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We want people all over the world to rediscover their love for corduroy.”, A full-page ad that was clearly paid for by the corduroy lobby. © 2020 Olah Inc. All Rights Reserved. If I were to ask you to set a single decade as “peak corduroy,” which decade might you choose? Corduroy dates back to ancient Egypt, where fabric was woven near the ancient capital of Al-Fustat. Today, we use corduroy produced by Lancashire based Brisbane Moss, who have been producing the finest fabrics for over 150 years. Source: Diana Davies via Folkway // Peace march in New York, 27th April 1968. In reality, the society states, the French variation of the word was in fact referred to as “the king’s cord,” but in an already Anglicized way—kings-cordes, to be specific. It can look dressed up or dressed down. Cutting machines were developed to cut the dobby’s piles which, after brushing, made velvety piles. The keynote speaker of the night was Chris Lindland, who still has cult fame today as the founder of Cordarounds, a brand that sells corduroy pants, which are cut horizontally instead of vertically. We are an information, ideas and innovation network for the denim industry and provide a forum for the international denim community. wrote. The 1870s textbook Textile Fabrics highlighted this lineage: “Fustian, of which we still have two forms in velveteen and corduroy, was originally wove at Fustat n the Nile, with a warp of linen thread and a woof of thick cotton, so twilled and cut that it showed on one side a thick but low pile; and the we thus managed took its name of Fustian from that Egyptian city,” the Very Rev. What started as a princely fabric has endured to become one of the most beloved materials worn today. Both velvet and corduroy derive from fustianfabric. What started as a princely fabric has endured to become one of the most beloved materials worn today. Get it? The aristocracy clamored for its warmth in the days before heating, including most notably, England’s King … ), 768 words by The fact is, as neat as corduroy is, it doesn’t generate a ton of die-hards. Both the fabric and its origin are fuzzy. And that evolution started in one place, the ancient Egyptian city of Al-Fustat. To prove the point, we’re going to play a game here: I’m going to quote from three trend pieces about how corduroy is coming back into style, and I’m going to ask you to guess the year for each. Levi Strauss included corduroy in its 1901 Spring and Summer Catalog and the fabric was a quiet workhorse for the brand. For that reason, it was called the "cloth of the king". Corduroy first became popular in France and England in the 1700s, where it was named corde du roi, or "cord of the king." Corduroy has always been a lush comfortable fabric for country gentlemen and their ladies – and still remains so. — Ernie @ Tedium. Around 2005, Miles Rohan established the Corduroy Appreciation Club, literally because he wanted to be part of a club. The corduroy we recognise today originated in 19th century Manchester, where its hard-wearing nature made it ideal for factory wear. Corduroy didn’t naturally start out it its gracefully tufted form, no wales to define the fabric at first. Corduroy didn’t naturally start out it its gracefully tufted form, no wales to define the fabric at first. Visit our Privacy Policy (updated 3/29/20) to learn more. It adapts well to clothing for your entire family. By the 1920s, corduroy was featured on the cover of Levi’s price lists. PR requests unrelated to this project will be ignored. During the 1980s, corduroy was famously colorful and used for California-cool shorts. But in the midst of the Crusades, the city’s top political official ordered the city burned in a desperate attempt to prevent its wealth from being stolen. It’s either that, possibly, or that someone saw the cords on these pants and thought it fit perfect with “duroy.”. Corduroy may be piece-dyed or printed in patterns and is named according to the number of wales per inch. What was once Fustat is now a part of Old Cairo, with portions of its former past only occasionally showing themselves in museum exhibits based on archaeological work from decades past. Copyright © 2015-2020 Tedium: The Dull Side of the Internet. And though it may seem to be a 20th century fashion phenomenon, its history actually spans over two thousand years.Â. Named after the city, this heavy fabric became known as Fustian. All rights reserved. A 1973 Marylin Stitz article in the Chicago Tribune really nails the interest in corduroy at the time: When you think about transitional dresses, playtime outfits, and back to school togs, one fabric comes to mind. Loved by musicians, artists and directors - it has been famously worn by Woody Allen, Bob Dylan, Pablo Picasso and Wes Anderson. But unlike me, they didn’t have the internet at their disposal, so I’ll give them a break. Side note: Did you know that November 11 is Corduroy Day? Certainly, I’m not the kind of guy who rocks cords unless they’re about to be plugged into a device of some kind, but when someone tells me that corduroy is a hot trend I need to care about, I DROP EVERYTHING and start searching for corduroy, asking questions like “Where did corduroy come from?” and “Can I buy myself a corduroy hoodie?” Today’s Tedium is about friggin' corduroy. Corduroy reached peak popularity in the 1970s, where it was worn as a symbol of anti-establishment. “Its royal roots may be in question, but there’s no debating that corduroy has made a grand comeback.”, 3. It also, at least for a while, played a significant historic role— in AD 641, it became the first Arab settlement in Egypt and served as the country’s capital for two separate periods totaling more than 300 years. Speaking to The Evening Standard, founder Michael Söderlindh emphasized that he built an all-corduroy brand because the public is ready for such an overpowering sight. Daniel Rock D.D. The fabric had a tendency to be both associated with high-minded pompousness (see the fact that Shakespeare turned fustian into an adjective of that nature) and working class living. What we now recognize as corduroy emerged in the late 18th century in Manchester, England as factory wear during the Industrial Revolution. By using this site, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Services. Our inner circle will get Kingpins newsletters and latest show information direct to their mailbox. It’s not a hugely wild jump to say that the Italian word “fustagno” which means moleskin is a word derived from corduroy’s own “Bethlehem.”. The book doesn’t mention of corduroy, alas, but its modern-day form came from a similar working-class roots—and is widely believed to have gotten its corded magic in Manchester, England. November 11 was chosen as  “Corduroy Day,” under the logic that 11/11 best personifies corduroy’s wales. When you browse on this site, cookies and other technologies collect data to enhance your experience and personalize the content and advertising you see. Folks who are really into the fabric, like Miles Rohan, are few and far between. To learn more about how we use the cookies, please see our, Gloverall PLC is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 00494649. As seen in the chunky cord of our Musso Harrington Jacket and Freya Trench Coat, and fine needlecord of our Jane Box Jacket. Many of us have a nostalgic feeling for the fabric, looking to it as a preppy fall mainstay, while others cannot forget the large-lapeled corduroy suits of the 1970s. Amy Bradford explores the history of corduroy. A fine distinction for a unique fabric, indeed. “There are lots of brands that have done their take on corduroy but there has never been a brand that has completely dedicated themselves to it,” Söderlindh said. What needs to be pointed out is that “Fustat” weavers and textile producers were not industrialized nor were they cutting piles – so what we call corduroy was not fully developed until England’s Industrial Revolution pulverized the way textiles were manufactured.


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