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Baz Luhrmann's 1996 Romeo + Juliet is an ecstasy-infused, colorful retelling of the star-crossed lovers' tale that takes a 425-year-old story and strangely reflects society in 2020. At Chaz's first Town Hall. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'popdust_com-leader-1','ezslot_13',639,'0','0'])); "As the protests continue across the United States, we risk finding ourselves lost in the same pattern of unproductive behaviors that have long plagued the country. The zone has a mix of peaceful occupiers and some not so peaceful ones, combining that so-called social justice street festival with the threat and occasional eruptions of robbery, property destruction, and bloodshed. Update: since 6/14/20, manny occupants of what was formerly known as CHAZ have renamed the area to CHOP: Capitol Hill Occupied Protest. Had Luhrmann waited just 10 years to release Romeo + Juliet, there may have been more positive reactions to the film. Someone just announced free vegan pizza has arrived. After nine days of standoffs between Seattle Black Lives Matter protesters and the police, at last the cops ceded the area to the revolution. They have all this while eliminating the elements of a free society that elevate us above savagery and hold back tyranny. Have a head-scratcher or just want to say hi? Others want Chaz to become the beginning of a momentous change. Well it did not.". Known as the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) at first, several protesters in the area made a push for the name to better reflect its purpose and renamed the roughly six-block area. People getting snacks and settling in. Most people here might subscribe to one of those ideologies, but mostly it's just an extended BLM block party," wrote one Reddit user. Amidst today's pandemic, the most relevant adaptation of this timeless and classic tragedy was made nearly 25 years ago. Perhaps it will be the start of a new world—a new America where the police are replaced by mental health counselors and free food. Some protestors in CHAZ are associated with anarchist groups and/or Antifa organizing, but the autonomous zone doesn’t currently have formal centralized leadership. ☕️✊, — ❤️Black Rose/Rosa Negra (@BRRN_Fed) June 9, 2020. If nature abhors a vacuum, the vacuum of anarchy is rarely replaced by liberty and justice for all. Its origins happened rapidly. It's probably no coincidence, then, that Shakespeare penned Romeo and Juliet around 1595—directly in the middle of the deadly Bubonic plague pandemic that ravaged Europe. If you don’t do it, I will. Seattle’s police-free neighborhood started experiencing violence, but locals still don’t trust the police. During a 2015 interview discussing the film, Baz said: "When we went to Twentieth Century-Fox with it, under the terms of my first-look deal, I think rather than let me go, they sort of said, 'We'll give him $100,000, let him do his little workshop and maybe it'll go away.' Have you heard that a six-block section of Seattle has become an anarchist “capitol hill autonomous zone,” or “CHAZ” for short? Some believe that the police will eventually retake the autonomous zone; but for now, the town will stand as a testament to the power of protest and possibility. Well so much for CHAZ and the left wing communist “autonomous” zone that was supposed to be their own little shit hole country. The shop’s owner and a heavily armed companion put out the fire and detained the alleged thief, prompting a mob of protesters to swarm the area, break down the fence, and confront the shop owners, believing a rumor that the thief was being held at gunpoint. At one point, Baz himself doubted that the movie would ever be made. Who's behind the #CHAZ vegetable gardens? It has. © 2019 StayHipp Romeo + Juliet made a decent ranking at the box office, but it was heavily overlooked for awards, only receiving one Oscar nomination for best art direction. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'popdust_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_1',630,'0','0'])); "On an almost nightly basis, the SPD has indiscriminately used excessive force against protesters, legal observers, journalists, and medical personnel," read an ACLU lawsuit that played a role in finally pushing the police out of the precinct, opening space for a new experiment in government (or a lack thereof). "It's very important that we get a council going of elected representatives of the CHAZ zone," said a protestor and Chaz resident named Malcolm, who works with Black Lives Matter Seattle. It’s…, Seattle PD made (then walked back) a claim about extortion in the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. In essence, the Seattle autonomous zone is a revolutionary movement that has few safeguards to stand up to the whims of the strong or the mob. Someone with an Energy Resources Engineering degree from Stanford Univers…, A masterpiece was created in the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone today Now Chaz is the subject of ire, suspicion, rage, and hope. After nine days of standoffs between Seattle Black Lives Matter protesters and the police, at last the cops ceded the area to the revolution. So did proponents. CHAZ—now being referred to by some by a new acronym, CHOP—was carved out of six city blocks and a park surrounding the now-abandoned Seattle Police Department’s East Precinct building. On June 10, President Trump tweeted at Washington’s governor Jay Inslee, demanding that officials put a stop to this occupation, writing “Take back your city NOW. But some members want to avoid picking organizers, preferring to stay away from the fragility and corruptibility of leadership. True enough, opponents of the French Revolution went to the guillotine. There's a medic station, a "No Cop Co-op" where people can get free supplies, a shrine made up of candles, flowers, and pictures of George Floyd and the countless others who have been killed by police. The Associated Press called CHAZ a “festive zone,” and other outlets have followed suit. - The ... ›. One protester said they monitor who comes in and out, looking for white supremacists they think may show up to start trouble.”. Despite multiple calls for service, the police refused to intervene. 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Racism isn't something that can be shut off after a few weeks—it's lifelong and pervasive—and hopefully everyone showing up will stay in the fight long after the initial whirlwind has slowed. “What has emerged is an experiment in life without the police—part street festival, part commune,” reported The New York Times. They are missing courts (which they seek to abolish), elections, or really any kind of political or legal accountability. Sunday night, the CHAZ nearly erupted into a wider conflict. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'popdust_com-banner-1','ezslot_17',635,'0','0'])); Reports from people on the ground beg to differ. A kind of commune has … They also demanded citizenship for illegal immigrants, socialized medicine, and reparations for black Americans. It's not socialist or anarchist either. MOVE FAST!”, Current scene at #CHAZ: sun sets as people spray paint art & hang out in the street. This area includes the Seattle Police Department’s East Precinct and spans several blocks in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. After the police ceded the area, protestors set up boundaries and barricades to create a protected zone of about six square blocks. Though CHAZ occupants say they seek justice, at least rhetorically, they have no avenue to carry it out other than through the use of raw force. One Twitter user started a rumor that a SoundCloud rapper named Raz was becoming the zone's "Warlord," which was simply false. We’re here for ya! It’s malpractice for the media to portray this development as little more than a peaceful block party. Some already fear that Chaz and its white occupants, in particular, are distracting from the Black Lives Matter movement, applying their own agendas or even treating the commune like the dreaded Coachella. “Security, some armed, are stationed at borders fortified with metal and plastic traffic barricades,” Jason Rantz wrote at National Review. CHAZ is the acronym for the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone,” an area of about six blocks in Seattle ceded to protesters.


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