beta centauri
Hadar is very easy to find because it is exceptionally bright and located between Alpha Centauri, the third brightest star in the sky, and the Southern Cross, a conspicuous asterism formed by the Crux stars Acrux, Mimosa, Gacrux, Imai and Ginan. Beta Centauri Aa and Ab have roughly the same mass (about 10 M ☉) and temperature (25,000 K), while Beta Centauri B is considerably less massive, with 4.61 solar masses. Regarded as bringing both sweetness and illness (through damp). This is done by drawing a line from Alpha Centauri, through Hadar which leads a few degrees from the top of the cross where Gacrux is located. Hadar in the Southern hemisphere is the inner star of the two “Pointers” directing the way to the Southern Cross. It is located 350 light years from Sol. [4], β Centauri, Agena, is a lovely Venus-Jupiter star. Aliens forces are trying to infiltrate MILKY WAY Galaxy . Beta Centauri A was suspected to be a double-lined spectroscopic binary since 1967, when Michel Breger observed period variation in the star’s radial velocity using the 74-inch reflector at Radcliffe Observatory in Oxford. The stars were discovered to have similar masses, but one appeared to rotate much faster than the other. The clusters are gravitationally bound and form a binary open cluster. [2], Beta Centauri is endowed with a strong Venus character with a touch of Jupiter blended in. Beta Centauri B is considerably fainter than the main pair, but with an apparent magnitude of 4, it would be visible to the naked eye if it were a single star and not washed out by the glare of its brighter neighbours. In mythology, the culture of the Boorong people called this star (along with Alpha Centauri) Bermbermgle.They signified two brothers who were known for their courage for killing Tchingal ‘the Emu’ from the Coalsack Nebula. Beta Centauri is well known in the Southern Hemisphere. Even though it appears fainter than Alpha Centauri, Hadar is much more luminous, shining at first magnitude from a distance of 390 light years. Take care of the elderly. By nightfall in early June, this star will have reached its highest point. Full Moon 14 May 2014 conjunct Agena 0°06′. Beta Centauri Aa and Ab have roughly the same mass (about 10 M☉) and temperature (25,000 K), while Beta Centauri B is considerably less massive, with 4.61 solar masses. Sorry I have never tested out progressed planets conjunct fixed stars. When this happens, the two stars will form a conjunction and appear like an exceptionally bright visual double star. The pole is close to the point where the two lines intersect. Beta Centauri is located approximately 348.83 light-years away in the constellation of Centauri.


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