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stream View opening and closing dates for each scholarship entered into Academic Works, plus postsecondary and scholarship events for students and parents. •    Pédicures-podologues, Les autres professionnels de santé, les PS ADELI, peuvent également obtenir gratuitement une Carte de Professionnel de Santé. Recognize lengthy commute times may have alternative costs and tradeoffs (e.g., reduced time available to study, participate in after school activities, and meet family commitments), Tardiness can have a negative impact on learning and attendance records, Research different types of programs, academic and career opportunities, and extracurricular activities offered by schools throughout the city, Review academic performance and school culture and climate, Consider the selection criteria for program offers, Make sure that you register and complete any tests, auditions or supplemental work required for programs you are interested in, Speak to other students and their parents who have participated in the high school application process before, Schedule an appointment with your counselor to review your plans. The Mayor’s Office and Chicago Public Schools (CPS) celebrated today the culmination of the inaugural year of the Summer for Change program at Chicago State University. Chicago Public Schools educates over 350,000 students across more than 600 schools. In order to maximize learning time and promote positive behaviors, every school must establish multi-tiered systems of support for students’ social, emotional and behavioral needs. The GoCPS search engine is one the most comprehensive tools available for researching CPS schools. L’Agence du Numérique en Santé est le tiers de confiance sur le secteur de santé. 1 0 obj �;�.E4{�`S^�1����q�‚�E8=L{�i Most CPS high schools give ninth graders a head start with a day of orientation activities before the first day of school. PDF guide to the CPS application process, tips for applying, and eligibility requirements. Learn what you can do during 12th grade to keep on track for college. •    Epithésiste •    Infirmier When it comes to high school programs, CPS offers a wide variety of educational options and college and career pathways to meet the interests, aspirations and needs of the district's diverse student population. These tips can help your student select schools that best match his or her interests and goals. Agence du numérique en santé •    Orthésiste :�i���{ ���rv�� *]��{�?�����f��{,5�����3e���y�[��m�#i[������)���o�(��ω��U����!b����~4eѠr�Y�-����z��N�=�h�귢��L�T ! The school locator allows you to search for CPS schools by name, address and zip code. Learn what you can do during ninth grade to keep on track for college. Elle est protégée par un code confidentiel propre à son porteur. L’Agence du Numérique en Santé ne délivre pas encore de CPS pour les professionnels marqués *, •    Assistant de service social * •    Psychomotricien * Talk to your school counselor about any questions you have about the application process and program eligibility requirements. Use our school search and locator tools to find details about your neighborhood school. The Admissions tab of each School Profile lists all academic programs offered at the school, specific eligibility requirements for each program, information about the selections process used to award offers, and the application process. •    Chirurgiens-dentistes En savoir plus sur les politiques de certification. Students do not need to apply to the general education program of their neighborhood school during the application process as that is a default option. 4 0 obj <>>> List of scholarship opportunities, eligibility details, and application deadlines by month and grade level. Dress Code: Yes: Attendance Boundaries: No: Refugee Services: No: Title I Eligible: Yes: Significantly Modified Curriculum w/ Intensive Supports Program: Yes: School Year 2019-2020. Explore scholarship opportunities for elementary and high school students in Academic Works, the CPS web-based scholarship application system and management tool. •    Identification du mode d’exercice  Students get to know their new school and become familiar with the location of their classes. STUDENT GROWTH? •    utiliser les messageries sécurisées de professionnels de santé (MSSanté) ; En attendant l’enregistrement au RPPS des internes en pharmacie, l’Agence du Numérique en Santé n’est pas en mesure de leur délivrer des CPF. •    Physicien médical* Explore GoCPS to learn more about CPS schools, programs, eligibility requirements and the high school application process. Students are expected to schedule auditions, interviews, and information sessions with schools directly. FAR BELOW EXPECTATIONS? CPS requires that all eligibility and specific program requirements (tests, auditions, interviews) be met or minimally scheduled before the GoCPS application deadline in mid-December. Students will not be able to select and rank any programs for which they are not eligible. •    Techniciens de laboratoire (uniquement ceux en structure de type salarié). Talk to students who currently attend the schools your student is considering and ask them what they like and dislike. •    Psychologue * •    Identité (n° d’identification, nom patronymique, nom d’exercice…) Sign up to receive email alerts to scholarship opportunities for postsecondary study and academic enrichment. Un certificat est un fichier informatique contenant les informations sur son propriétaire et certifié par un tiers de confiance. •    Sages-femmes �MގL�G'7mH�}|Q�ʞ̅���� �������;��ܮ�l���8vqBS4's����K�J��[C�7 ��9N�m�œS��d��H��/��Ȕ����sH�b[}ʄN�Vh5��@7��^��O�d��ɩy�L�,XX:j~�#�Ā~C&��ڞ4��`�¦+����=[��N��N�dZlV �a=C�3�9Ò�=���:�����m`�I��]T=J#fߟ]'0�o[aMړ���e��i?