linden folklore
New York: Hippocrene Books, Inc., 1998, 139-142.). Rings of lindens often were the tree of choice in courtyards, markets, cemetaries, and pilgrimage chapels devoted to the Virgin Mary, and the bees, the Linden blossoms attracted, provided beeswax candles to illuminate the church. It was believed to protect the property from an unwanted evil coming in, to grant a safe travel and a safe comeback, to lead the guests in without any dangers, and to ensure a peaceful life. Consequently, Germans often met under Linden trees not only to dance and celebrate, but also to hold their judicial proceedings.” Consequently it makes a wonderful tree to get married beneath at Midsummer. For this reason Lithuanian women prayed and gave sacrifices under lime-trees asking for luck and fertility. Lipa gave name to the traditional Slavic name for the month of June (Croatian, lipanj) or July (Polish, lipiec, Ukrainian "lypen'/липень" - july). Soon so many came to this tree, that the Teutonic Knights built a shrine to the arbor in 1320. The linden tree was loved by all Polish people and it stands for family, faith, and the good life. [2] The Croatian currency, kuna, consists of 100 lipa (Tilia). Though in Hesperides Garden none of the apples I bear, In old Slavic mythology, the linden (lipa, as called in all Slavic languages) was considered a sacred tree. They treated lime-trees with respect and talked with them as if they were human beings. Would you like to write for us? In Britain and Ireland they are commonly called lime trees, or lime bushes, although they are not closely related to the tree that produces the lime fruit. To read more, please check my ‘about’ page. Many of the oldest pieces of the Polish poetry tell about the linden, such as the verses ‘On the Linden Tree’ by 16th-century poet Jan Kochanowski who had a habit of writing his poems sitting under a linden tree in his gardens: Traveller, come! Most of us take delight in studying various types of trees. <>/OutputIntents[<>] /Metadata 464 0 R>> Wisent (European wood bison) and aurochs (extinct wild ox), Rękawka, a Slavic spring festival in Kraków, Linden Tree. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. ( Log Out /  Many wayside shrines were placed under linden trees for this reason. In German folklore, the linden tree is the "tree of lovers." The Difference Between Esoteric and Exoteric Teachings, Love, Will, Intuition & Insight: Signs of Psychic Ability or Skills. Two hundred years later, the knights razed the Catholic chapel due to a religious reversal and slowed the believers down, by installing threatening gallows, complete with bodies, around these trees. I am interested in the Jewish Wooden Figurines curved by Polish carvers and used as good luck amulets.


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