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Bibliography Information handsome, fair. Such is the love of a mother for her child, which manifests itself toward an infant, before any particular qualities in the child are unfolded. Love between the sexes, is a compound affection, consisting of esteem, benevolence, and animal desire. The Letters of John make explicit statements about the ethical implications of love. 2. Answer: Love can be a challenge to define at the level of how a person experiences it. They are communicated through four Greek words (Eros, Storge, Philia, and Agape) and are characterized by romantic love, family love, brotherly love, and God's divine love. Many examples of family love are found in Scripture, such as the mutual protection among Noah and his wife, the love of Jacob for his sons, and the strong love the sisters Martha and Mary had for their brother Lazarus. ... HOW LOVELY GOD IS. The narrative makes plain that what happens at the end is what happens here and now. Lovely. The father of Ahinadab, who was one of Solomon's purveyors (1 Kings 4:14). (WEB). They are communicated through four Greek words (Eros, Storge, Philia, and Agape) and are characterized by romantic love, family love, brotherly love, and God's divine love. Lovely to a poet or an artist's eye is the unevenly-built and picturesque square of? ... "What made the tabernacle of Moses lovely was not the outside, which was very mean, but what was within" (John Gill). Loving only those who love you is, according to Jesus, no better than those who are not His disciples. And he was ruddy, and besides of a lovely countenance and beautiful appearance. Love and Judgment The judgment account in Matthew 25:31-46 illuminates and is illuminated by the New Testament teachings on love. 1st John 5:7: The best proof of the Trinity you might not have read! Just before the parable of the Good Samaritan, a lawyer quoted the two commands to love and then asked Jesus: “And who is my neighbor?” (Luke 10:29 ) Jesus gave the story of the Samaritan who took care of the man who fell among robbers to illustrate the selfless love which is to be characteristic of citizens of the Kingdom. It is a relationship of self-giving which results from God's activity in Christ. Paul warned young believers against succumbing to immorality: "So I say to those who aren’t married and to widows—it’s better to stay unmarried, just as I am. We love our parents and our children, on account of their connection with us, and on account of many qualities which please us. Four unique forms of love are found in Scripture. The key passage is Jesus' new commandment in John 13:34-35 (sec also John 14:15 ,John 14:15,14:21 ,John 14:21,14:23-24 ; John 15:9 ,John 15:9,15:12 ,John 15:12,15:17 ). Finally, 1 Corinthians 13:8-13 contrasts love with preaching and knowledge, on the one hand, and faith and hope, on the other. Christian love is not simply an emotion which arises because of the character of the one loved. This passage indicates the relationship of the Father's love to the work of Christ and of both to the life of believers. (a.) Your temples are like a piece of a pomegranate behind your veil. In a manner to please, or to excite love. The Christian is to increase and abound in love (1 Thessalonians 3:12 ). <. |, Lovely: Dictionary and Thesaurus | Love as self-giving appears in the significant commandment that Israelites love the stranger. Altogether Lovely. 2 John 1:5-6 is addressed to the church, and they are explicitly reminded of the command from Jesus to love one another. See Sermon on the Mount . Holman Bible Dictionary. Song of Songs 1:5 I am dark, butlovely, you daughters of Jerusalem, like Kedar's tents, like Solomon's curtains. How lovely are your dwellings, Yahweh of Armies! |, Who was Hadassah in the Bible? This form of love is everlasting and sacrificial, whether or not the giver receives the same level of love in return. (See RSV), Song of Songs 2:14My dove in the clefts of the rock, In the hiding places of the mountainside, Let me see your face. Includes tens of thousands of topical, encyclopedic, dictionary, and commentary entries all linked to verses, fully searchable by topic or verse reference. 