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", "Dasheroo dashboards make it easier for our marketing team to be agile with market trends and the effectiveness of current campaigns. Pros: Comments: Dasheroo Reviews . I'd love to see the option to use the entire screen space. Pros: I was looking to great a personal dashboard with a range of information sourced from google sheets, as google sheets the location where my smart devices report their information. • Youtube Read all 14 reviews . It's just a simple visualization tool that does exactly that. Can’t beat the free plan! Real reviews with advantages and disadvantages to usability, features, value, and customer support. However, it might not be the right dashboard for your needs. ", "It's easy, it's fun to put together and the dashboards are beautiful. Now you can spend less time chasing down your data and use it to grow your business. Reasonable pricing for small businesses and entrepreneurs with a substantial amount of connections to Social Media Profiles & Analytics to give a nice snapshot of KPI's (Key Performance Indicators). Now you can spend less time chasing down your data and use it to grow your business. Wish there was a dashboard that would allow me to see all competitor stats on one dashboard, rather than individual ones. So I upgraded to the paid plan as it was indicated that this would include more historical data. It seemed easy to set up but I soon realised the free version doesn't include more than a month of data, so is essentially useless. So I upgraded again to the next tier, and even though it's supposed to it STILL doesn't show more than a month of data!! Overall, pretty good value for the money spent. Not very integrateable with other software. Though still in it's beta stage, Dasheroo offers unique value above and beyond more traditional business dashboard solutions. For example, when clicking on “Reach”, the following screen appears showing not only the data in more detail, but also explaining what data is being looked at: This is just the tip of the insights iceberg for Dasheroo. It can easily and directly integrat and pull data from google sheets, The designs of the dashboards are not very modern like for example those of Databox. Not much really. … Staff is friendly and approachable - API for big nerds to use their own data. It's easy, it's fun to put together and the dashboards are beautiful. Love the easy to use template and custom dashboards. So, it is really easy to get going. Using a standard 1920 x 1200 monitor I estimate that 40% of the screen space is wasted. Another future plan calls for prefab dashboards based on role of the person using them (e.g. Our mission is to bring you "Small business success... delivered daily.". Reset Password mail sent, please check your inbox for further processing. • Twitter I really like it! Dasheroo Reviews from Verified … Growing pains aside, the real value of Dasheroo lies not in what it lacks, but in what it has built and continues to build: a curated dashboard chock full of prefab insights that will do more than just show your business’ vitals. //images.saasworthy.com/cyfe_5904_logo_1580987226_ihavz.jpg, //images.saasworthy.com/cyfe_5904_homepage_screenshot_1580987226_qumhk.jpg, //images.saasworthy.com/alteryx_285_logo_1523429181_gytae.png, //images.saasworthy.com/alteryx_285_homepage_screenshot_1523429181_olris.png, //images.saasworthy.com/databox_5903_logo_1581055499_ra2ar.png, //images.saasworthy.com/databox_5903_homepage_screenshot_1581055499_nbqfd.png, //images.saasworthy.com/datorama_511_logo_1577168937_rnp0p.jpg, //images.saasworthy.com/datorama_511_homepage_screenshot_1577168937_ta7ip.jpg, //images.saasworthy.com/geckoboard_6109_logo_1580987006_7h0eq.jpg, //images.saasworthy.com/geckoboard_6109_homepage_screenshot_1580987006_bwlz2.jpg, //images.saasworthy.com/grafana_5906_logo_1581055571_pbytn.jpg, //images.saasworthy.com/grafana_5906_homepage_screenshot_1581055571_qun6s.jpg, //images.saasworthy.com/idashboards_290_logo_1577170601_bfxsa.jpg, //images.saasworthy.com/idashboards_290_homepage_screenshot_1577170601_su7gd.jpg, //images.saasworthy.com/dashthis_5905_logo_1581055535_ilatz.png, //images.saasworthy.com/dashthis_5905_homepage_screenshot_1581055535_ko64r.png, //images.saasworthy.com/solver_283_logo_1578401151_9vzfn.png, //images.saasworthy.com/solver_283_homepage_screenshot_1578401151_jlzuv.png, //images.saasworthy.com/slemma_334_logo_1577180143_5nagz.png, //images.saasworthy.com/slemma_334_homepage_screenshot_1577180143_kwmpo.png, Dasheroo - Business Dashboards Done Right, Getting Started with Dasheroo Business Dashboards, Getting Started with Dasheroo Business Dashboards and Google Sheets.


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