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Batman & Mr. After discovering that the imitator had a penny into the back of the head of Amanda Hastings, Gordon and Bullock were sent to see Bullock's former partner Dix. Occupation She then burns the corpse as she claims its infected and flees, claiming she wants nothing to do with Jervis Tetch. She wants him to prove his loyalty to the Court and they make sure to manipulate Frank's body scene. Son of Batman: Deathstroke | League of Assassins (Ra's al Ghul & Talia al Ghul) | Ubu | Killer Croc | Man-Bats Lady Shiva | Two-Face initially intend to make a judgement on Barbara at first, but later decides on making a judgement on Jimmy, believing that killing Gordon's son would be more painful than killing Gordon's wife. During Alex's funeral, Alfred is warned by Gordon that Ra's has diplomatic immunity and will be released from incarceration. Joker | Two-Face | Harley Quinn | Penguin | Catwoman | Rupert Thorne | Riddler | Poison Ivy | Scarecrow | Mad Hatter | Killer Croc | Clayface | Ra's al Ghul | Mr. While driving to Wayne Manor, Gordon calls Alfred, warning him that Galavan was after Bruce once again. Later, Jim visits the hospital to check on the state of Jonathan Crane. Gordon peers around the office and finds a vile of James' medicine. Gordon begins to taunt him by hanging up the phone many times, telling him that Alice is dead because of him and that he has to die to get revenge. Wählen Sie eine Sprache für Ihren Einkauf. Gordon apprehended the Peter Pan Killer when he attempted to abduct a young James Jr. Gordon heads to Blackgate to interrogate the Peter Pan Killer before he was released from prison. DC Database is a FANDOM Movies Community. 100 episodes (see below) Ecstatic that the two stories matched, Jim was allowed to leave by Maroni. Riddler | Fearing nothing, Gerald takes his gun and shoots at the Detective, though they quickly shoot him down. However, he is stopped by Lee, who escaped her cell. During his time as a bounty hunter going after the escaped experiments from Indian Hill, Jim donned a black leather jacket. Azrael tries to flee but Gordon shoots him several times until Azrael falls off the ledge of the building. Scooby-Doo! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Tetch escapes, heartbroken. Anthony Gordon [29], In the city, Gordon pursues and captures Nino, a known arsonist to get the name of Officer Garrett's killer. The Gotham City Police Department soon learned the buses taking the children upstate had been hijacked by the child snatchers. Gordon arrives at Oswald's' and after threatening him, he manages to get the Penguin to get him an invitation to the Foxglove, though having to promise him another favor. | James soon walks in and he thanks his father for stopping by. Catman | In the attic they discover Miriam Loeb, the daughter of Commissioner Loeb, living there. James W. Gordon is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, most commonly in association with the superhero Batman. Bridgit then uses her flamethrower to blow up a squad car, though the fire from the explosion ends up reaching her, causing her to catch on fire. That night, Jim receives a call from Barnes who tells him to meet up with him at 0700 at the Gotham Police Academy. Ubu | Later, Gordon deduced that the monk's companions were operating in the sewers, and there, he and Bullock made their way to the area near the ports. Gordon receives a call from Bullock informing him of the children's location, The Factory, where Selina's fence was based at. The Dark Knight Rises: League of Shadows (Bane, Talia al Ghul & Barsad) | Catwoman | John Daggett James Jr. leaves the cafe and asks that his father will hopefully find it in his heart to forgive him. With a few seconds left on the timer, Gordon throws water on the circuits of the bomb and it miraculously turned off, afterward, he and Lucius realize that Mrs. Peabody was actually asking them for water for her to drink. Cependant, personne ne put le prouver. Gordon can only cry the word no, because he has found his beloved ex-wife nude in the bath tub with a crimson smile across her face. After The Maniax took over a Gotham City High School bus, Gordon and his colleagues quickly arrive at the scene. She tries to seduce him, claiming she's infected with the darkness inside him and then knocks him out. In the infirmary after getting stitched up, Gordon tells Puck to stay away from him. He then shoots at the two Tweed brothers. They then find an injured cult member in the warehouse and arrest him. Steeljacket | Commissioner Gordon's deceased brother Roger and sister-in-law Thelma do not exist in this continuity. At the GCPD, Barnes decides to send Nora to Arkham Asylum's medical wing as there she could be given the attention she needed and they could also capture Fries without risking the lives of any civilians. Snowman | Falcone reveals that he knew something was wrong with Mario but that he didn't know about the virus. James began exhibiting sociopathic tendencies as a young child; he tortured animals, st… Circus of Strange | Unfortunately to find out the client's name they would need a court order. Gordon goes with Barbara Kean to find