bear facts
Superstitious people in medieval times thought that saying the ferocious animal’s name would summon it, so they used a euphemism that meant “the brown one” (“bear”) … The original word was never recorded, so it remains a mystery. The average age at which bears are shot in Minnesota is 2 for males and 3 for females. Polar bear meat is edible, though people run the risk of contracting roundworm infection from polar bear meat. When we look at facts about the spectacled bear, we learn that it lives in the Andes Mountains. PO Box 161 – Source, 28. Can swim at least a mile and a half in fresh water. These two species diverged over 3 million years ago, but they are still more closely related than any other bear species, not having developed any special physical traits that significantly changed their DNA as the polar bears did. Bear fun facts teach us that the Asiatic black bear lives in Eastern Asia, in countries such as Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam. all grizzly bears are brown bears, but not all brown bears are grizzly bears. New knowledge of hibernation processes has led biologists to redefine mammalian hibernation as simply a specialized, seasonal reduction of metabolism concurrent with the environmental pressures of scarce food and low ambient temperatures. The term is inaccurate because bears are not slow, lean bears can run in excess of 30 mph and few people use the term anymore. Very few adult black bears die of natural causes except in national parks. their diet includes flowers, tree bark and even some species of cactus! Spectacled Bear – The spectacled bear is another contender for the cutest bear. Asiatic Bear; Black Bear; Brown Bear; Giant Panda; Polar Bear; Sloth Bear; Spectacled Bear; Sun Bear; Bear Mythology and Folklore; Interesting Facts . Bear dancing as a form of entertainment goes back to the 16th Century. [email protected]. Polar bears have translucent fur to help trap heat, eyesight adapted to underwater viewing, and massive paws that allow them to paddle for dozens of miles in icy seas. Bear facts teach us that most bears mark their territory by rubbing their backs against trees. In comparison, the other 4 bear species have a more balanced diet of plants and meat. While each fish also carries only a small amount of contaminant, the sheer amount that polar bears eat causes the contaminants to build. You can set your browser not to accept cookies and the above websites tell you how to remove cookies from your browser. Because of its rich vitamin A content, ingesting a polar bear liver runs a high risk of vitamin A poisoning. There are 8 species of bears found all around the world. In one base, due to wrong wiring, the Klaxon was sounded ordering nuclear-armed aircraft to take off, and the pilots believed WW3 has started. This means that even if a bear wanders away, they have a good chance of coming back to where they know there’s plenty of food for them. However, they rarely succeed. Adult Length: 50 to 80 inches long, nose to tail, with males being larger than females. Sounds: Usually silent (except in movies in which sounds are dubbed in). This means polar bears are marking their territory simply by walking around. First litters are often only 1 or 2. Pandas International compares the size of a baby panda bear to a stick of butter. The koala bear is a member of the marsupial family. Depending on the species, bears can weigh from 27 kg to 700 kg. Bear intestines are also very short and undifferentiated, which limits the amount of nutrition they can get from their food. This habitat is currently being devastated by human development. The different adaptations each species of bear has for its environment is one of the amazing facts that helps us learn about evolution. The spectacled bear is also known as the Andean bear. Wild mothers ingest their cubs’ urine and feces. Does not threaten by growling (except in movies). Can swim to island campsites. The bear lived at the Tower of London and was given a long leash so it could swim in the river Thames and catch fish.


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