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Additionally, the drape of Bluefaced Leicester wool means that it will make drapey finished products. It is hard to improve on perfection, but worsted spinning Blue-Faced Leicester fibre must come close! Bluefaced Leicester is a variety of wool made from the sheep of the same name. There was a need for a sheep that could check both boxes: hardy and meaty with a good fleece for spinning. Come on in or shop online and explore our Bluefaced Leicester products! It’s not as fine as merino wool, but the fleece is still plenty soft. Due to the large diameter (32 to 40 microns) and the structure of their fibre, longwools are strong, hard-wearing and very lustrous, ideal to create heavier knitwear or outer garment. Curious about the long, funny name, I spent some time looking up the Bluefaced Leicester sheep and the yarn made from its wool. 5 out of 5 stars (565) 565 reviews $ 14.70. We generally only use 50% of the fleece for our yarns, in this way we can maintain the fineness and suitability for hand knitting/dyeing. A few characteristics make it so pleasant: With a 6″ staple, the Bluefaced Leicester is considered “long-staple” wool. Like its ancestors the Bluefaced Leicester classified as a long wool sheep. Given that the BFL began primarily to improve the meat production of the Longwool sheep, it is surprising that it also produces a good fleece for making into yarn. Given its soft and lustrous qualities, what things can you knit with Bluefaced Leicester? The wool makes for a pleasant hand-knitting yarn because of its soft and lustrous qualities. All about Knitting Needle Sizes (Hooray!). In the 18th century, Robert Blakewell of Dishley Leicestershire used selective breeding methods to develop a breed of sheep that yielded a good amount of meat and also produced a soft fleece. The individual fibers of a Bluefaced Leicester sheep typically measure 24-28 microns in diameter. This yarn … This desirable multipurpose sheep was the precursor to the Bluefaced Leicester. Finally, because the wool of the Bluefaced Leicester is curled–rather than crimped–the resulting fiber has good drape. link to All about Knitting Needle Sizes (Hooray! Huckleberry Knits Willow has a perfect sock yarn blend of 80% Bluefaced Leicester wool with 20% nylon, and our Erica Knight British Blue Wool is 100% Bluefaced Leicester. British Bluefaced Leicester is the original BFL in the world, and what we carry is 100% British Bluefaced Leicester. You could knit outer garments like heavy jumpers or something like a scarf that sits next to the delicate skin of your neck. After our grading (sorting) process the processed fibre is 25micron in diameter and similar in … After combing the wool sliver (top) is sent to our mill in South America for blending and spinning into yarns. £8.69. At the time, the Longwool sheep had good wool for spinning but was poor for meat production, both being small and not producing many lambs. When you're knitting something that needs to stretch, you need the right stretchy cast-on to match. The resulting yarn can be spun into hard-wearing garments, like sweaters and other outerwear. £7.55. Bluefaced Leicester is definitely easier to find in the United Kingdom that in the US, but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to find it online or in your local yarn store. However, the wool is not just strong, it is soft. If so, 1) please tell me where you found it and 2) what did you think? Bluefaced is the sister company to Chester Wool Co. We sell single hanks of all our yarns and also occasionally have part packs at wholesale prices on our 'Special Offers' page. Our supplier has a team of buyers attending the auctions and … 100% Aran Bluefaced Leicester yarn . Second, calling it “bluefaced” is a bit of a stretch; don’t expect to find a herd of royal blue sheep wandering around the English countryside. I’ve heard it described as “shiny,” “lustrous,” and even “creamy.”. The breed is completely unique to the British Isles. Chester Wool Co. buys the Bluefaced Leicester Wool through the British Wool Marketing Board in its raw state (fleece). The lower the micron counter, the finer the wool. They are … However, because of its fineness, BFL yarn is sturdy without being itchy. Bluefaced Leicester … Twice a year we run an event called 'Sample It' which gives you the opportunity to buy 500g packs of all our yarns at just over wholesale prices. Given all the buzz I was hearing about knitting with Bluefaced Leicester yarn, I was surprised to read that it was primarily bred for meat, rather than wool.


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