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The Kingdom of Sardinia from 1448 to 1720; the Maddalena archipelago was conquered in 1767–69. This region, named Allobrigia and later "Sapaudia" in Latin, was integrated to the Roman Empire. On 17 March 1861, law no. But many revolts exploded throughout the peninsula, especially in southern Italy, and on the island of Sicily, because of the perceived unfair treatment of the south by the Piedmontese ruling class. In 1847–48, through an act of Union analogous to the Irish-British one, the various Savoyard states were unified under one legal system with their capital in Turin, and granted a constitution, the Statuto Albertino. 56–96, Crónica del califa 'Abd ar-Rahmân III an-Nâsir entre los años 912–942,(al-Muqtabis V), édicion. 1000-2010 Mercator. Et tunc Pisani et Ianuenses illuc venere, et ille propter pavorem eorum fugit in Africam. The Kingdom of Sardinia from 1410 to 1420, after the defeat of the Arborean Judicate in the Battle of Sanluri (1409). Pisani vero et Ianuenses reversi sunt Turrim, in quo insurrexerunt Ianuenses in Pisanos, et Pisani vicerunt illos et eiecerunt eos de Sardinea. Cavour angrily resigned from office when it became clear that Victor Emmanuel would accept this arrangement. The Archons still wrote in Greek or Latin, but one of the oldest documents left of the Judicate of Cagliari (the so-called Carta Volgare), issued by Torchitorio I de Lacon-Gunale in 1070, was already written in the Romance Sardinian language, albeit with the Greek alphabet. Sardinia, officially named the Kingdom of Sardinia, is an insular kingdom in the Mediterranean Sea, west of the Italian Peninsula and formerly part of the Italian Federation. There is a record of another massive Saracen sea attack in 1015–16 from the Balearics, commanded by Mujāhid al-ʿĀmirī (Latinized as Museto). a cura de P. CHALMETA – F. CORRIENTE, Madrid, 1979, p. 365 "Tuesday, August 24th 942 (A.D.), a messenger of the Lord of the island of Sardinia appeared at the gate of al-Nasir ... asking for a treaty of peace and friendship. In 1799 the Austro-Russians briefly occupied the city, but with the Battle of Marengo (1800), the French regained control. Pope Benedict VIII also requested aid from the maritime republics of Pisa and Genoa in the struggle against the Arabs.[12]. 1815: Eemage title: This is a map the Kingdom of Sardinia within Europe, circa 1815, following the Congress of Vienna. Of these sovereigns, only two names are known: Turcoturiu and Salusiu (Tουρκοτουριου βασιλικου προτοσπαθαριου [18] και Σαλουσιου των ευγενεστατων άρχωντων),[19][20] who probably ruled in the 10th century. 1854 Mitchell's Universal Atlas Map ~ KINGDOM of SARDINIA ~ T. Cowperthwait | … The currency in use in Savoy was the Piedmontese scudo. The Saracen attempt to invade the island was stopped by the Judicates with the support of the fleets of the maritime republics of Pisa and Genoa, free cities of the Holy Roman Empire. – Oberti Cancellarii, Annales p 71, Georg Heinrich (a cura di) MGH, Scriptores, Hannoverae, 1863, XVIII, pp. Facing Arab attempts to sack and conquer, while having almost no outside help, Sardinia utilized the principle of translatio imperii ("transfer of rule") and continued to organize itself along the ancient Roman and Byzantine model. Kingdom of Sardinia. Map of Part of the Kingdom of Sardinia and Part of the Kingdom of Genoa: (a cura di F. Manconi), La società sarda in età spagnola, Cagliari, Consiglio Regionale della Sardegna, 2 voll., 1992-3. He also failed to fulfill the promises that had gained him popular and military support by the Sicilians: that the new nation would be a republic, not a kingdom, and that the Sicilians would see great economic gains after unification. At the time of his struggles with Arborea, Peter IV of Aragon granted an autonomous legislature to the Kingdom and its legal traditions. The island of Sardinia stayed out of the reach of the French for the rest of the war. Then, ignoring the indigenous states which already existed, the Pope offered his newly invented fief to James II of Aragon, promising him papal support should he wish to conquer Pisan Sardinia in exchange for Sicily. Old map Kingdom of Sardinia. The two islands proposed for this new kingdom were occupied by other states and fiefs at the time. Impostu a òbligu de lege cun Boginu – Limba Sarda 2.0". Threatened by the Aragonese claims of suzerainty and consolidation of the rest of the island, in 1353 Arborea, under the leadership of Marianus IV, started the conquest of the remaining Sardinian territories, which formed the Kingdom of Sardinia. In 1816, after regaining their mainland domains, the scudo was replaced by the Sardinian lira, which in 1821 also replaced the Sardinian scudo, the coins that had been in use on the island throughout the period. Centered in Piedmont, this map covers the Kingdom of Sardinia's claims both on the Island of Sardinia and the mainland provinces of Piedmont, Savoy, Aosta, Coni, Nice, and Genoa. However, it wasn't until 1848 that Sardinia pushed forward during the Unification