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This podcast is hosted by a Carlton fan named the Wookie. Something Carlton hasn’t been great at recently. With Essendon’s season spiraling out of control and the drugs seemingly not working, Prosecutor and table tennis discuss the West Coast loss to see what went wrong and what needs to happen to get out of Essendon’s form slump. This will be known as the new age Stairway for the following generations.Subscribe, or forever be known as "that person who missed out". Live game chat. Carlton training 21/12/2015 - Duration: 3 minutes, 30 seconds. 665 views; 4 years ago; 0:07. It really is just lazy goldfish sensationalist “commentary“. I would have thought they were pretty similar. Warrior introduces us to the world of heat maps whilst Boncer gives us an introduction to VFL 2016. Welcome to the Facebook page for the Carlton forum on Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. ... Xtapolapocetl26 , 04/12/2016. It's not what has happened already that answers this question, it's what happens next. Both clubs are too far away to tell which is closer. Welcome to the Facebook page for the Carlton forum on Is our footy culture too critical of little things that don't matter . Saw this comparison from Ross Lyon on Footy Classified: Would like to see how Freo transition to an attacking style before making a definitive comment. To name Cripps & Murphy as Carlton’s midfield and then go on to name Fremantle‘s as Fyfe, Walters, Cerra, Bradshaw, Serong and Young. 427 likes. Whoever he has on as his guests provide great analysis, (Mike, Messenger, Seppo are the regulars). Fantasy Footballers - Fantasy Football Podcast, OTLS Podcast - Everything AFL Fantasy, SuperCoach, Real Dream Team and Ultimate Footy, CrowCast Tuesday Night Live - Adelaide Crows Podcast. Enjoyable listen for all things Essendon! A very close match race With Carlton on the line for mine. - BigFooty Bombers Podcast. Whoever he has on as his guests provide great analysis, (Mike, Messenger, Seppo are the regulars). Carlton still have an issue with Betts, Murphy and both the Curnow brothers, but in saying that some of the guys coming in are very good players assuming of course that they do come in, no doubt they will get them on one of their sets of books. I do like their list but they really need to push in the next 2-3 years whilst Fyfe and Walters are in their prime, they’ll obviously be very tough to replace. Their book ends though are well covered and the game style is constantly evolving and very capable of + 100 point scores, Cripps was a little busted this year and hopefully they can get more support around him to take the pressure off. It’s acknowledged Cripps played injured for most of the year, with an expectation he … Bigfooty Blues. Good work guys, recommend to any Essendon supporter. Former Adelaide champion Tyson Edwards joins Michaels to discuss his time playing as a Crow, life after football and his thoughts on the current day Crows! Is lazy at best, biased at worst. Messenger is a crack up This podcast is hosted by a Carlton fan named the Wookie. Carlton lost a lot of close games to sides they should have beat and gave up too many runs of goals when momentum switched, winning is a habit, but so to is losing unfortunately. Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. The members of BFBAP each bring their own uniqe talent to the band, from Boncer and his almost mimicing rendition of Barry White to MWNN who obviously went to the school of Jimmy Page to learn his craft and last but not least they inclusion of All Time Legend Doss on selected tracks was a piece of genius when putting this together.If I could give this 1 Billion out of 5 it still wouldn't give it justice, just sit back, listen and be taken on a journey that will awaken your life like nothing before.On a personal note, my favourite track is Track 7: Barret is a Campaigner. It only takes one or two shrewd additions to a list and something to click within a team for them to push up to being contenders. Basically the Vics who have all had a long time between drinks having not won any flags this millennium (no, 2000 is not part of this millennium it's apart of the last one). They're only behind Carlton in key forwards but I can see it clicking with Hogan, Lobb and Tabs. Richmond v Carlton - tip the winner and margin to WIN a free year's Platinum membership! Pie 4 Life and D_P_S of AFL Draft Central share their knowledge and insight into the players of the upcoming draft. Expect both teams to rise up the ladder next year. ‎The AFL's Carlton Blues under the microscope. Of the above Freo certainly have the higher quality mids and that is why I think the current list will move forward ahead of the Blues. Their list looks better: both their youth and mid aged players. I think Carlton will peak at semi finalists a la the early 2010s. So if you were to give a fair and reasonable like for like comparison it would look something like this. He does one of the best jobs of the podcasts I listen to. Weekly Bombers talk with special guests, previews, reviews and current events. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. It's been a sluggish start to Carlton's season, and similarly the BigFooty Blues podcast has slowly trudged into 2018, both squads coming via off-season campaigns that perhaps teased at more. In an effort to upstage last night’s hastily scheduled ‘The Decision’ panel show, Prosecutor, Doss and Hirdismyhero dissect the latest news in the supplement scandal, as the AFL hand down charges to the Essendon Football Club, James Hird, Mark Thompson, Danny Corcoran and Dr Bruce Reid.


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