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She flips Bradley up in the air with her head and he lands with his head in between a pitchfork. MurderChild abuse Khum. Skalk flees from his grip, but Phango said that he scavenge so low on the food chain so he couldn’t possibly see his power. As Khumba journeys onwards, Seko becomes withdrawn and is remorseful that he has let his herd down. In his reckless, desperate attempts to catch the elusive zebra, he knocks over several columns, causing the cave to begin to collapse. Then, Khumba leaves the confines of his home knowing that he cannot survive in the herd where it is viewed as only "half-a-zebra". Khumba, Mama V, and Bradley encountered rock rabbits who worshiped The Black Eagle. The International distribution rights are being licensed by Cinema Management Group. needed to know about Phango. Happy, determined, dicouraged, outcasted, kind, caring, smart, social, nice, Scrawny zebra with brown eyes, a black muzzle, stripes on his front half, but is white on his back half, with faded light brown half stripes, Seko (father), Lungisa (mother, deceased), Danger, being picked on, his mother's death, Phango, He is playing games and the other zebras now accept him for who he is along with his friends. He hunted one of the Gemsboks and saw Khumba who is trying to close the fence. Bradley tapped on some rocks and they picked him up, took him away, and flung him into branches so Khumba just moved on.The Black Eagle who is actually white attacked him agressively not used to visitors. "If it doesn't rain soon, you'll have to let them out.". Phango is also superstitious and believes by myth a half-striped zebra would make him the most powerful hunter who ever lived and would make him "complete". They end up at a random watering hole at Ying's Animal Sanctuary., Phango is the second villain by Triggerfish Animation Studios, the first is. Feature films The Meerkat Family begged them to stay but Mama V said they had to go on. Terrified, the wild dog reveals information about the half-striped zebra Khumba. Khumba uses this moment of distraction to escape for a few moments before the leopard drags him back into the water and pins the zebra’s body to a rock. He's a young zebra born with only half his stripes on the top half of his body like a quagga. The Zebra Clan freaked out when they found out that Phango was near the opened gate, but was unable to enter before it was closed again and more branches were added and then taunted the Zebra's. Phango is completely sadistic, cunning, cruel, violent, vindictive, ruthless, predatory, aggressive, and treacherous, so he shows no mercy and remorse for the other animals. The rabbit told them to go to The Black Eagle. [4] The film is about Khumba, a zebra who is half-striped like a quagga and blamed for the lack of rain by the rest of his insular, abusive, superstitious herd, except his dad, mom and Tombi. Phango told Khumba that it was foretold that a half striped zebra would be born and would make him the most powerful leopard that ever lived. Khumba is a young male zebra who was born with only half of his stripes akin to an quagga. Relatives It cracks the walls of the cave open, causing a waterfall to emerge and a watering hole to form at the base of the mountain. Phango attempts again to attack the zebra, and Khumba flinches and lets go, sending Phango falling to his death, crushed beneath the flat rock. Phango paws Skalk down and forces him to tell him where the zebra's going, so Skalk did. The zebras were disgraced that Khumba had allowed them to enter and the Gemsbok Elder gave up. His left eye, however, is yellow. It was the second movie made by Triggerfish Animation Studios[3] and is distributed by Millennium Entertainment in the US. He is rescued by the Gemsbok elder. Outside the fortress, a large leopard, Phango, was attacking the Gemsboks and attemted to come into the gates. The pursuit takes him through Ying's Animal Sanctuary after all the animals there have left, where he encounters and deliberately ignores a terrified pangolin. He was thrown in the magical water pond in the clan's lair. Mama V and Bradley realize he's heading towards Phango's cave. He rose back up and killed his entire clan in revenge. Phango is the main antagonist in Khumba. Phango The African Wild Dogs sprang up ready to attack the zebra and the three when Skalk explained to them tthat he is the ticket to their water supply. Phango manages to drag Khumba into the water. Phango is first seen smelling the scent of the trails. In his reckless, desperate attempts to catch the elusive zebra, he knocks over several columns, causing the cave to begin to collapse. An old, demented, psychotic sheep , wearing her dead husband's skull and horns saw them through the barn window as intruders, busted out the door, and came charging at them. His mother tells him she named him Khumba means skin and because of a story of original zebras who were born without stripes. When he became a ferocious and intimidating hunter, he killed his own clan as revenge, but also to kill Khumba for himself. Khumba is a very determined zebra. He is playing games and the other zebras now accept him for who he is along with his friends The 2 then met up with a quirky duo of a motherly wildebeest Mama V , and an eccentric paranoid ostrich Bradley  when skalk bumped into Mama V's butt. Mama V, Khumba, and Bradley had a bonfire at night. To gain his stripes Thought they don't listen and proceeded to attack him. Voice Khumba ventures beyond the fence and encounters an opportunistic African wild dog named Skalk (Steve Buscemi) who nearly leads him to his doom when Skalk's pack try to eat him.


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