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With a song as contagiously rousing as this, why not? Women Empowering songs susana m; 35 videos; 791,459 views; Last updated on Aug 21, 2014; Play all ... Sara bareilles love song with lyrics by Tiffaney19. Channeling her inner Prince, Janelle Monae explores the themes of freedom and sexuality and embraces her own bisexuality. The '70s English punk group gave the concept a thumbs down, mocking assumptions that women are emotional, confusing, unpredictable, and sedate. Some are capital-F feminist, some are comforting as a hug, while others are screamy and cathartic. Here's a corrective: Cardi B's hymn to "money moves." —Estelle Tang, How powerful it was to see Gossip lead singer Beth Ditto raise her formidable voice against 2006's proposed Federal Marriage Amendment, which aimed to outlaw gay marriage in the US. Some are capital-F feminist, some are comforting as a hug, while others are pleasingly screamy and cathartic. —Estelle Tang, Appearing as the women's liberation movement was growing, Helen Reddy's refrain of "I am strong / I am invincible" resonated with many hoping to equalize opportunities for "the fairer sex." Let’s take a look at these beautiful women empowerment songs that will shine some light onto those bad days. This is the song you blast to pick yourself up after wallowing in self-pity for hours. 331. —Estelle Tang. The Instagram star/Love and Hip Hop character made her major-label debut with this monster track, making her only the second female rapper in history to climb to the top of the Billboard 100 with a solo song. Every item on this page was chosen by an ELLE editor. Janelle shows us that individuality needs to be celebrated and embraced, not hidden. I am a huge fan of music. Here are some empowering songs to crank when you've "had it up to here," as Gwen Stefani would say. "Make Me Feel" - Janelle Monae . So could Cameron D, my girl Drew, and Lucy Liu. It’s the song that puts a smile back on your face when fear and doubt start to pick at your self-esteem. "I Will Survive" can mean both emerging triumphant from a difficult time and coming out of it a warrior, which is probably why this track has managed to pass the test of time. It's also been used to soundtrack such women-centric moments as the first woman being awarded the Best Director Oscar and...Sex and the City 2. —Estelle Tang, Annie Lennox and the great Aretha Franklin announced they were coming out of the kitchen and celebrating "the conscious liberation of the female state" back in 1985. For that reason, I put together a list of the best women empowerment songs that will boost your confidence and make you feel ready to take on anything…except maybe for a zombie apocalypse.


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