1. (WEB NAS NIV), Song of Songs 4:3Your lips are like scarlet thread. "20" will set displaying max to 20 per page, "All Bible", "Old Testament", "New Testament". 5273, 5273a. Free of love, a plant of the genus Cercis. (See RSV NIV), 1 Samuel 16:12And he sent and brought him in. Question: "What is love? A Gershonite Levite. (See NIV), Esther 2:7He brought up Hadassah, that is, Esther, his uncle's daughter; for she had neither father nor mother. Matt.10:16. <. In 2 Samuel 1:23 it is the translation of 'ahebh, "to be loved" ("Saul and Jonathan were lovely and pleasant (the King James Version margin "sweet") in their lives"), where it seems to mean "loving" or "lovable." We'll send you an email with steps on how to reset your password. Lovely definition is - delightful for beauty, harmony, or grace : attractive. ... What is Meant by "Altogether Lovely". (1.) John 3. Patriotism; the attachment one has to his native land; as the love of country. naim -- pleasant, delightful... Word Origin from naem Definition pleasant, delightful NASB Word Usage compliments* (1), lovely (1), pleasant (7), pleasures (2). To have benevolence or good will for. (DBY), 2 Samuel 1:23Saul and Jonathan were lovely and pleasant in their lives. Transliteration: naveh Phonetic Spelling: (naw-veh') Short Definition: lovely. In 2,3John this command to love is repeated in direct and indirect ways. Transliteration: naah Phonetic Spelling: (naw-aw') Short Definition: lovely. Love is not selfish, irritable, or resentful. (adv.) In such love, God's eternal purposes are being experienced and carried out by his people ( Matthew 25:34-36 ). Let us consider this excellent expression, and particularly ... /.../flavel/christ altogether lovely/what is meant by altogether.htm, He is "Altogether Lovely" Christ Altogether Lovely. Would you do this to the Bible? Article Images Copyright © 2020 Getty Images unless otherwise indicated. This Greek word describes family love, the affectionate bond that develops naturally between parents and children, and brothers and sisters. to be comely or befitting. What is commanded is not an emotion; it is the disciplined will to seek the welfare of others. He is "Altogether Lovely". Instead of using a word for love already filled with meaning, Paul took the seldom-used term and filled it with Christian meaning. We love to retire to a cool shade in summer. "Entry for 'LOVELY'". It is a way of living expected of those who are citizens of the Kingdom. LOVELY - luv'-li ('ahabh, 'ahebh; prosphiles): "Lovely" occurs only 4 times. In 2 Samuel 1:23 it is the translation of 'ahebh, "to be loved" ("Saul and Jonathan were lovely and pleasant (the King James Version margin "sweet") in their lives"), where it seems to mean "loving" or "lovable." "fish bread" will search for verses that contains fish OR bread in minumum 1 bible version. In the Teachings of Jesus In Jesus' teachings in Matthew, Mark, and Luke, the Shema of Deuteronomy (the command to love God) is united with Leviticus 19:8 (“Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself”) ( Matthew 22:34-40 ; Mark 12:28-34 ; Luke 10:25-28 ). <. .../i/iddo.htm - 14k, Loveliness (1 Occurrence)... Noah Webster's Dictionary (n.) The state or quality of being lovely. O 'tis a lovely thing to see. Multi-Version Concordance Loveliness (1 Occurrence). The sense is probably to be prompt, free, willing, from leaning, advancing, or drawing forward. ... /.../spurgeon/spurgeons sermons volume 17 1871/altogether lovely.htm, Lovely to a Poet or an Artist's Eye is the Unevenly-Built and ... ... II. 5691 . (WEB KJV JPS ASV WBS RSV), Esther 1:11to bring Vashti the queen before the king with the royal crown, to show the people and the princes her beauty; for she was beautiful. On an instrument of Gath. Timely (1 Chronicles 6:21). Love bears, believes, hopes, and endures all things. 3 John 1:5-6 speaks of the love of the “Beloved Gaius” in terms of giving service to Christian brothers. Peter replied three times that he did, but the word he used was phileo or brotherly love (John 21:15–19). Proud member In 2 Sam 1:23 it is the translation of 'ahebh, "to be loved" ("Saul and Jonathan were lovely and pleasant (the King James Version margin "sweet") in their lives"), where it seems to mean "loving" or "lovable."


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