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I informed him that there indeed was a problem with the saw, that it manifested itself after it was warmed up, and that it was taching well over its max RPM. If you can swing the extra cash, the MS 250 is the best value in the “homeowner” line, and it will give you the best power to weight ratio for the money. I bought a 170 Stihl chainsaw because it was on sale at a Home Hardware store at a good price..My 036 saw, my 260 saw, my cutoff saw worked amazing. It adjusts when the air filter chokes, but maintains constant rpm to keep the saw running its best. Another drawback to the MS 170 is its non-adjustable carb (only an idle adjustment screw is accessible to the operator), and it is this “feature” that would quickly sour my relationship with this more than respectable entry level saw. The MS 170 also still sports the older non strato engine, and I do love the older engine style’s more “rumbly” sound. If you want a powerful chainsaw, the small model Stihl MS170 is a good choice. For MS 017, MS 170, MS 170-D, MS 018, MS 180 Versions . There are many who prefer this older style of cap as the newer “flip top” caps are more susceptible to breakage at the hinge. Depending on the job you need to complete, you can swap out the 16-inch bar with others as small as 12 inches with the right tools. Oregon’s smallest bar is a 10″, I believe. The cutting performance of this small saw was impressive. Thanks for the tip concerning retrofitting the MS 170 with a side tensioning assembly from a MS 250. The STIHL MS 170 is the perfect lightweight chainsaw for homeowners seeking a great value. Get the best reviews, product advice, news and more! To use the smallest radius carving bar, you would have to change to 1/4″ sprocket, but if you wanted to try carving with a quarter tip (1″ radius tip), you could use a 3/8″ low profile chain which uses the same sprocket. This created a dangerous condition as you could never be sure when the chain would begin spinning. Whether the MS 171 is “better” than the MS 170 is hard to say. The saw did not bog in the cut (although I didn’t force the saw-I let the saw do its work). The first test cut with this model clocked in at less than five seconds with the next hitting the three second mark. But at less than £200, it's a fantastic price for a Stihl petrol chainsaw. You will receive a verification email shortly. Then It ran good. I would have to agree. Holder 1130 for STIHL Laser 2-in-1. Stihl MS 291 vs Husqvarna 455 Rancher. Bas experiance. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. There was a problem. And even at its great price, the MS 170 has many of the same design features the professionals depend on. In this case, the brake was not engaged. One aspect of the chainsaw world that I have always wanted to try my hand at is chainsaw carving. The Stihl MS 170 fired up with out any issue and for a small saw with a tiny bar and chain, it was an impressive cutter. The saw would start to bog down as soon as it was given full throttle- a sound that usually prompts a quick check to verify that the chain brake is off. Between the test cuts, this Stihl model averaged speeds of three to four seconds. Today, I’ve picked the two top chainsaws that inevitably appear on top of all the “best chainsaw” lists – the Stihl MS 291 and Husqvarna 455. Compact, lightweight with just the right amount of power, the MS 170 makes quick work of trimming or cutting small trees, fallen limbs after a storm and other tasks around the yard. Chadwick 13 July 2018 Required fields are marked *. Light weight(3.9 kg) allows you to work with a chainsaw STIHL MS 180, for a very long time with ease. First introduced in 2002 the MS 250 remains in the Stihl catalogue for 2020. The MS 171 uses a stratified scavenging engine that reduces fuel consumption by twenty percent while reducing harmful emissions. In conclusion, the MS 170 had many great qualities, and if the dealer had addressed the problem with this particular saw, I would still have it, and would be quite happy with it. Kilpatrck. Summary The Stihl MS170 is ideal for someone who wants the power and utility of a professional grade chainsaw, as it delivers on both. Being economically minded, and considering that converting any of these saws over to a dedicated carver would cost an additional $200.00 for a carving bar, chain and rim/sprocket, I decided to give the MS 170 a try as it was light weight, had a good reputation as an entry level carver, and ,most importantly, cost exactly half of what the other contenders were going for because of Stihl’s Spring promotion which ended on June 30th. If I ever break one of the flip tops, my opinion will definitely change, but as of right now, I marginally prefer the newer style for its slight edge in convenience, but, from a durability/reliability perspective, the older style is superior. or Best Offer. Note and compare Deviations from the product range and information provided here are possible, depending on the country. Thank you for signing up to Top Ten Reviews. I’m guessing it connected to the spark plug lead so it’s firing on every other stroke – rather than every fourth – so the RPM is double what you should be seeing. I ordered Stihl’s MS 193 C-E. A close up of the Stihl MS 170 air filter. Best circular saws 2020: Corded circular saws and cheap options. A honlapon elhelyezett szöveges és képi