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The air rushing over the peaks and down the western mountain slopes heats up from compression, dries out and speeds up as it is forced through narrow canyons and passes. Firefighters were able to stop the fire at the edge of the city, but not before at least one home burned down. Climate (2010–Present) Concord, Buchanan Field (11.8 miles) Take a look at our website widgetsAvailable free! California’s greenhouse gas emissions rose slightly in 2018. One still should be able to carry on ordinary outdoor activities. • Festering Woods (m) Thank you for your patience and drive safe. There, circulation around a strong … Low 36F. Remnants of the @SodaRockWinery on Hwy 128. Newsom added to concerns about COVID-19 vaccines and said the state will review the safety of any vaccine approved by the Trump administration. Cloudy with showers. • Alcarnus Cellar (m) About 110,000 Californians have bought a gun since the coronavirus arrived, study says. • Leoric's Manor & Courtyard (m), Tristram Coleman fire near Big Sur grows to 500 acres, no structures threatened. • ?? Pollution overall remained well below the 2020 climate target, which the state hit four years early, in 2016. • Northern Highlands (m) To anyone who hasn’t experienced California’s surreal hot winds – the Santa Anas in the south and the Diablo Winds (AKA the Diablos or El Diablo) in the north – it may be hard to fathom how a fire could devour a football-field sized parcel of land in three seconds. • Mysterious Cave (m) He said he also learned how to use a fire hydrant on YouTube. • Fields of Misery (m) • Reaping Swing (18) • Broad Sweep (47) • Cave of the Moon Clan (m) At a Saturday evening news conference, Sonoma County Sheriff Mark Essink had urged residents to please leave their homes, telling it could prove deadly if they chose to attempt to battle the destructive Kincade Fire themselves. Approx 180,000 people under evacuation order due to #KincadeFire. Find Out More. But if you know these winds, it is all too sadly comprehensible. • Onslaught (13) SYNOP codes from weather stations and buoys. Diablo, a Spanish word which translates to devil in English, is also the name of a mountain in Contra Costa County, which is where these winds originate. • Gathering Storm (55), Frenzy Rain showers this evening with overcast skies overnight. The Stinging Winds is a expanse of desert in Act II. #CAwx #CAFire pic.twitter.com/ZoXkA88ZhF, — NWS Bay Area (@NWSBayArea) October 27, 2019. Here is where the physics comes in. • The Wretched Pit (m), Dahlgur Oasis Robert Foxworthy told KPIX 5 Sunday morning. “If you are in Windsor you need to get out now.”. • Cemetery of the Forsaken (m) The threat of wildfires elsewhere forced Pacific Gas and Electric officials to shut off power to more than 2 million residents from the Bay Area to the Sierra including the Sonoma County fire zone. • Southern Highlands (m) The dry northeasterly offshore flow clears out marine fog and stratus that usually drape the San Francisco Bay Area, and it can create extremely dangerous fire conditions throughout Northern California because of the strong winds and low relative humidity. access_time 12:09 AM PDT on October 20, 2020 (GMT -7) | Updated 19 seconds ago. The National Weather Service reported that its gauges had clocked a gust of 93 mph in the Healdsburg Hills at 5:50 a.m. “The wind speeds are extreme…The strongest winds I have felt in my career,” Cal Fire Capt. • Cave of Burrowing Horror (m) [3], The name "Diablo wind" refers to the fact that the wind blows into the inner Bay Area from the direction of Mount Diablo in adjacent Contra Costa County. • Halls of Agony (m) • Rotting Cellar (m) • The Cursed Hold (m) All the homes were destroyed. He was determined to fight the fire on his own if he had to and bought a fire hose. Weather radar, wind and waves forecast for kiters, surfers, paragliders, pilots, sailors and anyone else. On top of that, fast, hot, dry winds like Southern California's Santa Ana winds and Northern California's Diablo winds, which are starting to blow now, can greatly exacerbate fire risk. But no, at this point it’s just dreadful. Take care of each other. • Warrior's Rest (m), Leoric's Hunting Grounds • Town Cellar (m)( The biggest challenge Sunday was the unpredictable, gusty winds that often times blew embers hundreds of yards or even a mile ahead of the main fire. The time period when the sun is between 12 and 18 degrees below the horizon at either sunrise or sunset. • Highlands Cave (m), Old Tristram Road • Musty Cellar (m), Southern Highlands Tomorrow's temperature is forecast to be NEARLY THE SAME as today. “Heavy smoke, debris and strong wind reported near Brooks and Arata in Windsor,” the department urged in an online alert. Santa Ana winds are katabatic, gravity-driven winds, draining air off the high deserts, while the Diablo-type wind originates mainly from strongly sinking air from aloft, pushed toward the coast by higher inland pressure. • Chamber of the Lost Idol (m) US-101 is open in both directions! • Tomb of Sardar (m) Worldwide animated weather map, with easy to use layers and precise spot forecast. “The winds will blow for most of the night into mid-day Sunday,” he said. • Whimsyshire, Bonus Areas The time of Actual Sunset minus the time of Actual Sunrise. • Smite (51) The fear is the winds will push the #KincadeFire into the communities of Healdsburg or Windsor. Conditions began rapidly deteriorating after midnight. The California Highway Patrol said early Sunday it had closed a 30-mile span of “Highway 101 northbound at Hopper Ave. in northern Santa Rosa and southbound at Cloverdale Blvd South in Cloverdale. Diablo winds in Northern California are similar to the Santa Ana winds that occur in Southern California. Here are the Los Angeles Times’ editorial board endorsements for president, California ballot measures and more. • The Weeping Hollow (m) WINDSOR (CBS SF) — Wind gusts topping 80 mph created blowtorch-like conditions in Sonoma County along the massive Kincade Fire lines Sunday, fanning the out-of-control blaze into a wall of flames that approached the outskirts of Windsor and led to a new evacuation warning in neighboring Napa County. • Westmarch (m) • Damp Cellar (m) A combination known in Northern California as the deadly and destructive Diablo Winds. Evacuees were being advise to head to the Marin County fairgrounds. California's predominantly Mediterranean climate has an extended dry period from May through October.[7]. “There is certainly a sense of fear out there,” he said. Endorsements. • The Cave Under the Well (m) “I didn’t want to take a chance on losing everything,” Golden said. • The Lyceum (m) More than 200 law enforcement officers were patrolling the evacuation zones for safety and to prevent looting. This warming is in addition to, and usually greater than, any contact heating that occurs as the air stream crosses the Central Valley and the Diablo Valley.


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