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Actually just got into an argument about this band because she came in all hyped up because her friend is going to see them in NYC tonight and I don't care. And then I couldn't find out who or what it was, not for months. I was stunned, listening to this song. It among other bands like it remind me to much of the days i wanted to end it all. ...[Chorus]. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. If it's meant to be, it'll come back, you see Dark Days Lyrics: This endless night / This funeral dirge / We celebrate life / At the end of the earth / When everything is gone / There'll be nothin' left to lose / The ice is closin' in / And It’s a hard, unvarnished mirror they are holding in front of us, the cold truth. Heard what you've asked, and no, I won't “What will you tell your children when they ask you: I had listened to one of Soundgarden's early albums and I wasn't impressed; I'm still not, with their early work. The whole album is about heroin.. (x8) This is a special song to me. / How can you paint a picture of a paradise lost / To eyes that know only a wasteland? General CommentI think there's probably more meanings than this, but I think one of the big ones is depression, no one else mentioned this but when Chris was a teenager, he spent a year without leaving his house.That experience has made it into some Audioslave lyrics, so it's quite possible that's what this song is talking about. “It’s a nostalgic song about high school first loves and all the intensity and tension surrounding them, mixed with a little dose of religious guilt. Lyrics submitted by Dark Days song meanings Add your thoughts 25 Comments. It’s super easy, we promise! Dark Days Lyrics: What will you tell your children / When they ask you "What went wrong?" My wife loves this song, I on the other hand can no longer listen to it because of what it reminds me of. It feels like abuse -(Abuse x4)- (x4 But that's because I use. Very good explanation. So very true in my own mind. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Dark days, (x3) (repeat x4) Dark days, these are dark days But I heard that there's an easier way These are the best days that you're ever gonna have Dark days, but I got sun … If it's meant to be, then set it free Dark Days Lyrics: Blue river, let it run dry / No stopping the tears from the sky / Come closer and share in my pain / Steal from me and leave me the blame / Nowhere to go / But I'm not looking back Drawing lines - Growing out of favor, out of favor A month alone always makes one sensitive. They're amateurish. "Hands are for shaking not tying" probably relates to tying off to shoot. Oh no! Drawing lines - Growing out of favor, out of favor / How will you It’s an angry reaction, a response on what we think we’re doing. Heroin is the worst drug there is, its the devil, I hate it. It came on the car radio when I was on my way home after a month alone in a spectacular fire lookout, back in 89 or 94 or whenever this song was new. Not 1995. Thanks to you I don't have to dissect the song word for word. sort form. But either way, heroin does imprisson you. Yeah not about jail. Dark days, (x3) (repeat x4) [Chorus x2] ...Dark days, (x4) My Interpretation Dark Days is obviously an apocalyptic song. I'm checkin' out - Not checkin' in Non-lyrical content copyright 1999-2020 SongMeanings, Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display. -[repeat]- "How would i know this could be my fate" I feel is saying you don't expect to be an addict when you first try it, you dont think one day its gonna make you so sick, that you'll do anything to fucking get it. So subtle the noose -(The noose x4)- Dark Days Lyrics: It feels like abuse -(Abuse x4)- / So subtle the noose -(The noose x4)- / So subtle the noose / There is no light - That's what they say / I'm checkin' out - Not checkin' in jt, edited by Mellow_Harsher, "Fell On Black Days" as written by Chris Cornell. I was in tears. So eventually I found out, and got the next two albums, and love them. Watch what you say, and what I don't ...Out of favor! Don’t have an account? [Chorus] There is no light - That's what they say @Smolten Grove, spot on. So subtle the noose [Chorus x2] General CommentI think this is about a relationship which is falling apart, and he's not ready to accept it, so he's searching for a way to make things go back to the way they used to be. FYI, Andy Wood died in early 1990, and then Mother Love Bone's bassist and guitarist formed Pearl Jam. It just isn't there yet. I feel it! This is an awesome song, I love the line "As in the way that the sun spits in your face View by: Highest Rated ; Most Recent; Oldest First +1.


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