’ve never heard one so active or aggressive as it was.”. Use icons to help identify animals. There are usually dark markings around the vent on specimens from Arizona. Young Valley cancer warrior back in school after beating odds, Peoria family saluted as National Military Family of Honor by ThanksUSA, Few fans, masked umps, muted celebrations for World Series, Cardinals dominate Cowboys in Dallas on national stage, Justice Department to file landmark antitrust case against Google. 2000. Three to 14 young are born in late summer or early fall. It is usually associated with rocky or boulder-strewn habitat on mountains, bajadas or hillsides. PHOENIX — We’re keeping you safe with a warning about rattlesnakes. “This is a good time of year to go through your yard and look at certain things, any source of water, any type of landscaping that gets shade. 1985. Venomous The Blacktailed Rattlesnake lives in mountainous areas and surrounding foothills. Share. The "red touch yellow" rhyme people use to tell the difference between coralsnakes and non-venomous impostors doesn't work in Arizona, where the coralsnake's bands can be more white than yellow. Mesa Snake Removal and Apache Junction Rattlesnake Control, West Valley - Tonopah, Buckeye, Avondale, & Litchfield Park. Arizona Snakes: The Grand Canyon. It does have a mild venom, but it is not dangerous to people, and you'd have a difficult time finding one that will try and bite. Unlike the other rattlesnakes in Arizona, the Mojave Rattlesnake carries a powerful neurotoxin. They are large, and generally less aggressive than many other species of rattlesnake. They avoid rocky areas. Arizona early ballots in 2020 election will be counted starting Tuesday. There’s a reason why we see so many snakes during Arizona’s monsoon, one being the birthing season and the other is humidity. Harmless The Sonoran Gophersnake is a large snake that can be found everywhere in the Phoenix area, even in alleyways and backyards in urban areas. Maricopa County, AZ, HABITAT: In Arizona the Rosy Boa inhabits Sonoran Desertscrub, Mohave Desertscrub, and Interior Chaparral communities. Until recently, Winfrey had never encountered a snake at his home. Please contact the photographer regarding commercial use of copyrighted photographs.


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