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Frontline Special Education Management also provides a state compliance data management and export capability, unique to each state as required. Plus, our knowledgeable client success team will work with your district’s technology team to support each step of the implementation process. Important Resources for Reopening Schools. We look forward to hearing from you and resolving the issue! Integrations, including real-time, event-based or batch, can easily be added as required by LEAs. Our solution is built to be a secure base of operations for your English Learner and Gifted & Talented programs. A Frontline representative can consult with your district to understand your needs, align them with our solutions and provide a proposal customized for your district. The two applications communicate with each other, meaning less data has to be entered by hand, saving staff and provider time and reducing the risk that inaccurate data will lead to claims being rejected. Protected under US Patents 6,334,133, 6,675,151, 7,430,519, 7,945,468, and 8,140,366 with additional patents pending. With more than 15 years of experience serving the front line of education, Frontline Education is dedicated to providing actionable intelligence that enables informed decisions and drives engagement across school systems. Alvin Independent School District Case Study. To maximize the value of your eSped solution, we provide a wide range of training programs. One of our technical service representatives will contact you shortly. Frontline Education corporate headquarters are in Malvern, Pennsylvania, with offices in Andover, Massachusetts, Rockville Centre, New York and Chicago, Illinois. Please contact our offices at 800.365.0114 or email to discuss individual district training needs. Check out the IEP Resource Center. Bringing together the best education software solutions into one unified platform, Frontline makes it possible to efficiently and effectively manage the administrative needs of the education community, including their recruiting and hiring, employee absences and attendance, professional growth and special education and interventions programs. You can say goodbye to costs associated with paper forms and increase efficiency in all Medicaid claiming processes. © Frontline Technologies Group LLC. Protected under US Patents 6,334,133, 6,675,151, 7,430,519, 7,945,468, and 8,140,366 with additional patents pending, eSped & eSTAR FAQs (Now Frontline Special Education Management), eSped/eSTAR becoming a part of Frontline Education, Developing high-quality special population documents, including IEPs, progress reports and ARDs, Improving compliance with federal and state special education regulations, Reducing the time spent on paperwork and meetings, Enhancing tracking of timelines and tasks, Providing secure access to student and staff information for data-driven decision making, Accurately forecast resource needs based on IEP mandates and other factors that impact provider time, Equitably allocate resources to schools and minimize travel time for providers, Automatically create optimized service calendars and student groups, Efficiently track student service encounters and monitor and report progress against IEP goals, Proactively monitor compliance with IEP mandates, Streamline data collection for SHARS Medicaid reimbursements. For those of us in the northern hemisphere, tomorrow we’ll see the… Read More, The start of any new year is a time for looking back,… Read More. You can contact us here for more pricing information. Frontline’s Medicaid Management software pulls IEP data into Medicaid screens and vice versa, optimizing reimbursement. Frontline Education offers a comprehensive digital system that helps your team efficiently manage paperwork, compliance, and planning for special student populations. Each state has unique data validation methods. Internally, the object-oriented architecture was designed to allow the exchange of any data elements interactively or in batch. If you are interested in participating in a training session, please contact © Frontline Technologies Group LLC. Frontline / eSped / eStar : Updating Goal Progress - YouTube Providers have direct access to IEP information to help them plan services, and administrators have a live view into encounter information and claim status. Don’t see your question here? The system’s report writer can also export, via a CSV file, based on any report created across any user data or user accessible system data. Frontline Special Education Management helps teachers and administrators get a better handle on data management and compliance, so they have more time to track student progress, plan individualized interventions and provide critically needed instruction for RTIs and Gifted or ELL students. Please use the form below to report any problems you may be having with the eSTAR Series Suite—and please be as specific as possible. Learn how Ysleta ISD efficiently plans for each of its 15,000 English language learners with a software that also accounts for 504, RTI & Special Education data. A leading provider of IEP services to the special education community. When technical issues arise, you need fast, reliable service. Technical support is included as part of the annual subscription fee, there are NO additional fees. Sign up to receive leading education stories delivered to your inbox twice a month. In December 2016, eSped was acquired by Frontline Education. While the name has changed to Frontline Special Education Management, the same great product, service & support remain. Questions about eSped/eSTAR becoming a part of Frontline Education? You’ve come to the right place! At eSped, we are committed to providing you with timely, courteous and personal support via phone, email, or the web. In December 2016, eSped was acquired by Frontline Education. Bringing these solutions together will open even more opportunities for K-12 organizations to make connections and gain insights across various operations in the district. All rights reserved. Our integration server supports a broad range of import and export operations, including SIS integration and data loading profiles, for optional integrations such as student rosters. Integrated translation tools help you get parental consent faster, and it’s easy to find the documents you need, because each signed form is attached to that student’s record. At Frontline, we are actively pursuing a vision to bring the K-12 education community a comprehensive, integrated portfolio of solutions. A toolbox of integrated collaboration features makes it easier to implement intervention plans for each student, as a team, from school or home, and provides reports at the student, school or district level to enable administrators to measure program impact and make data-driven decisions for resource planning. Want to optimize your EL/LPAC workflow? Data errors are flagged before claims are submitted and can be addressed quickly. With Frontline Special Education Management, you can: Manage the special education process and improve the quality of IEPs


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