$Qb�S�=���b�,�y��2%˯���E }���|�jxY�1�־���' Ô.;�E�"� ԥ}O��=��� �p��#�+.��!J�ǵ��l��b O?Q?�������f֔_�ή��-�8�����������+k k싅���}&Dy��73W~���r��m��z�����k̳��~������Tt�drО�z �\HP-��>,~����ټ�Rp���ȡR �m���}��ǘ�?�n��o�1��� School CPS abbreviation meaning defined here. Learn about options for recovering high school credits for students who have failed a class required for graduation or have earned fewer credits than they should for other reasons. •    Podo-orthésiste STUDENT ATTAINMENT? •    accéder aux autres téléservices nationaux contenant des données de santé ; Learn about CPS high school graduation requirements. During eighth grade, elementary school counselors meet with families to help them identify the best programs for their students. Results can be viewed in a variety of ways including by attendance boundary, ward, neighborhood or zip code. Tableau des cartes CPX. La CPS constitue un instrument essentiel du dispositif de sécurité des systèmes d’information de santé : elle sécurise les échanges et le partage des données médicales personnelles pour en protéger la confidentialité. Get the top CPS abbreviation related to School. These requirements include auditions for fine and performing arts programs, attendance at information sessions for Service Leadership Academies and International Baccalaureate programs, and interviews, essays, and teacher recommendations for a few select programs. Some high school magnet programs require students to have grade point averages, standardized test scores, and student attendance records from seventh grade above specific thresholds in order to be eligible to apply. !�&( x���P$I�thCC��Lg�u�`[A(�]�[��[! <> Les usages de la carte CPS sont multiples : •    sécuriser les accès physiques (locaux, restaurant, parking...) dans les structures de santé ; •    Chiropracteur * It combines a list of all our schools side-by-side with a map view so you can see where the school is located. •    Orthopédiste ���c Schools CPS provides a wide range of high-quality educational programs and engaging learning environments that meet the individual needs of all students and prepare them for success in college, career, and civic life. •    Masseurs-kinésithérapeutes In order for non-CPS students to qualify for selective enrollment—such as students attending Chicago private schools and other students moving into the district for ninth grade—they must take the NWEA MAP test at a CPS facility in the fall of their eighth grade year, and their results must meet or exceed the NWEA MAP score thresholds set for CPS students. For additional information about qualifying for high school magnet programs or selective enrollment schools, visit GoCPS. However, if students are interested in applying to a special program offered by their neighborhood school (e.g., International Baccalaureate, STEM, fine and performing arts, or JROTC), they will need to select and rank these programs individually as part of their 20 choice program selections. A high school education opens the door to countless possibilities. A cet effet, la carte CPS contient les « certificats » électroniques d’authentification et de signature du porteur. •    renforcer la sécurité des accès aux logiciels utilisés par le professionnel de santé ; <>/ExtGState<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> "�Vʧ[�357A/�r> � �@��x� i ��Y�kR�7ߘ/�DUS���:������շ� Learn what you can do during 10th grade to keep on track for college. endobj •    Médecins 1 378 400 cartes actives de la famille CPx (CPS, CPE, CDE, etc.) Finalize your criteria for evaluating school options and prioritize your school and program list. La CPS constitue un instrument essentiel du dispositif de sécurité des systèmes d’information de santé : elle sécurise les échanges et le partage des données médicales personnelles pour en protéger la confidentialité. •    d’identifier via le processus d’authentification forte ; •    apposer une signature électronique ; La procédure d’obtention de la CPS varie selon plusieurs critères, selon que le professionnel exerce en cabinet libéral, en établissement de soin, en industrie…, Pour rappel, les professionnels de santé ADELI sont les suivants. Explore High School Bound to find schools that match a student's interests and goals. Elle est protégée par un code confidentiel propre à son porteur. endobj Learn what you can do during 11th grade to keep on track for college. 2 0 obj WELL … R1M�)��'&͇I�i��{?،���z��������=|F�`ʳ_p���}���Za">�v�[��ڌd���.ؔ� ١vܷ�Ʀ#���I����&�cV���2��I�����ω�u=��JlX��Z�ր%j��2���ݞ�`��Mkb��W6�QT]�N&�֖9N�S�a�KE;/���nK|��tn�;���˺����13��O��P�TM���J��5�',��(�����@D����U 7�qñGT.r$ ���n���\� �����5=hl�3BunǼ՝�@���5Ț_/�R|;Oc{�e��8��Ռ��4�+�6c�Z*Af�Ɯ��&̳��R���vK8�Z�V�Sr}�G��m�pYְ��`O�=-�{�&p��„�n�+�>4�6����%nɒ���ry�b�OkOrI����5~�CR �/C�c���#����m��)M���=t"����ȕ��ayA�p��SK-�0�5>4p#��z���w;��=����vfYjW�T���=���L���F�Vu��T(s䃌����gD$��N� Using the main search bar, you can find schools by typing in a school name, zip code or your home address. Open houses and information session dates are published on GoCPS. Eighth-grade students applying to high school are encouraged to rank and apply to 20 choice programs and up to six selective enrollment schools if they are qualified. •    Ergothérapeute (uniquement ceux en structure de type salarié) Classroom assignments emphasize analytical thinking, creative problem solving, and collaborative teamwork to prepare students for success post graduation. What does CPS stand for in School? •    Orthophoniste Individual schools and the district sponsor open houses, information sessions, and high school fairs to help students get a better look at the schools and programs they are interested in so that they can make the most informed decisions.


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