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1 year ago, Hi! What do you think. I use a cd-rom-drive instead of a DVD- or bluray-drive, because in the early days of this technology the pins have been larger and more separated than in modern drives... You'll have to find out the two Pins for the vertical coil and the laserdiode. Can you please explain to me how are speakers used for xy movement? Joystick and 4 keys Keypad module and Shield for Arduino Joystick and 4 keys Keypad module and Shield for Arduino. If no object is on the moving-table, I get voltages in the range of 0.2V. $11.50. I'll try out just scanning from one side.... ziemlich cooles Projekt. The larger the value of the potentiometer, the higher the magnification. and I'd be very happy if you could vote for me in the microcontroller-contest :-). 3 years ago. Luckily I found a piece of a waver with very tiny structures. This is the ISD1820 IC, a Microphone, this is where we connect the positive and ground wires of the speaker. Livraison à 0,01€ seulement pour votre première commande expédiée par Amazon. Share it with us! Just search for "rinky-dink electronics" ( Electronics tech of 45yrs. To make this easier, you should use a 10-turn-potentiometer (in my case a 100Ohm-type parallel to a fixed 100Ohm-resistor to get 0-50 Ohm). $19.50. I hope you've enjoyed my work. In my opinion only the (re)writable ones are doped with a corresponding colour: bluish for DVD, reddish for blu-ray. I've already noticed the "steps" in my pictures too. To be able to estimate the magnification I bought a cheap calibration slide on ebay. I am allways looking for ways to improve my builds (probably you do to! 1 year ago. If you replace the built-in photodiode against a larger model you'll have no problems with soldering. Can you say something about using red laser not for DVD's but CD's (which are tuned to infrared-laser) or blue laser not for bluray-disc's but CD's? It combines everything we need, a laser-Diode, a lens with variable Focus and a photodiode. But don't worry, there's another way to find the right Position of the coil. Horloge sous Arduino avec des Leds Strip Dans ce tutoriel, je vous montre comment réaliser une grande horloge numérique pilo To do this off a window will require a better method. Exactly in that maximum the laserbeam is focused right. Therefore we first have to eliminate the Offset (0.2V) and second we have to amplify the signal up to 100 times. So look at my results and judge for yourself if it is worth to try, if it's not to much of an effort, to put in a DVD pick-up instead of a CD pick-up! I have not studied them in enough detail to know if they have the needed resolution. Reply Voila', there are the 0's and 1's. Thank's for your kind words. With those signals you're able to find out the Focus quite easily. With this way of moving head you can reach movements down to µm. As you can see the three push buttons and male headers are clearly labeled as REC, PLAYE, PLAYL, VCC, GND, FT, P-L, P-E, and REC. New. "The problem is in the code you didn't post.". Hi! Grove - Temperature & Humidity Sensor Pro. Afzal Rehmani 1,718 views 4 months ago. Add to Cart. These differences in sharpness can you see in my results were images are taken with red, green and uv lasers. You'll have two ways of visualization, with the Software processing or with a TFT-display. Music Reactive LED Strip with Microphone Module – Arduino Project. The only additional parts you'll need are a multimeter for controlling the photodiode-voltage and a power supply (9V, 0.6A). Grove - Servo. The differences I get with an LDR are: (LDR without a pinhole) 4,2 V when in focus 1,1 V when nothing in the light path. My idea was to use a laserpointer to point it on a window and let the reflected beam point on a LDR and use the values of the light intensity to play them through a 0.5 Watt 8 Ohm speaker. Pages: [1] Topic: DIY laser microphone (Read 1 time) previous topic - next topic. 2 Micro 130 DC Motor 3.3v for Arduino Arduino DC Motor. The position of the object is changed by two Speakers, which are driven with different voltages. But the main Goal of my Project was to visualize the pit-structure of a compact disc. (LDR With a pinhole): 3,6 V in focus and 0,3 V with nothing in the light path.


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