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In order to schedule and pay for your EC-Council exam, you must have an eligibility number. Once you have successfully passed the EC-Council certification exam, you will receive your Certification Welcome Kit by mail within 4-8 weeks from the date of your exam. Copyright ©2013 Early Childhood Council   •, Poll on the Wages Subsidy and Casual Staff, Urgent Response Fund failing to deliver urgency, responses or funds, ECC Survey on the Ministry project to Review the ECE Regulations. Which EC-Council exams are on the ECE scheme? The first is the CEH exam, a 4-hour, 125-question, multiple choice test that measures one’s knowledge in the CEH domains. There is no intention to reduce payments to parent-led services through the funding system as government has agreed to a “no losers” approach in which no services will have their funding lowered.4 Each year, since 2005, government has increased the funding subsidy rates for all services to reflect increases in costs. 1 Robyn Munford, Jackie Sanders, Bruce Maden and Elizabeth Maden (2007) in The Social Policy Journal of New Zealand, Issue 32, pp.72–87. Please send certification-related questions to This article provides a Ministry of Education commentary on the policy framework for early childhood education (ECE). What is the EC-Council Continuing Education (ECE) Scheme? The Ministry of Education is currently carrying out policy work into how quality is achieved in parent-led services. Even though work on teacher-led services appears prominent, particularly through the teacher registration goals, this does not reflect a policy favouring towards these types of services. Get a systematic approach to developing the capability of your people. Is there any way my certification will be suspended? What events can I submit to qualify for the ECE (EC-Council Continuing Education) scheme. DDLS is the partner of choice for EC-Council in Australia. 3 The Early Intervention Programme is built on the vision that all vulnerable children receive the support they need from before birth to their transition to school to provide them with the best start in life. Please refer to the DDLS booking Terms and Conditions regarding exam voucher validity. The development of ECE policies in New Zealand has been underpinned by the government’s vision that all children have the opportunity to participate in high-quality ECE. What events can I submit to qualify for the ECE (EC-Council Continuing Education) scheme? Introduction. portal, called ASPEN, you have several options. iLabs practical learning environment is revolutionizing the way Cyber Security is taught, get started now! For example, the Secretary for Education recognises different qualifications for playcentres. You will not be allowed to sit for the exam without the eligibility number. This system recognises that these groups help to fill gaps in ECE provision (i.e. High-quality ECE contributes to the government’s Families Young and Old Priorities: Giving our Children the Best Start in Life and Establishing Foundation for Life Long Learning. 2 The funding and regulatory systems should also: support improvements in quality; be more responsive to cost drivers; facilitate the achievement of the government’s strategic plan and other government objectives; and reflect best administrative practice. The regulatory system currently sets out a range of requirements all early childhood services must meet regarding health and safety, staffing (ratios and qualifications), resources, facilities and programme delivery. Enabling students to attend classes in full HD video and audio. Although, within this flexibility, early childhood services are encouraged to respond to the needs of the children participating, and are expected to develop their programmes in collaboration with parents and whānau. Which EC-Council exams are on the ECE scheme? Certification holders must earn 120 EC-Council Continuing Education Credits (ECE) to maintain the certification. Funding and regulatory policies seek to balance a range of ECE-related goals and other government goals, while facilitating diversity in the ECE sector to allow them to continue to meet the diverse needs of parents.


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