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Robin: Yeah. How do you quote a quote? Go get us some drinks. Am I the foot? Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. [last lines] Robin: My drink number is twenty-seven. Alice: Oh, yeah. Meg: Why don’t you to one of those Alumni events. Alice: Oh. The two make out passionately, but stop when Alice is horrified to learn that Josh is still engaged to Michelle. Sleeping around in the city that never sleeps was never so much fun. Meg: Yeah. ( Log Out /  There are pros and cons to both of you, okay? I’m a developer, so it’s not just me. I barely have any hair. It’s actually really cold. They kiss and talk to the baby together. In American English, use double quotation marks for quotations and single quotation marks for quotations within quotations. Alice: Okay. Quoting a Quote. David: Absolutely, the essentials. I thought that was gonna be boiling hot. Robin: Not… Not with this wallet. This is New York City, there’s like a billion people outside that door. Alice and Meg go to the hospital, where Meg successfully delivers her baby. If your single and double quotation marks end up next to each other (either at the beginning or end of the quote), you don’t need to add a space between them. One moment, when you stand on your own. So how many drinks would it take to get you wasted? “Let us explore the meaning of the quote ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,’”said the teacher. Alice: You have the building, like in a fantasy building league? I don’t want to be like you, Meg. [at a networking event] Alice: What? So, I know what I’m looking for. OUR RATING: ★★½. The argument is resolved and they spend the rest of the day together in Robin’s apartment. So you can’t hit eleven drinks between the two of you. “Pop was fond of saying ‘there’s no such thing as a free lunch, Jimmy,’ but it seemed a little disingenuous because he wasn’t much of a lunch-eater anyway.”. Robin: You have LTRP. Tom: If you’re gonna be using my free Wi-Fi, at least you can do me a favor and not write shit like, “I want to wake up with my best friend.” Unless you want my dick to fall off. Lucy: But half of them are married, ten percent are gay. Lucy: He’s got to be taller than me… Alice: Oh, my God. You really need to get that taken care of. And… And then… It’s gone. Robin: Woh! Robin: No! Lucy: Okay, there are eight million people in this city. [referring to the pile of peanuts on the counter] David: Nice to meet you. David: Oh, I’m sorry. [starts separating the peanuts again] Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. British punctuation (also known, tellingly, as logical punctuation) gives you a choice. Wasting a night in New York City. Tom: Right, we’re talking about a million guys. [pointing to Alice] Alice: Not as good as Stone. Create a free website or blog at [Ken looks confused] Robin: Cons: ask to many personal questions. Romantic comedy directed by Christian Ditter which explores love and relationships in New York City. Tom: Yeah, that’s not weird at all. [the group of men just continue to stare at her] Lots of reasons. Or maybe four hundred of them so you could tile your bathroom? What do you mean? Tom: There’s your boyfriend. And then you got to have some age limits. Imagine the original passage from the book looks like this: When you quote from this passage, you might say: Notice that the quotes around there’s no such thing as a free lunch, Jimmy were double quotes in the original passage. Do you want one of my business cards? Alice: The new guy has sort of been checking you out. Robin: This is not my apartment. [pointing to Meg] So, go get us a drink. Tom: You let me treat this bar like it’s my living room and I won’t call the cops every night with a noise complaint. Big Boy: Was I? The rules for using quotation marks can seem complicated, but once you understand the basic principles, it’s not so bad. Alice: What are you doing? One moment, when you’re not tied up in a relationship with anyone. David: There’s no… Wait a minute. A parent, a pet, a sibling, a friend. Alice: Hi, I’m Alice. How does How To Be Single end? I remember our father having strong opinions about many things. