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), ( Are you a fish lover and looking for your favorite fish names in regional language? ), Fish Names in English, Tamil and Malayalam, 71 26 Views. Hai Minu, Longtime I searching for this, really helpful please keep going Big Thanks.. A very exhaustive list and useful one too. It is a delicacy in Tamilnadu , Kerala and Andhra Pradesh . Maravaamal Ninaitheeraiya Lyrics. … Use * for blank tiles (max 2) Advanced Search Advanced Search: Use * for blank spaces Advanced Search: Advanced Word Finder: See Also in English. Fish Names in English, Tamil and Malayalam Many of my readers were enquring me about the fish names,especially if you are traveling out of India its … Live Murrel fish is known as Viral meen / Viral fish in Tamil . ), ( ), ( Prawn / Shrimp – இறால். This comment has been removed by the author. ), ( ), ( Thai Pola Thetri Lyrics. Grouper is known as panni meen in Tamil. Fish names are quite different and varied in local dialects. If you find it by any chance please post here that helps others too. pachakam top recipes. Find your favorite fish while buying at fish shops in Tamil Nadu. Sep 23, 2011 ... Cod பண்ணா Cat fish கெளுத்தி Cuttle கனவை i have got a valuable information today, Thank u... very informative blog for fish lovers like me..thank youEldho Joy. 0. English : Cod Fish; Tamil : Panna; Hindi : Musi; Konkani : Thato; Marathi : Musi; Tulu : Balliaur; 0 comment. Blogger. Fish Names in Tamil தமிழ் மீன் ... Cod fish – பண்ணா மீன். Minu's Kitchen | Powered by You might also like. 14 Views. Thanks and Regards, Roja. Cod Fish in Tamil. Kallumakkaya Roast/Mussels Roast With Video ; Village Style Beef Curry; Kerala Thattukada Chicken … ), ( Well, being a food enthusiastic, I am no expectation, Are you a fish lover and looking for your favorite fish hi,very informative.I just want to add one.salmon is 'kala'.Dr.Swarna. It was really helpful. Net Wt: 300 gm to 350 gm. admin July 24, 2020 0Comments 10 Views Categories: Uncategorized. ), ( 11 Views. 8 by Looks like sankara. Maravaamal Ninaitheeraiya Lyrics. 2 Surfing online and trying hard. Copyright © 2 ), ( Applause!! collected some fishes names in Tamil with pictures. 7 Leave a Comment Cancel Reply. Ribbon Fish/Belt fish – வாலை மீன் . i like to know tamil name for salmon fish. This is just the kind of information, Regards, muslim baby names. Applause!! Eel – விலாங்கு. When i came to US, icollected all the names of veggies, fruits and fish in Tamil and English. 14 Views. 189. out of stock! Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Also, they are larger than most freshwater species and rich in proteins. Joined Sep 23, 2011 Messages 10 Location Santabarbara. Shark – சுறாமீன். Squid(Calamari)-கனவா மீன்/கட 11 Views. ), ( Can you tell me tamil name for this Hamour fish, Sorry bro iam not sure on it.. 19 You might also like. Live Murrel fish / Viral fish. பண்ணா மீன் Paṇṇā mīṉ . Gross Wt: 500 gm. ), ( Thank You. 26 Views. Bezawada biriyani is easy to make and doesn't need a lengthy marination for chicken. Since the head of the fish resembles the Indian hoe, it was named as such. ), ( For more updates – stay connected with Tamil Typing Online, Maiyal Kondenadi by Muthulakshmi Raghavan Novel Free Download PDF, Sri Sai Satcharitra Tamil Book PDF Download. Tats very informative... Have been searching for it longtime.. GREAT WORKS,IF YOU ADD A SAMPLE PICTURE , WILL BE MORE EFFECTIVE... Wow ..its sp good to know the local names of the fishes..iam always confused by their English n local names.Great work, Can u tell me the tamil name : white bass fish, Sorry I have no idea about it.. Marine fish are strictly different from freshwater counterparts due to high salinity of sea water, which they live. … Fish Names in Tamil with Pictures. I have googled most of the fish names and made a … If you come across the correct name kindly let me know I will add to it.. ), ( Thank you Padmini N, I added the same.


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