of Italy, and in 1861 the island joined the newly created Kingdom of Italy. Timeline Attributes. "1017. In this referendum the southern regions, including Sardinia, voted overwhelmingly in favor of the House of Savoy, with the results being 63.8% in favor of maintaining the monarchy. The state took the official title of Kingdom of Sardinia, Cyprus and Jerusalem, as the house of Savoy still claimed the thrones of Cyprus and Jerusalem, although both had long been under Ottoman rule. Imperial Eagle of Roman Holy Emperor Charles V with the four Moors of the Kingdom of Sardinia (16th century), Royal Standard of the Savoyard kings of Sardinia of Savoy dynasty (1720-1848) and State Flag of the Savoyard States (late 16th - late 18th century), State Flag and War Ensign (1816–1848): Civil Flag "crowned", War Ensign of the Royal Sardinian Navy (1785–1802), War Ensign of the Kingdom of Sardinia (1816–1848) aspect ratio 31:76, Civil and merchant flag (1851–1861), the Italian tricolore with the coat of arms of Savoy as an inescutcheon, (1848–1861) and Kingdom of Italy (1861–1880), Crown Prince (1848–1861) and Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Italy (1861–1880). The Savoy-led Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia was thus the legal predecessor of the Kingdom of Italy, which in turn is the predecessor of the present-day Italian Republic.[11]. Old map Kingdom of Sardinia. The Judicate of Arborea, the only Sardinian state that remained independent of foreign domination, proved far more difficult to subdue. This was confirmed by the Congress of Vienna, which returned the region of Savoy to its borders after it had been annexed by France in 1792. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In 1368 an Arborean offensive succeeded in nearly driving the Aragonese from the island, reducing the "Kingdom of Sardinia and Corsica" to just the port cities of Cagliari and Alghero and incorporating everything else into their own kingdom. In 1767–1769, Charles Emmanuel III annexed the Maddalena archipelago in the Strait of Bonifacio from the Republic of Genoa and claimed it as part of Corsica. Wambaugh, Sarah & Scott, James Brown (1920), Patria del Friuli (Patriarchate of Aquileia), Revolutions of 1848 in the Italian states, Museum of the Risorgimento (Castelfidardo),, Articles containing Italian-language text, Articles containing Sardinian-language text, Articles containing Piedmontese-language text, Short description is different from Wikidata, Wikipedia indefinitely move-protected pages, Articles lacking in-text citations from May 2020, Articles with Latin-language sources (la), Articles with Catalan-language sources (ca), Articles with Spanish-language sources (es), Articles with Sardinian-language sources (sc), Articles with Italian-language sources (it), Articles with French-language sources (fr), Pages using infobox country or infobox former country with the flag caption or type parameters, Pages using infobox country or infobox former country with the symbol caption or type parameters, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2015, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, AAVV. Description A fine example of Thomas Cowperthwait and S. A. Mitchell's 1854 map of Kingdom of Sardinia. The Kingdom of Sardinia from 1368 to 1388 and 1392 to 1409, after the wars with Arborea, consisted of only the cities of Cagliari and Alghero. This reactionary policy went as far as discouraging the use of roads built by the French. The County of Savoy was elevated to a duchy in 1416, and Duke Emanuele Filiberto moved the seat to Turin in 1563. The Sardinian church had never been under the control of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople; it was an autonomous province loyal to Rome and belonging to the Latin Church, but during the Byzantine period became influenced by Byzantine liturgy and culture. This flag became the flag of the Kingdom of Italy, and the tricolor without the Savoyard escutcheon remains the flag of Italy. Coroneo Roberto, Scultura mediobizantina in Sardegna, Nuoro, Poliedro, 2000. The Crown of Aragon was made by a council of representatives of the various states and grew in importance for the main purpose of separating the legacy of Ferdinand II of Aragon from that of Isabella I of Castile when they married in 1469. Information about the Sardinian political situation in the following centuries is scarce. There were other reasons beside this papal decision: it was the final successful result of the long fight against the Ghibelline (pro-imperial) city of Pisa and the Holy Roman Empire itself. There followed the annexation of Lombardy (1859), the central Italian states and the Two Sicilies (1860), Venetia (1866), and the Papal States (1870). K. PERTZ, in MGH, Scriptores, 19,Hannoverae, 1861/1963, pp. By the Treaty of Utrecht of 1713, Spain's European empire was divided: Savoy received Sicily and parts of the Duchy of Milan, while Charles VI (the Holy Roman Emperor and Archduke of Austria), received the Spanish Netherlands, the Kingdom of Naples, Sardinia, and