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Keyword, Suchvolumen, Ranking-Position und dazugehöriger URL. Nur, wenn die technische Basis stimmt, haben SEO-Inhalte eine Chance, gute Rankings zu erzielen. Let's be surprised which functions and features the online and marketing guru will implement in the tool in the coming months and years. Insbesondere beantworten wir dir folgende Fragen: Aber vorher machen wir einen kleinen Rückblick und schauen uns die Geschichte des Tools an. It’s a metric developed by Neil Patel, and it shows you how hard it’ll be to rank for a keyword. The technical part as well as the improvement of content fall into the first area. Ubersuggest can be compared in this area with the tool from Mangools, the SERP Watcher (fee required). Viele kostenpflichtige Tools haben keine derart gute Grafik implementiert. Herauszufinden, über was Du schreiben musst, ist essentiell für Deine Content Strategie. Sei es im Bereich der Keyword-Recherche, einer Backlink-Analyse oder einfach,um Verbesserungspotenziale rund um eine Website oder einen Webshop zu identifizieren. But it’s not perfect. That means if you do local SEO or international SEO, you can see your rankings anywhere. 9 cases out of 10, you’ll just get more questions you can answer. Take a look at the following example. Seit Ubersuggest 5.0 liefert die Datenbank Ergebnisse für mehr als eine Milliarde verschiedene Keywords, welche anhand von SEO-Difficulty sortiert werden. Ubersuggest would also be better if they had a tool to modify the columns in this dashboard. You […], Head to the Position Tracking report, by clicking on Tracked Keywords in your project. So kannst du sicher sein, dass du keine relevanten Fehler übersiehst. Also interesting is the specification of the required backlinks and the domain score. Die Funktion ist insbesondere dafür dienlich, um einem Projekt Keywords zuzuordnen und deren Entwicklung im Hinblick auf Rankings mittels des Tools zu beobachten. Unfortunately, the tool does not provide any information on which data these values are based. Pro Domain können 25 Keywords hinterlegt werden. Was in der Keyword-Übersicht fehlt, sind die jeweiligen URLs zum rankenden Keyword. In this area, you have the option of creating a total of 5 projects. I don’t know how Neil Patel optimized the algorithm for questions, but they also have an advantage over Answer The Public: It manages to find questions with little competition. Where are there possibly still deficiencies and which functions are not available? For example, Neil’s site gets over 5 million visitors per month, but the tool only shows you a part of that traffic. What is particularly positive about Ubersuggest is the graphic representation of the analysis results. Ubersuggest analyses the average keyword search volume per month, the SEO Difficulty, the Paid Difficulty, the Cost per Click (CPC) and the trend of the keyword over one year. That should be enough. Auf diesem Weg ist es möglich, das größtmögliche Optimierungspotenzial herauszufiltern und für die technische Optimierung heranzuziehen. Je höher dieser ist, desto umkämpfter ist das Keyword. But Ubersuggest does provide other features to analyze your competition. Be it in the area of keyword research, a backlink analysis or simply to identify improvement potential around a website or a webshop. The Paid Difficulty indicates how easy or difficult it is on a scale of 1 to 100 to place a Google ad in a highly visible position. Wo gibt es eventuell noch Mängel und welche Funktionen sind nicht vorhanden? What can Ubersuggest do for keyword research and website analysis? One example is that I’ll introduce email alerts so that you don’t have to log into Ubersuggest anymore and it emails you when there is an issue that needs your attention. It’s not always a ton to work with. You can do an SEO audit of your site by clicking on-site audit. With the help of the search volume and the SEO Difficulty you can estimate whether the effort for an optimization is worthwhile. We are happy about every contribution. Also the embedding of the ReCAPTCHA at this point is a bit disturbing. Click the button below to join the training and let us show you the authority site model. You’ll be able to track your competitors and be notified when they make an SEO or marketing change that you should look at. In our example (see picture below), for example, it would be easy to position the keyword in the front ad rankings with a good Google Ads campaign. Daraufhin wird dir ein Ergebnis angezeigt. With a little creativity and a comprehensive brainstorming on the topic, you can also find the right focus (long-tail) keyword. However, this is a problem that affects all tools - the figures are only meaningful to a very limited extent. In diesem Bereich hast du die Möglichkeit, insgesamt 5 Projekte anzulegen. Again, it has to be said that Ubersuggest, as a free tool, offers a very wide range of other keyword suggestions. The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer on the web, Forbes says he is one of the top 10 marketers, and Entrepreneur Magazine says he created one of the 100 most brilliant companies.


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