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Go to Forum. Host Port 2 is already mapped to that in the docker template. Unraid® is a registered trademark of Lime Technology, Inc. Guide on how to securely back up one Unraid server to another geographically separated Unraid server using rsync and Wireguard. Im not sure what I need to map Host Port 1 to however, which is what is screwing everything up. -> name of the container (will be started with 'docker start dolphin-run' after), -> this is the name of the image (built above) I use, Dolphin, the GameCube and Wii emulator - Forums, -v /media/storage0/ROM/dolphinconfigs:/root/.config/dolphin-emu -v /media/storage0/ROM/:/roms, -v /dev/shm:/dev/shm -v /etc/machine-id:/etc/machine-id -v /run/user/$(id -u)/pulse:/run/user/$(id -u)/pulse -v /var/lib/dbus:/var/lib/dbus -v ~/.pulse:/root/.pulse. Edited April 24, 2019 by SlrG added aliases Or do what the guy above recommends; that will work as well. Are you interested in partnering with Unraid? Copyright © 2005-2020 Lime Technology, Inc. Jump into our forum for input and advice. Not the OP but that was really helpful. Contact the Unraid Team. Send us a quick note so we can discuss the possibilities. Windows 10 x64 | Core i9-9900k | NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080Ti FE (x2)| 32GB DDR4-3000 | Asus Xonar Essence STX on Logitech Z-2300 | Logitech G903 Hero, MacBook Pro 13in mid-2018 with Touch Bar | macOS 10.15 | Core i7-8559U @ 4.5ghz | Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655 | 16GB 2133MHz LPDDR3, Please try not to necropost. Get Help Using Unraid. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. For support needs, we highly encourage users to first post in our forum. ), You do have to navigate within dolphin to Root and then select /mnt and go from there, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Does unraid run dnsmasq or something on that port, I can't seem to find any options for a dns server. If you're having trouble with Dolphin, it's recommended to make a, -> means "I want to do this command and directly interact with dolphin (means I wanna play. Otherwise the new files will have root as owner, which might cause problems later on. Dolphin Browser is the best free mobile web browser for Android and iOS. -> really important, this is for sharing the Direct Rendering Infrastructure (graphic hardware acceleration) to the container, works without but only CPU rendering. Download Dolphin Browser today to enjoy a faster, easier and safer web surfing. What are they supposed to be mapped to in order for them to work? Our friendly community can typically resolve most issues in short order. Should you need a replacement registration key, please see this page for instructions on how to obtain a replacement. Cookies help us deliver our Services. -> means limit the memory to 2GB, not "take them right now" (unlike a classic VM), it's not mandatory but bear in mind I run this on my server, I want to preserve QoS and stability, you could do this to the CPU too, I didn't... -> this is to use my host display with docker (means graphical application), -> these are the two folder I want to export from my host into my container, -> these parameters are there in order to use the pulse-audio from my user session (implies to select pulse audio in dolphin parameters), it's easier with ALSA but we are in 2017 men, -> export my controller (PS4-DualShock 4 plugged by USB, rumble works, analog triggers are not analogs, need to investigate). I have the unRAID box set up in the corner of the living room and have been accessing it's file system via network using Windows Explorer on my laptop. yes I think because I found this in less than 15 minutes, at first try) I've had my plex server in Windows for a couple years but recently moved it to unRAID to take advantage of the parity/backup features. Im trying to get either of these set up so I can take a look at what is taking up space on my cache drive but I cannot for the life of me get them to work. This thread is over 2 years old, and Diom's account is so old and inactive that it's been automatically deactivated. --name dolphin-run -> name of the container (will be started with 'docker start dolphin-run' after) dolphin-dato -> this is the name of the image (built above) I use The eighth point was tricky to find because I didn't found any documentation on this with Docker (lucky ?


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