facts about black shrew
Loved the article. As a side note, Theodore Roosevelt also kept a shrew in captivity (he fed it a mouse and garter snake) and observed, wrote about and collected shrew species on his lengthy African safari. We have an abundance of shrews, mice and other small fuzzy and non fuzzy critters. So tickled to read all your fascinating facts about shrews. In the past week I caught 3 shrews in the mouse traps set in my garage. It nestled right down in my glove..I put it in a little box with high sides, put the glove in the box and it hid under it. I would love to have more info. It is dark brown above, grey or silver below, and has chestnut-coloured sides. The common shrew has tiny eyes, very small ears and a pointy face with a long nose. The pygmy shrew has tiny eyes, very small ears and a pointy face with a long nose. The Southern Short-tailed Shrew is very similar in appearance to the Northern Short-tailed Shrew except that it is smaller measuring about 3 – 5 inches in length and weighing about 8 grams. Hopefully I can find the hole it used to get in the house and seal it up. Mormon crickets (actually a species of katydid) are prone to periodically have population explosions resulting in large swarms. I had peanut butter on the traps and they probably were attracted to that. Wildlife gardening is a way of encouraging birds, bees, butterflies and other animals into your garden. I live in Northumberland, UK, and have recently built a tiny wildlife pond. I put the deck lights on. Thank you for the nice comment! (I had looked up shrews to see why my barn cats ignored the trapped and killed shrew I offered them last night…..I get it now! He even has a shrew species named after him. The land we are on is old farmland & use to be hay pastures. Hi, many years ago I got bitten on the side of the right foot by a shrew, and the area became itchy for years after that, and so decided to try acupuncture on it. And they’re abundant and widespread, found on five continents in a variety of habitats. He’s very cute! Ugh! I was not looking forward to sanitizing my dishwater, silverware, utensils ect.. Not to mention looking for any “chew holes”at the bottom of the boxes, bags or other containers in my pantry that housed the food that I prepared for my children. When I was a kid, I saw a movie theater trailer for an upcoming sci-fi feature, Killer Shrews, about some mutated variety of shrew the size of German Shepherds, and what they could do. I hadn’t a clue that shrews will even eat mice (poor little mice !). At least for red foxes and the northern short-tailed shrew, avoidance is probably because of the poison glands. Many species can only be reliably identified by examining their skulls and dentition. I have a family of shrews in my kitchen and my three cats barely react to them. This isn’t because you scared it; shrews just live life fast and furious.


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