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Tom: Okay. So, no. Also don’t forgot to browse the site to check out other spoilers. I mean, you’re a pretty girl. Alice: Capley. Alice: Hey, what’s up, y’all? Sisters time-out. [Meg looks visibly upset] [starts separating more of the peanuts] Mood: How to Use Tone and Mood in Your Writing, 5 Writing "Rules" That Are Really Guidelines, Beware of These Common Consistency Issues in Writing. Alice: Hi. Robin: I wouldn’t even touch myself on less than twenty-four. No! Alice: Um, my social security number, my mom’s maiden name, my ATM pin. ( Log Out /  Her cab hits Robin, who has purposely jumped on the windshield to get a cab for Meg, who is in labor. Change ). Lucy: I wish. In British English, do the opposite. Lucy: Yeah, but how many eligible people? [they shake hands] Alice: Like twenty-f…seven. In American English, use double quotes for the outside quote and single quotes for the inside quote. Alice: We have to be at work in like thirty minutes. (The British convention is the opposite; the main quote would use single quotation marks and the quote within the quote would use double quotation marks.) In American English, the rule is always to put the punctuation inside the quotation marks. Wait. Robin: Let me teach you how to be single. Tone vs. Sounds like a lot, right? Alice: Yeah. You were great last night. Robin: Pros: young, beautiful. Alice: [voice over] Some people take baby steps to settle down. What’s LTRP? Alice: Wait, I think he’s coming over here. Tom: Marriage! Copyright © 2020 All Rights Reserved | All images are copyright of their respective owners, [Alice starts to leave when Robin takes Alice’s wallet], [Alice approaches a group of men at the bar], [the group of men just continue to stare at her], [Alice laughs, just then David’s phone rings]. Alice: Okay. Robin: Okay, and Tom’s is eight. David: Capley. Her cab hits Robin, who … Alice: That’s like a real-ass job, man. Robin: I can do this in twenty. Let’s say you need to quote a book for an essay, and the passage you have in mind contains a quote from some other source. Not too ugly. Alice: I’m a paralegal at Brown, Light and Fincklestein. Starring: Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson, Alison Brie, Leslie Mann, Damon Wayans, Jr., Anders Holm, Nicholas Braun, Jake Lacy, Jason Mantzoukas. In British English, use single quotation marks for quotations and double quotation marks for quotations within quotations. Some people refuse to settle at all. [she indicates with her head again, Meg looks over and sees a young guy at the bar looking over at her] Tom: Keep it sexy. Robin: Cons: no access to pills. Are y’all Canadian? Meg: You have a key to my apartment? Tom: These are the women? I want someone college educated. Starring: Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson, Alison Brie, Leslie Mann, Damon Wayans, Jr., Anders Holm, Nicholas Braun, Jake Lacy, Jason Mantzoukas. Robin: In every male-female friendship there’s a total number of drinks and if you hit that it means you would definitely have sex. [she points to her name badge] Robin: Pros: loves me unconditionally, gives me the spare key to the apartment, has a very nice underwear drawer, very neat and organized. How to Be Single Best Quotes – ‘Let me teach you how to be single.’ Best Quotes. Lucy: Look, I spent half of last year creating an algorithm that trolls dating apps for the best candidates and downloads them into an Excel spreadsheet. Robin: If Tom texts you wait four hours to respond. Lucy: Okay. Sometimes, it’s not statistics. Right? I do? For sure. Meg: You go and you network with people, and if you really love what you do, then it…the whole guy thing, it’s easier. Sorry. Not six for him, five for you. Me too. Lucy: But, half of them are women, and as hard as I tried in college, I don’t swing that way. [opens up a champagne bottle] I could make dreadlocks with that bush and form a reggae band. But what do you do when you’ve got a quote within a quote? Tom: Thanks. Robin: With the sausage wallet. Alice: All right. Meg: Right. [pointing to Alice] Lucy: So, four million men. Meg: No. David: Is that 144, Wall Street? That looks like a whole bowl of petrified curly fries. And then maybe we could become best friends, and that’d be awesome. The quote within the quote, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, is enclosed in single quotation marks.


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