Tetch, discovering he took Deever Tweed, Dumfree Tweed, and 3 unnamed brothers. Jim arrives as Bruce is about to head back into the gala to save Alfred. Faceless | Barbara Eileen and James Gordon conceived James Jr. shortly before arriving in Gotham City while they were still living in Chicago. Jim and Bullock attempted to discern their location by interrogating Morry Quillan who was in GCPD custody, learning from him that the truck the snatchers used had a plate with a fork on it. The trail ends in James' closet. Though out the story James fights with the idea if sending his son to Arkham was a good idea. Blockbuster II | Deathstroke | Gordon at this point wants Joker's head on a pike for all the misery he has brought to the Gordons but Dick convinces Gordon that there is no way the Joker could have escaped Arkham and found out where Barbara was so quickly. Nygma shoots Jim in the leg before he manages to go into the building. At the film's climax, he is chosen by Two-Face for death in revenge for the death of Rachel Dawes in which he blames Gordon. Unfortunately, he receives a stab wound to his left leg that punctured an artery, which threatened to bleed out if moved. Outside the auction house, the Strike Force led by Gordon and Captain Barnes waited for Bridgit. In the hospital, Gordon wants to talk to Lee about what happened, but she tells him that it's not time. Wasting no time, the two detectives arrived at the factory where they found Hargrove working on yet another bomb. Remembering Lees words on moving on, Gordon frees himself from the hypnosis. Blockbuster I | [41], Jim immediately points his gun at her and demands to know what she was doing there as she was supposed to be in Arkham Asylum. Gordon opens the door and finds the body of a schoolyard bully that James Jr. fell victim to when he was young. Arriving at Bamonte's, Gordon is greeted by Maroni who orders him to tell him the story Penguin had told him, or else Gordon and Cobblepot would both be killed. Bullock tells Gordon that he received an anonymous phone call from someone who said Barbara Gordon is going to die at the Gotham Plaza Hotel. While Lucius Fox shows Gordon the toxicology reports on the case of the victim, Bullock informs them that the woman refused to press charges against Symon, seemingly being paid off, and a judge ordered his release.Mario talks with Gordon in private and he confronts him that he preferred to save Lee rather than Valerie in the tea party. James also overheard Oracle's convictions about him and he swears to his father that he has never killed anybody. There, Gordon tries to convince him not to continue with killing Malone. In exchange for keeping Miriam's whereabouts secret, Jim demands Arnold Flass be tried fairly, Loeb's dirt on all of the GCPD officers sent to Dent, though he is only given Bullock's file, and for Loeb to support him as president of the policeman's union. Mais le lieutenant Gordon s'étant attaqué au Détective Flass, un policier corrompu, et à la famille Maroni, James Jr est enlevé alors qu'il n'a que 22 jours. Professor Pyg | Dick finally realizes that the Joker was able to escape simply because someone needed him to be the scapegoat for the attack on Barbara Gordon and they were counting on Commissioner Gordon to retaliate by ending the Joker once and for all. Freeze: SubZero: Mr. Cobblepot breaks free, knocks out Nygma and escapes in the police cruiser with him in the backseat. Barnes finally corners Gordon on a warehouse when the GCPD arrives, who is now certain that Barnes killed Symon and the other criminals. When Gordon arrives, Bullock informs him that the aviary cages are all automated from the control room and there is some troubling video footage from the security cameras that he needs to see. After that, Jerome was summoned into the room, with Gordon then revealing that Cicero was Jerome's biological father, and accused Jerome of being the real murderer. He joins Falcone at a table, also accompanied by Sofia, Falcone's only daughter. Despite Sugar claiming that he did not commit the crime, Barnes kills him with his gun and then proposes to Gordon that they work together to clean Gotham from the criminals. In the GCPD, Gordon interrogates the cultist and finds that Jerome's cryrogenic pod was stolen and discovers that they're planning to resurrect him. He runs into Leslie Thompkins who was being offered her previous job by Nathaniel Barnes. While trying to escape with Mayor James, Gordon encountered Richard Gladwell, and the two engaged each other in combat with Gladwell gaining the upper hand. He is the son of Commissioner James Gordon and the older brother of Barbara Gordon (also known as Batgirl, and later Oracle). Arkham Knight | Soon after, Gordon regretfully informs Selina about the death of Bridgit, and although he tried to help her, she didn't want to go quietly. After being promoted to captain at the GCPD, Gordon began to wear a brown trenchcoat on several occasions. At the GCPD, with the help of the witness, Gordon and Bullock manage to find Clyde Destro, however, instead of arresting him they let him go in order to follow him and track down the rest of the Red Hood Gang.


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