brock and warriana
I half-remember a Hercules myth (I learned it in context of Roman myths but I assume it existed in Greek, too) of one of his tasks being to steal an artifact from the Amazons, but the queen of the Amazons was so impressed by his strength that she just gave it to him without making him fight for it. In Rapacity in Blue, she is shown flying around the city in her chariot where she spots Brock Samson arguing with the villain Haranguetan. Later that night, Warriana rescues Brock after he has been shot out of VenTech Tower by Think Tank. field agent effectively came to an end when he and Colonel Gathers attempted and failed to expose Hamilton G. Fantomas as a member of the Guild of Calamitous Intent during the episode The Invisible Hand of Fate. When Gathers is given full control of O.S.I., Brock and the other SPHINX agents are able to rejoin the O.S.I. Don't they call him Samson in the flashbacks to their college years? In Assisted Suicide, the two compete over who is more qualified to protect Hank and Dean. Brock had encountered Warriana in the episode Hostile Makeover where she and her team mistook Brock for pushing Hank off the Venture Industries building and attacked him for it. Before Warriana was introduced that story reminded me of the early seasons of Brock’s and Molotov’s relationship. She later helped Brock in his fight against Think Tank, after which Warriana and Brock officially became a couple. You’re over thinking it. She is confident in her skills as a fighter, and seems disdainful of men in general. nah he was born Brock Samson. See, Heracles is known for a number of things: He was born half-human, half-divine. Brock's athletic scholarship was subsequently cut, and he left the day after for the Army. It is implied that Brock may be having an affair with fellow O.S.I. They have a long history together and have been shown to fondly reminisce about past escapades. In the episode Eeney, Meeney, Miney... Magic! Due to the extraordinary situations Brock finds himself in due to his work as a member of O.S.I., Team Venture, and as a member of S.P.H.I.N.X., Brock has been able to accomplish things he never thought possible, such as: Brock has a friendly relationship with Dr. Venture, although the two don't always take each other seriously. It is shown that Brock had a hard time accepting many of his former mentor's choices but still respects him. Warriana is a very proud warrior. She also has a degree of invulnerability, as she survives a fall from a great height onto a parked van with little-to-no ill effects. His ability to endure pain is matched by his ability to inflict it, which he does with great enthusiasm. Her opinion of him seems to be that he is "a steroid freak with rage issues". Not only is that Brock's last name, it's what everyone but the Ventures call him. [2] He also seems to have a friendly relationship with H.E.L.P.eR., the Ventures' robot, with whom he goes so far as to argue over Led Zeppelin and express shared appreciation for poetry. Later, while under the effects of Dr. Venture's mind control gas, Brock visits Wariana's apartment where he proceeds to voice his admiration of her strength and beauty. Warriana has a Truth Lasso, which can force any person that she binds with it to tell the truth. agent during a mission in Paris, during which Molotov left Brock temporarily paralyzed in a burning hotel. He killed three assassins and played the Monarch against the O.S.I., only to learn that they had never intended to have him killed in the first place. They later meet again when Brock is assigned to be his body guard. He roomed with Dr. Venture, but the two never socialized as he spent much of that time having sex with other female students. With her help, they defeat Think Tank as an "unsanctioned team-up", a precursor to entering a full relationship. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In The Devil's Grip, he took a glance at the pair as Headshot happily "consoled "Amber about the latter's sympathies for the cyborg Vendata. In Season 5, due to Gathers becoming the new leader of the O.S.I. Since there's no sign of him contacting the O.S.I. That evening, she interviewed the Pirate Captain (in her civilian identity as a TV talk show host) regarding a controversial video that had surfaced online of Billy Quizboy behaving erratically under the influence of God Gas. Brock joined S.P.H.I.N.X. However, in the opening of the first episode of Season 5, it becomes known that both her and Monstroso faked their deaths and escaped. In the episode ORB, it is revealed that this assignment was actually one in a series of ruses stretching back to the late Victorian era enacted to keep agents close to each Venture super-scientist so that they could be killed quickly in the event that they tried to make use of a mysterious artifact known as the Orb. Whether or not Brock knows of Bowie's role in the Guild is not clear, but Brock makes it clear that he would be happy to kill Bowie if the opportunity arose. General Treister offered to reassign Brock to "something a little easier on the ol' noggin." agent, Brock was granted License to Kill, a freedom he exercised with great zeal and often took pleasure in.


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