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Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. For me, the peeling starts 3-4 days later and is most noticeable when I shower. Wear socks to bed everynight once you suspect the shedding might start, Take off your socks over a trashcan or easy to clean surface. I usually soak mine for an hour! There are many reasons why your feet can peel. True to its name, the Changing Magic Foot Peeling Shoes from K-beauty brand TonyMoly pretty much works magic on dry skin and calluses. Put on foot booties filled with foot peeling liquid. Hahah, oh man. Once the shedding starts, you can speed it up by soaking your feet in water for a while, a few times. Press J to jump to the feed. Actually, the actual best advice I have: Do not use if you have any kind of open wound anywhere in your feet. Each time you shower after the peel, plug the tub. I work on my feet for maybe 7+ hours a day, so I'm worried that the peel plus all the standing/walking will make my feet too sore. Also, since no one mentions this anywhere, the babyfoot peel will not affect a gel pedicure. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, The best advice i have: every night after the first day, soak your feet in warm water for about 30 mins. My very first foot peel was Skinfood Sparkling Mint and was SO disappointed and I thought it was just me! Soak your feet each night for a bit in hot water. Schedule the mask well ahead of sandal season/vacation/special event! I've only tried the Etude House ones but they were very effective! That is all. level 1 Skinfood's Sparkling Mint one was a LET-DOWN. OK so I guess I have to try TonyMoly. And repeat each day until I stop peeling. Thanks for making this thread! Just don’t. All I can say is don't wear shoes that are likely to rub... New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the AsianBeauty community. I also tried like 2 different Japanese ones (I can't recall the brands) that were okay. We did our research so you don't have to. after a good soak, it's really nice to gently use a physical scrub if you have one! Make sure to wash them well. Like if I (gently) scrub/exfoliate my feet right before this appointment (physical therapy - for my foot), would that basically "stop" the peeling for the next hour or two? And also remember that that's super new skin- don't skimp on the sunblock! I've only tried Baby Foot and followed these recommendations exactly and my feet were shedding like a snake. Consider taking them off outside and shaking them around before washing. I have two friends who take foot peeling very seriously though, and this is what they do: Soak feet in water for 5 minutes before using foot peel. Enjoy this picture of my dog enjoying a drink while I was doing this. Baby Foot Peel is a popular, 1-hour, at-home treatment to remove dead skin and smooth your feet. I'm going to have a really hard time not peeling at the dead skin. and watch them freak out. I find the socks to be quite slippery and uncomfortable, also the squishy sound... i don't even like walking when I do. Got any advice on how to use it effectively? Many people have experienced peeling skin on the bottoms of their feet or their toes. I found mine didn't start peeling for a full week, then took two weeks until they stopped peeling. hoax to freak out people that may see your feet. if you have large pieces of dead skin hanging off your feet that annoy you, carefully cut some off, but not too close to healthy skin. That said, in lieu of foot peels I purchased this pedicure rasp and it's amazing. Watch out for the blizzard. I wouldn't recommend any extended runs, FYI. WOW. Also, wash those suckers inside out because OMG the flakes! If you can handle a foot cream, put that shit on each night for the sake of the new skin. I think this response should be stickied for every person who asks this question. However a lot more peels have come into the market now so I'm not sure if Tonymoly still reigns supreme. 7. I'm kind of excited and scared at the same time since this is the first time I've ever done a foot peel >.<. I also think he can't complain because he got validation from me for buying a $200 processor for his computer (I use it too to play games so it's really a win win), Sorry for my rant.


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