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That's on their own terms. Molly is passionate about social issues, fashion, and anything involving pop culture. Chrissy Teigen Inactive On Social Media Since Losing Her Baby. For those who don't know, Taylor Swift hides Easter eggs in songs about their source of inspiration for every album. She seemed to call out "betty" specifically with the line "an [sic] seventeen-year-old standing on a porch, learning how to apologize.". There has been lots of speculation that Swift and Karlie Kloss are secretly dating, and this song could confirm it? Best Celeb Halloween Costumes Through the Years, Cristina Cuomo Is Immune to Your Criticism. ", Craig Melvin quipped back, "She'll be known as anonymous." the last great american dynasty taylor swift folklore gaylor swift gaylor kaylor karlie kloss betty illicit affairs tswift tswiftmeme tswizzle candy swift swiftie swifties folklore era folk songs folk tales folk folk music wlw sapphic lgbt lgbtq gay lesbians memes lesbian memes gay memes cottage lesbian cottage lesbians. "To be an ally is to understand the difference between advocating and baiting. Karlie’s middle name is Elizabeth, which can be shortened to Betty, thus explaining why fans think Betty is a pseudonym for Karlie Kloss. SHE IS LITERALLY A LYRICAL GENIUS. Fans note the parallels in the lyrics of "cardigan," "betty," and "august," including their imagery. She has a BA in Professional Writing from Michigan State University. Blake and Ryan’s daughters, as if you didn’t guess already, are named James and Inez. Thanks To Her Workout Routine, One fan wrote, "Can I call you 'betty', right?" Fans noticed a wig she wore in the "You Need to Calm Down" video had the colors of the bisexual flag (and you know Swift loves an Easter egg). I Was In NXIVM For 7 Years. The three songs "betty," "cardigan," and "august" tell that story, each sung from different perspectives (the boy James, his girlfriend Betty, and the girl he cheated with) at different times. Every item on this page was chosen by an ELLE editor. Although Swift has been quoted saying she had fun writing from the perspective of a different person, fans aren't convinced. Swift, in her album note, said that lines between fact and fiction are intentionally unclear. Lively and Reynolds secretly welcomed their third daughter last summer. Betty is the fourteenth song on Taylor Swift’s eighth studio album, “Folklore.” Here’s the song meaning, as well as lyrics and any hidden Easter eggs. Here’s another interesting theory about the lyrics in “Betty.”. This isn't the first time Swift's music sparked fan theories she may be bisexual. But then, Swift referred to herself as an ally of the LGBTQA+ community. "The Teenage Love Triangle""august" is Betty point of view, "betty" is James point of view and "Cardigan" telling how James cheated on Betty. It can help fans who belong to the LGBTQ+ to feel included in the narrative. Her girlfriend, these theories posit, is none other than supermodel Karlie Kloss, who fans now think many "Folklore" songs, including "Betty," are about. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. The song is told from a male perspective about a teenage boy attempting to apologize to Betty, whom he cheated on with someone else. maybe? @brynnavery04 @SierraDeaver. For years, rumors that Kloss and Swift were more than friends ran rampant through Taylor's fanbase; however, those rumors were never confirmed by either Taylor or Karlie. This content is imported from Twitter. Follow her on Instagram and keep up with her zingers on Twitter. Reynolds replied, "Yeah, exactly.". One theory is that Kloss invited friends over to Taylor’s Tribeca home — which reportedly had a “special room” for Kloss “complete with all her favorite snacks” — without Taylor’s permission, and Taylor iced her out after they got into a spat about it.


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