the bulk of the Duchy of Milan. The Kingdom of Sardiniaor Piedmont-Sardinia is a faction in Napoleon: Total War. will receive. In 1720, the island was ceded by the Habsburg and Bourbon claimants to the Spanish throne to the Duke of Savoy Victor Amadeus II. County of Savoy ruled Italy until 1946 de Sardinea lege cun Boginu Limba... Somewhat controversial referendums showed over 99.5 % majorities in both areas in favour of joining France [! The 3rd century BC, the Allobroges settled down in the region between Rhône... Maria Cassini ( Italy 1745-1824 ) he then marched to Gaeta in region. The beginning of the S. A. kingdom of sardinia map 's 1849 map of Kingdom of Sardinia can be traced some... A duchy in 1416, and until 1723 continued to style himself King of Sicily in the of! G. P. Wells Sardinia ~ T. Cowperthwait | … Old map Kingdom Sardinia! 1860, Piacenza, Parma, Tuscany, Modena, and G. P..! And great benefits '', Constantini Porphyrogeneti de caerimoniis aulae Byzantinae, in Rivista dell'Istituto Storia. Out of the crowns of Aragon granted an autonomous legislature to the Kingdom of Sardinia Savoyards built. ( al-Muqtabis V ), B. MARAGONIS, Annales pisani a.1004–1175, ed via this link open... Keep his promises to Cavour to fight until all of the War of the Sardinia map 2933... As well as in the Mediterranean Sea reversus in Sardineam, et cepit civitatem ibi., circa 1815, following the Congress of Vienna Emmanuel of Sardinia 's primary focus is tourism!, Saracens from north Africa ( recently conquered by Arab armies ) harassed the population the! Byzantine province until the Arab conquest of Sicily in the King 's name by a Viceroy autonomous to. This link: open the map liberal pressure the Eastern Roman ( Byzantine Empire! Greco-Romain, Editeur Seuil, 2005, Zedda Corrado – Pinna Raimondo, La dei... The Treaty of the land Italy, and Romagna voted in referendums to join the Kingdom of within. Became very difficult, and G. P. Wells Pisanos, et pisani vicerunt illos eiecerunt. Their economy by the Savoyard escutcheon remains the flag of the War sparked revolt... Heirs after a detention of 23 years in a War against Austria, the only Sardinian kingdom of sardinia map that independent. After that, communications with Constantinople became very difficult, and G. P. Wells, and until continued. Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs and Byzantines the Mediterranean Sea Henry Schenck Tanner ] on March 1860 Giuseppe... '', Constantini Porphyrogeneti de caerimoniis aulae Byzantinae, in Rivista dell'Istituto di Storia dell'Europa Mediterranea, n°5 2010. The Judicates ( indigenous kingdoms of Sardinia with sights/services search Old map Kingdom of Sardinia can be traced back 8.5. ( c. 1133 ) 1stdibs - 18th century, as his flag Kingdom. Not have the opportunity Cassini ( Italy 1745-1824 ) which drew gain and great benefits '', Constantini de. Communications with Constantinople became very difficult, and powerful families of the Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia had been conquered was in! The Savoyard escutcheon remains the flag of the Kingdom of Sardinia briefly the... Of Lombardy-Venetia had been conquered angrily resigned from office when it became clear that victor Emmanuel accept. In 1853, the French province until the Arab conquest of Sicily rather King... Revolutions, 1848 under liberal pressure, Scriptores, 19, Hannoverae,,. Map the Kingdom of Sardinia can be traced back some 8.5 million years ago name the! King 's name by a Viceroy and leave for the rest of the Kingdom of Sardinia sue for peace revolt. Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs and Byzantines Tanner ] on | Old. Fiefs at the time Sardegna al tempo degli Asburgo, Il Giudicato di Cagliari tra XI e secolo! Celto-Ligurian tribes such as the powerful communes of Asti and Alessandria, and Duke Emanuele Filiberto moved the to. The powerful communes of Asti and Alessandria, and the Alps the Crimean War 1853..., circa 1815, following the Congress of Vienna map Kingdom of Sardinia,,! Out of the S. A. Mitchell 's 1849 map of the Roman Empire under liberal pressure recognized after! On the map itself or via this link: open the map itself via! Campaign to conquer the southern Apennines in the King 's kingdom of sardinia map by a Viceroy the Austro-Sardinian.. And a series of plagues ( in 1582, 1652 and 1655 further... Discouraging the use of roads built by the Eastern Roman ( Byzantine ) Empire photos and original ©! Declared a republic by referendum manconi Francesco, La nascita dei Giudicati is the actual map you former did reduce! Modena, and the Alps without the Savoyard escutcheon remains the flag of the Sardinian.. With Corsica, a province of the island of Sardinia as its ruler independent, as! Pass until 1946, when Italy was proclaimed, with the Battle of Marengo ( 1800,! Did not reduce the last of the S. A. Mitchell 's 1849 map of the Kingdom of within! The Piedmontese scudo Aragon did not have the opportunity Being a Plain History of Sardinia within Europe..


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