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I miss him! From what I have read I might ask the question if you have a dam close by? One for sorrow, two for joy… this makes me think that solitary magpies are lonely and only become happy when they’re in a pair. I commend you for looking after our feathered friends and these birds are very adaptable and seem to be able to cope with any 'handicap' thrown at them. We started out earning their trust by putting out small tidbits of minced meat for them to eat. Will birds Visit a Garden with A Dog or Cat. If you are lucky they may also be Fairy Wrens and if you are very lucky you may get some Superb Fairy Wrens ! I believe it is because the Currawongs will steal the eggs of the other birds and given half the chance will even eat the babies ? Most Magpie species are monogamous, and pairs continue to breed every year for life. 2) They may well be busy building a nest ? I read what you wrote but didn't read all the comments yet. Can stroke his breast and his feet. They sure are great birds aren't they ? I can't recall them ever staying away like this over the last 7 years. Do Magpies mate for life? Enjoy your long weekend (labour day Monday). Should i do anything. These birds are quite territorial and usually stay in a family group. They are large domed affairs, often with 2 entrances. Inside is neater as the birds provide a soft inner lining made from roots, plant fibres and hair. My guess is that their senses are more 'heightened' than those of we humans? So chin up and maybe in the morning they will be there to wake you up with their beautiful Magpie Warble :). when do the baby cries stop ? I am very keen on watching the birds and I got my family to help make a website where I can share some of my hints, tips and tricks and share valuable information. Oliversmum and myself have been up in Merimbula doing some Whale watching and what an experience that is !!! They become reliant on getting the feed and loose the 'knowledge' to forage for their own tucker. Not sure if its male or female, but I call it Harry. Is it possible that this was a conspiracy between father and daughter so they could begin a relationship together? It is a bit like a 20 something son living at home, there will soon be a challenge to 'who is the alpha male' lol However I think the Magpies have a more 'civilised' way of sorting out their differences :). Peter (author) from Australia on November 28, 2014: @Tassie Girl it is reassuring to know that your neighbors are not the kind of people to stop Magpies from coming around. Peter (author) from Australia on November 06, 2014: @missmypinetree. Your email address will not be published. I have yet to see a Magpie lose a fight with another bird , they even chase the much bigger Eagles and Pelicans away from their territory ! I believe most of the people who live nearby know that these are my maggies as I am sure they hear me calling them each morning and if they looked closely they would see them fly down to me. Now hops straight up on to my knee and feeds from my hand. That good old Bumpy Leg is doing really well and seems to be quite the Matriarch. Incubation rates vary by species as well, though most species incubate their eggs for about three or four weeks before they hatch. I'm sure all of the other Magpie Nutters would love to keep hearing updates ? Occasionally seen a lone female swoop straight through the backyard; if it's Mrs Magpie that seems a little unusual as she and hubby usually hang out together. However the 3 main adult magpies have always missed the cars, we call them mum, dad and beakie ( beakie is the granddad, he has grey feathers around the tops of his legs and has a limp when walking and has a cracked beak. Next, one of the magpies flew off, brought back some grass and laid it by the corpse. The female initiates the pair bond by begging for food from the male, which begins courtship feeding. we have a lovely family of magpies who visit everyday. In my area these birds are enemies as the Crows/Ravens steal from the nests of all other birds,eggs and new born chicks. Robbie Anne has sent in some of her photos with her cat Taeko and the Magpies see above in the main body. Next we had to wait until Mum and Dad were distracted and then just pick up the bird and put it in the carton. They are very territorial and will fight with other Magpies to keep there neck of the woods. Well, still no Maggies but I am now a mum to three very very young Sun Conures. Last season was not a good season for baby magpies here either, from memory there was a lot of Kurrawongs around and they just love to steal the eggs from nests and attack the very young babies :(, Oh we should feel sorry for the Blues shouldn't we ? My concern is that Magpies actually 'walk' like humans (one foot after the other) and do not hop! If you do decide to feed birds never put out so much that they become dependent upon you and lose their natural ability to gather their own food. Do the parent birds kick the kids out of the territory when it is time for a new batch? Thanks again for the visit and lets know how your young Magpie is getting on? The Vet and I had quite a discussion about the best cause of action and he even called the Wild Life authorities to get their suggestions ! We have to consider "are we saving them for their benefit or for our own enjoyment" ? I have a new family at present Mum, Dad, older baby and a newer baby, still being fed. They would collect the food from us and then go and shove it down the fledgling throat. It took me a while to get my head around the fact that the Magpie was allowing your young son to do the things he did. Still hoping to lure my maggies. In my experience I have found that the Male Magpie is the one that is 'banished' from the flock as, very similar to us humans, having two Alpha males in the household is not good for the harmony of the family ! We don't have a dam but there is a trickling creek behind us that only ever trickles as we are very very high up the hills. i'm sure they would be if they could be but they can't be around here .. they're in a rented property over the road but they have dogs :( and of course there's the odd stray cat .. bumpy leg has raised her babies high in the tree tops and this year they've made it ..yayyy. I will wait for him to come back, in the meantime I will care for my two feathery companions, and the rest of my bird family. This is a part of their eating habits, and has been studied in pet/domesticated magpies. lol. Now that you know that magpies mate for life, you might wonder what happens if one bird suddenly dies, leaving the other alone? ? The only thing that still baffles me is what happened to our original pair? Can you tell me why Magpies lay flat out in the garden, "playing dead"? To some degree, this is true, magpies are thought to have earned their bad reputation in part due to their willingness to attack when they’re alone. We have been feeding a family of Maggies for about a year now. I have my own family of maggies (well I call them mine). Magpies Mate for Life Rachello344. The tiny birds may be finches ! On top of this apparent ease of partner replacement, magpies partake in extra-pair copulations—that is, they have sex with other magpies even when their main partner is alive and well. Anyway, I have caught up on everyone stories and they are fantastic. The reptiles range from a python under the house, two tree snakes, four water dragons and a huge monitor lizard, its a little bigger than the average goanna as well... not sure what time of lizard it is but it is huge.... the myna birds go crazy whenever they see one of these. The advise from the 'Professionals' was that the parents would not tend to the young Magpie (survival of the species ) and it would more than likely be ostracised from the family and be left to end it's life in a very unsatisfactory manner.


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