black bear size
8-Sun Bear – Ursus malayanus –Body length: 120-150cm, Weight: female 27-50kg, male 27-65kg. Length can range from 120 to 200 cm (47–79 in), with a tail length of a mere 7 cm (2.8 in), and shoulder height from 60 to 90 cm (24–30 in). Attitude and behavior can also give you clues to an animal’s age or status in the local bear hierarchy. Photos courtesy of Wildlife S.O.S. Gestation: 63-70 days The species typically has distinctive beige-coloured marking across its face and upper chest, though not all Spectacled bears have “spectacle” markings. Adult female bears are smaller and average around 300 kg (660 lbs); their peak weights do not usually exceed 400 kg (880 lbs). Sloth bears are nocturnal and occupy home ranges that they seem happy to share with other sloth bears. The black and brown colour phase of the black bear is common. We guesstimate the bear's age at over 20 years. If they seem to be positioned far apart, that likely means it’s a good bear. Don't know the story on this bear shot, but it made us go "Whoa! Sloth bears are stocky with long, shaggy, black hair and a white U- or Y-shaped marking on the chest. One of many physical traits you can home in on is the appearance of the bear's legs. Credit -text- BBC Science and Nature. … We Tested Bowtech’s Revolt and the Diamond Edge 320 to Find Out, In the Future: These 4 Newcomers Will Help Fix Outdoor Media. A bear that swaggers into bait or saunters nonchalantly onto a tidal flat is likely a mature boar. It is his first black bear and had a chest girth of 64 inches. 4 year 37 lbs. Traits Keen Smell: The bear has advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks that rely on smell. Protect private, state and federal land that is prime habitat for bears. Gallery of Humongous (Really, Really Big) Kodiak Bears. Black bears will also occasionally kill young deer or moose calves. Black bears with white-bluish fur are known as Kermode (glacier) bears and these unique color phases are only found in coastal British Columbia, Canada. A Bonnier Corporation Company. You’re likely gazing at a small bear. Photos courtesy of Wildlife S.O.S. Black bears in the Great Smoky Mountains also eat insects and animal carcasses when they are available. Overall its fur is blackish in color, though bears may vary from jet black to dark brown and to even a reddish hue. They aren’t, but old boars usually have large stomachs that  almost drag the ground. The American black bear is the smallest of the three bears species found in North America and is found only in North America. Russia has a healthy population of brown bears currently. Photographic credit – Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC). Science used to believe that the giant panda was a member of the raccoon family. Credit -text- Wikipedia. The ears are small and rounded. Credit -text- BBC Science and Nature. Black bears have short, non-retractable claws that give them an excellent tree-climbing ability. The fur around the shoulders and throat is particularly long, and their ears are relatively large. If the front and rear legs look like they’re close together, it’s probably a small animal. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments. Eventually, through experience and studying photos and DVDs, you’ll learn to judge bears just like bucks.


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