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Oriental Scops Owl (Otus sunia) bird sounds free download on If you have any queries then please do ask questions. Individuals may freeze with eyes half closed when disturbed. This Owl hunts from a perch most of the time. At first it didn’t sit on any perch then suddenly it came and sat on my back for few secs, before it realised that I was not a tree or branch. There are 33 species of Owls in India, some small, some large and some extremely fierce predators. Sexes are alike. This owl has a heart-shaped face with ear like extensions. Kerela is a South Indian state of India known for …, Munias of India India is home to 8 species of …, There are more Birds in Hyderabad than you think. The eggs are incubated by the female for 33 to 35 days. Bright light can cause temporary blindness to them. Some individuals may freeze with eyes half closed when disturbed. 3-4 white eggs are laid on the floor of the nest.during the incubation period the female alone incubates the eggs while the male brings food . But during winter it also feeds on other birds. Oriental Scops Owl: English, United States: Oriental Scops-Owl: French: Petit … There are two color morphs, namely grey and rufous. The owls will also eat earthworms, amphibians and aquatic invertebrates. Then it went and sat on a branch on a nearby tree. …, Indian Eagle Owl and Superstitions Surrounding It, Kerela State 3 Amazing Places You Need to Know, Munia – 8 Beautiful Munia Birds You See in India, 281 Beautiful Birds in Hyderabad You Need to Know. Peregrine Falcon 7 Amazing Facts You Need to Know! Upperparts are rather plain rufous with few streaks and dark streaking on the crown. All Rights Reserved. ) They prefer areas which contain old trees with hollows; these are home to their prey which includes insects, reptiles, small mammals such as bats and mice and other small birds. The Oriental scops Owl is a nocturnal raptor and stays mostly active after dusk. And yes, it was a Oriental scops owl. Few suggestions that I would like to mention are :-. All copyright of images registered with 2017. It welcomes the female by going into the hole and singing at the entrance. We didn’t have any proper flashlight and so I made just few photographs within 2 mins with a very low shutter speed because of the dim light source and then left the place. The Barn Owl won’t know that an Indian Eagle Owl is on it’s trail and it is about to launch an attack. The surroundings were cold and soundless so we played calls and within few secs we saw something to flutter above us. So it would tend to fly away if disturbed. Like many large Owl species, the Indian Eagle Owl is considered a bad omen. They Breed during the month of February to May in the Indian subcontinent. It was our day before the last day in Kaziranga, all our safaris were over and we had nothing much to do at evening, so our guide Mr. took us to a tea garden behind our stay. It is a large, fierce and elite raptor found in the sub-continent of India. If a Barn Owl lands right next to you, chances are you won’t even know it. The average lifespan of this owl is 30 years., Crested serpent eagle ( Spilornis cheela ). The diet of the Indian Eagle Owl also includes small mammals, Rodents, Reptiles, Frogs, Crabs, and Partridges. The next day we again went to the tea garden and this time to my surprise it responded more quickly, as we sat below a tree and played an Oriental scops owl’s call so it came and sat on a branch just above our head. Breeding in Oriental Region: widespread, also e Asia; can be seen in 27 countries. Some individuals may freeze with eyes half closed when disturbed. There is whitish scapular stripe around the blackish-grey bill. Raptors, especially nocturnal ones like owls are extremely sensitive to bright light, use red filter or a dim flashlight to take pictures. During the day it roosts singly or in pairs in dense foliage, against a tree trunk or in holes. The capture of this bird is illegal in India but illegal animal trade markets drive the poaching of this bird. These owls are generally classified with barn owls (Common Types Of Owls). Other birds in this owl’s menu include; The Rock Eagle Owl prefers hilly terrain in scrub forests, it has a distribution across India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Myanmar. This owl species is found in Southeast Asia and contains different subspecies as well. Indian Eagle Owl takes Rats and Mice as its primary source of food. Generally weakly marked, without any prominent features: note weak black border to the facial disc, thinly streaked underparts, and short ear tufts (often held flat). Sexes are similar in appearance. Scapulars have whitish-buff spots with blackish edges. This owl has a big booming call, heard during dawn and dusk. The diet of the Indian Eagle Owl also includes small mammals, Rodents, Reptiles, Frogs, Crabs, and Partridges. Mr. confirmed that it was a Oriental Scops owl. The male begins by singing near potential nesting sites, which are usually holes in trees or walls. Hunting is done both from a perch and in flight. Another belief is that when the bird is starved and tortured it speaks in a human voice. But the view was celestial, above the sky was studded with stars and below the gardens were twinkling with fireflies and the horizon almost faded away. The eyes of the Oriental scops owl are yellow with white brows. But this time it was not alone, another Oriental scops owl joined the first one and sat on a perch above the first one. Owls feed on Insects, Birds, Small Mammals, Rodents, Reptiles, Crabs, and Fish, They Can turn their head almost 270 degrees, The feathers of the Owls help them blend them into their habitat and makes them almost impossible to detect in some cases, A Barn Owl can be identified by its heart-shaped face. Here’s a complete list of Owls found in India; As per IUCN, Indian Eagle Owl is marked as Least Concerned. It can be distinguish from the collared scops owl by its whitish scapular stripe, well marked underparts, and lack of pale collar.


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