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The rest of his body was never found. It shook my belief in a rational universe and set me off on a learning curve which is still ongoing. He was never seen alive again. [2] The husband's body was found several weeks later, when his torso was discovered on October 23 in a plastic container on the outskirts of Phoenix. As a complete non-believer, a BBC TV documentary producer with a philosophy degree and a scientific bent, I was the least likely convert imaginable. [3] [2] [4] On October 1, 2009, Marjorie Orbin was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of … [1] Jay Orbin was a jewelry dealer. When I gave up my television career to become a full time astrologer, what was intriguing were the number of people coming for consultations with a genuine interest in astrology, who were embarrassed to admit it publicly. Marjorie Orbin's case was featured in an episode of Deadly Women, an episode of the CBS newsmagazine 48 Hours and in the investigation series Scorned: Love Kills. HI… I’m Marjorie Orr, a Celtic Virgo – an odd mix of mystic and hugely practical. (Coming soon) In the autumn, you will also be able to get the astrology of your significant relationship. You can read your daily horoscope, which is fun and based on sound astrology, but by its nature fairly general. Marjorie Orr 2020 - Astrological Charts, Astrology Online Natal Chart | Traditional (Whole Sign) | Sidereal | Draconic | Asteroids Current Transits | Secondary Progressions | Solar Return 2020 Marjorie Orr tends to be quite adaptable, and she finds it easy to fit into most social set ups and vocational fields. More people believe in the influence of the stars than in any of the world’s four main religions, yet few feel confident enough to say so. After the Middle Ages this name was rare, but it was revived at the end of the 19th century. Marjorie Ann Orbin (born October 29, 1961) is an American woman who murdered her ex-husband Jay Orbin in Phoenix, Arizona, on or about September 8, 2004, which would have been his 45th birthday. So along the way I did a Jungian psychotherapy training to extend my understanding of how individuals relate not just to others but also to themselves. The Investigation Discovery show, Betrayed highlighted Jay Orbin's disappearance and subsequent death in the episode entitled "Life and Limb" on October 19th, 2016. [1] When Jay Orbin returned home from a business trip, investigators believe his wife shot and killed him, then dismembered his body with jigsaw blades in an attempt to keep the affairs a secret and inherit Jay's money. [6] A book titled Dancing with Death by author and journalist Shanna Hogan was released about the case in May 2011. My fervent wish over the years has been to overcome that credibility gap – and help even the sceptics grasp that astrology is a highly useful tool, providing information on personality and life events, not easily available elsewhere. Marjorie was convicted of the murder in 2009 after a trial lasting eight months. [7] Police said he arrived at his home on September 8, based on cell phone and credit-card records. I’d like to tell you something about my passion for the stars. [1] According to officials, she had been having affairs with several men. I'd like to tell you something about my passion for the stars. I do hope that in there is something for everyone from the light hearted to the informative, highlighting global issues and revealing to you personally what in-depth astrology can tell you about your life’s path. [1], Marjorie was convicted of the murder in 2009 after a trial lasting eight months.[3][2][4]. (See Astrology FAQ) . Thanks to the wizardry of the new technology, you can now also find out about your very own, highly individual birth chart and your prospects for the year ahead – instantly. Arizona State Prison Complex - Perryville, "Woman charged in husband's murder on his 45th birthday", "Woman guilty in '04 slaying of husband in Phoenix", "Marjorie Orbin sentenced for murdering art dealer ex-husband", Inmate profile with Arizona Department of Corrections,, Prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment by Arizona, American prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 26 May 2020, at 03:13. The fact that science cannot explain astrology is not a good enough reason for saying it does not exist. Astrology was a complete revelation for me more than 20 years ago when I first had my birth chart read. In September 2004 he returned home to Phoenix from a road trip to Florida. From the time, date and place of birth, the astrologer tell me in detail about my talents, temperament, strengths and challenges, and life’s pattern.


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