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Outpatient management had consisted of 76% restricted‐24% complete protein in a 1244 cal/day diet (40 kg nutritional calculation weight). Contact: Waitlist mortality for the domino recipient exceeds morbidity associated with getting the donor disease. Therefore, we do not allow Junior Kindergartners or Kindergartners to go onto or to remain on a waitlist unless they attend a CPS School. No elevation in ammonia levels have been observed in any of the patients. There may be instances where a student with assignment priority, such as gender or speaking the program language of an immersion program, will not be eligible because of their assignment category. 3) Because Junior Kindergartners and Kindergartners are on the same waitlist, waitlist positions will shift each year when the January JK/K Lottery takes place and when Kindergartners renew in order to move up to the first grade waitlist, as follows: What happens when a seat becomes available? Important Waitlist Notice for our Families. D.A.S. To learn more, please see the student’s assignment category, the Controlled Choice, and Waitlists and Transfers sections of our website. The target enrollment of the Upper School is 88 students, and so transfers may be blocked at an individual school when the combined enrollment of its triad exceeds the projected enrollment that would exist by the 6th grade. Domino allografts from patients with MSUD should be considered for patients with select metabolic derangements as there has been no evidence of branched‐chain amino acid elevation in recipients of MSUD livers. King Open Extended Day Program (KOED) 359 Broadway Cambridge, MA 02139 617.349.6078 Fax: 617.349.6548. Propionic acidemia is an autosomal recessive metabolic disorder resulting from propionyl‐CoA carboxylase deficiency. The patient consumes regular age‐appropriate 1479 Cal/day diet consisting of 70% intact protein. Due to the school closure, the Online Waitlist System for SY20-21 will be turned on after school resumes. If you don’t accept a transfer offer, your child will be removed from the waitlist, although you may re-submit a transfer request at a later date. Cytomegalovirus (CMV) hepatitis at POD 48 was treated successfully with 14 days of IV Ganciclovir and CMV specific immunoglobulin. DLT using allografts with MSUD expands the live donor liver pool and should be considered for select metabolic diseases that may have a different enzymatic deficiency. Passes are available on a first come, first serve basis in the cafeteria and students should be in the library before 8:25AM to participate. She had one episode of TCMR on POD13 which was unresponsive to steroid treatment and required rabbit antithymocyte globulin. Upper School Profiles We present our experience with DLT for select metabolic diseases demonstrating improved transplant‐indicated dysfunction with excellent patient and graft survival. These choices include Lexia, Symphony Math, Reflex Math, and Dreambox Math. These included propionic acidemia (PA, n = 1), Crigler‐Najjar syndrome type‐1 (CN‐1, n = 2) and carbamoyl phosphate synthetase deficiency (CPSD, n = 1). Morning Computers meets Mondays and Wednesdays, from 8 - 8:45AM, in the Technology Room in the Library. VIEW OPEN FALL COURSES She received total parenteral nutrition with 1.5 to 2 g/kg protein and then switched to a more liberalized protein diet and GT feeds. Domino liver transplantation: how far can we push the paradigm? A modest elevation of alanine was observed however, no allo isoleucine was detected. TBD . An 11‐year‐old girl presented with ketoacidotic crisis and neutropenia related to propionic acidemia. Students who live in Cambridge but are homeschooled or attend a private, charter, or parochial school may be on a CPS waitlist as long as they are above Grade K. Unified Management Plane. 1) By School Committee policy, students who are mainstreaming to a general education classroom from a JK-5 Sheltered English Immersion (SEI) or Office of Special Education (OSE) classroom will be automatically placed at the top of the waitlist for the building in which their program is located, ahead of all others in their grade level. Transfers accepted between the summer months and December vacation will be considered current school year transfer requests, and transfers may be offered up until the December vacation. Fall quarter is underway. J.V., K.S., P.M., and R.S. Medical records were analyzed, and data collected relating to patient and graft characteristics, posttransplantation complications, metabolic outcomes, patient and graft survivals. Please be sure to read the Waitlist and Transfers section of our website, as this contains important information about the waitlist process and explains why waitlist positions may change. TBD . A liver biopsy performed for elevated transaminases on POD 24 showed diffuse steatosis. Morning Physical Education DLT with allografts from patients with various monogenic diseases have been performed to address organ shortage and expand the live donor pool for liver transplantation. Additional case reports using domino auxiliary partial orthotopic liver transplantation technique have been described.24, 25 In the current series, CN‐1 patients achieved dramatic correction of their hyperbilirubinemia with uneventful posttransplant course. The Harrington Community School offers enrichment classes throughout the school year as well as a summer camp program in July and August.


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