james and the giant peach wiki
How about some light? Centipede: Jackpot! Nyorori: Don't you mean seven seas? I'll...I'll...I'll...I'll put this away! Centipede: It's breath-taking! Spiker gives James the picking stick, and as the boy then picks up the trash can, she, Sponge and the Wario Brothers gives him and our heroes a warning. Earthworm: Well, there aren't lands in sights! Not quickly! It's...it's growing. It's been a while since you some of you defeated the Eggpire! Sponge (looking at the map): Where did you get this? As the peach kept on rolling, a chicken sees it and gets hit by it as it also hits a fence it was sitting on. Earthworm: They're your target! James closes his eyes, wishing for something that he would like, and then blows the candles out. James: Where are we and what's going on? Pakaracchi: Humanoid Animals. Sponge (annoyed): Oh, shut up. After James finishes the balloon, he takes it outside his window and lets it go flying while he and our heroes watch him with the proud looks on their faces. Now wiggle! Grasshopper: I prove you've heard this! Sponge: Yes! Go away! The birds fly down to get the worm while the shark approaches to the peach some more! Earthworm: I am? Grasshopper: Put your backs into it! Spiker and Sponge use the giant peach as an attraction, making lots of money as James watches from the house, not allowed to leave. Bugs(singing): That's the life for me! James: Everyone, these are my friends! Spider: No dark hiding places. Wario (also looking at the map): And who give it to you? Sponge (entering James' room along with the Wario Bros. while holding a sprayer): Where is it? Hot noodles made of foodles on a slice of garden hose! The centipede jumps into the icy water to look for a compass which made James, the other bugs and the New Digimon Data Squad to get their attention. Get back to your duties or else we'll call Rhinoblaster's ghost-like friend and have him feasting on you! As the story continued, James was in his dream, involving as a caterpillar enjoying himself by eating a ordinary peach which was the perfect size for him. Old Man: You weren't meant to be, you know. If you don't wiggle then the birds won't get us to New York! James is terrified but faces his fears and gets his friends to safety before the rhino strikes the peach with lightning; The strings keeping the seagulls attached to the peach are cut and the peach falls to the city, dragging James with it. James: I couldn't remeber what fun is! Grasshopper: There are seven seas! Spider: I hear something, too! Don't be afraid now, I've gotcha! Get on my back! James Henry Trotter is a young boy who lives with his parents by the sea in the United Kingdom. The one who gave me the green things! Turning around the spider hisses at the centipede as chases him up the ladder and tickles him, making him whimpers ticklishly. Wahoo! Sponge (tearing up the map): Now get these stupid dreams out of your head, and (along with Spiker) get back to work! Music should be the voice of the soul! James: We'll always be together, right? Keep moving! Ladybug: What a wonderful site! James (looking at the spider): Hello there. Lets go back home in England, and we'll make you something warm to drink! Later on, James crawls inside a large hole and he inadvertently gets animated in the peach, and he finds and befriends a group of life-size anthropomorphic bugs (Mr. Grasshopper, Mr. Centipede, Earthworm, Miss Spider, Mrs. Ladybug, and Glowworm). How dare you ever dream of leaving? They got a whole park full of leaves for you, Ms. Ladybug! Eventuary, the peach has stopped growing, but it was much bigger than Spiker and Sponge's house, and so, just like from the title of the story, it's called the giant peach. One of these days, one of these days, POW! In the process of coming to, he coughs up the last Crocodile Tongue that was inside him for a very long time after it went into the piece of the peach he was eating and got swallowed by him. Stupid idea from the two English ladies. James: You mustn't frighten yourself like this all the time! Michelangelo: You have made a huge mistake, man! James (explaining): I finished the wood. The four characters are starting to hallucinate. The spider hits the grasshopper on the head for on which she thought was the centipede for his annoying thing he was about to do to her. Centipede: Fasten your seatbelts, kids! James is frightened but challenges the rhino and gets his friends to safety before the rhino strikes the peach with lightning and it dies, but James and the peach fall to the city below, landing on top of the Empire State Building. You were warning us? Wario: What-a is it? The six characters were still fighting each other until they heard James. James: Going to New York to make some new friends and stuff. James and Miss Spider rescue him and the journey continues. Belvic: You're not the only one who needs it! Right through the kisser! After the peach has fallen off a cliff of England, James, the bugs and our heroes were unconscious and a bit dizzy due to the rolling peach ride. But before he could take the bag of Crocodile Tongues from the old man, he told him something very important. Grasshopper and Ladybug(singing along): And if we might say so, too! James: I know! Spiker: No one else will tolerate a worthless little nothing like you.


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