anyagok, arculati és tartalmi elemek (pl. It starts quickly, cuts quickly and smoothly and makes easy work of removing tree branches, cutting firewood, or any other task that calls for a chainsaw. It delivers the power, speed and precision demanded by serious power tool users. Homeowners, look no further. Visit our corporate site. The small chips just flew as this saw cut through the small birch trees that I felled. Enter the MS 170. Stihl Ms 170 Chainsaw reviews: No Confidence Anymore. Holder 1130 for STIHL Laser 2-in-1. Stihl MS 170 Review. I had narrowed the quest down to three main contenders: the, Being economically minded, and considering that converting any of these saws over to a dedicated carver would cost an additional $200.00 for a carving bar, chain and rim/sprocket, I decided to give the MS 170 a try as it was light weight, had a good reputation as an entry level carver, and ,most importantly, cost exactly half of what the other contenders were going for because of Stihl’s Spring promotion which ended on June 30. The lightweight plastic housing adds to its efficiency, but this shell can crack or break if not handled with care. One aspect of the chainsaw world that I have always wanted to try my hand at is chainsaw carving. Top Ten Reviews is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. There were many things that could cause the problems I was experiencing, none of which are fixed by starting the saw, the engine a few times and declaring it “fine”. The MS 250 would also be more appropriate for felling the tree you mention. Another noted the lack of shock absorbers that made the Echo CS-130 more attractive. The problem of saws being set too lean at the factory to meet E.P.A. stihl ms 170 review This model has a 30.1 cc motor that is powerful enough to feeling, trimming and pruning small tress and cutting firewood. The STIHL MS 170 is a small chainsaw that packs a punch. A.J. Your email address will not be published. Some vendors, for some reason, sell only a few of the parts. In the dealer’s defense, the salesman was great to deal with and didn’t bat an eye when I told them to keep the MS 170 and get me the MS 193 C-E. The MS 170 is a real bargain, especially when it’s at its seasonal sale price. This device regulates the fuel to air ratio in the carburettor so that it remains constant. Both unquestionably dominate the market as being perfect for homeowners and DIY enthusiasts working in their backyard or at a ranch. After that, you could try cleaning the carb/inspecting the jets and gaskets. It is perfect for cutting firewood and for general garden chainsaw tasks. Keep the tips coming. Of course the first step down this road to chainsaw carving glory is the purchase of a chainsaw suitable for use as a detail saw. I have a ms 170 just bought it in November and it is January the saw is fine but I realy want to git into carving I know I need a carving bar , a different chain 1/4 inch, and a new sprocket for the 1/4 inch and if there is n e thang that would be helpful or I should know please let me know and I seen were a lot of pple use the 12inch bar but ithink I would have more control with the 8 inch and maybe there are some dvds or books I could order to learn and to shop for carving tools thank you guys. Junk MS 170 chainsaw. It includes many features like the STIHL Quickstop inertia chain brake, Master Control Lever and anti-vibration system. The dealer had filled the fuel tank, but not the bar oil reservoir. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? STIHL reserves the right to make changes to technical specifications and equipment. For a few more dollars, the MS 211 would be a better value with a better power to weight ratio. I guess I will give them another chance. This carry case is built to fit MS 170 models through to MS 460 models with 20 inch bars. Homeowners, look no further. It’s a great tool not only for a variety of cutting jobs. I did this conversion on my 170. In addition, you can take this compact with you when you go fishing or hiking. New York, If you are looking specifically for STIHL case, check out this comprehensive guide about available STIHL … STIHL CHAINSAW FUEL TANK, Part # 1130 351 0400 MS170 MS180 Genuine Stihl. As to tools, most recommend a medium to large saw (40 cc and up) for blocking, or the rough cutting in addition to a small detail saw. I think you might have had your tach set up for a 4-stroke rather than a 2-stroke. Homeowners, look no further. Sadly, the dealer’s tech was less than helpful as all he did was fire the saw up, blip the trigger a few times and tell me there was nothing wrong with the saw. A strong, light-weight cutting machine: the Stihl MS 170. © Homeowners, look no further. The more astute reader will have noticed the title of this post and assumed that Stihl’s MS 170 won out, and this is partly true. This style of engine completes two revolutions in one piston stroke, meaning it requires less fuel for the power it produces. All three saws are viable contenders for a first time carver. NEW THROTTLE TRIGGER ASSY STIHL 017 018 MS170 MS180 11301821000. The side chain tensioning assembly from a MS230/250 will fit in place of the MS170 front tensioner. One outstanding feature of the MS170 is the compensator. First time I used it took about 15 pulls to get it running and maybe 6 or 7 minutes to warm up enough to use.


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