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[2], Janet Maslin of The New York Times wrote, "Mr. Simon's original screenplay is fast and buoyant, and Herbert Ross's direction shows off the abundant jokes to their best possible advantage. Required fields are marked *, Disclaimer: Affiliate links are contained in this post. Mason, to her credit, manages to keep her whiny, please-love-me stereotypical movie persona in check; she's almost believable here. DVD Synopsis and information: Nora McPhee, played by Oscar nominee Marsha Mason, is a widowed English teacher in High School who is living in a home that in disrepair and a car in similar condition. $9.99. In Max Dugan Returns, Nora is a single mother who lives with her son Michael in a small house in Los Angeles. Maybe if Nora can keep Max's real identity secret from Broderick and a flirtatious and somewhat suspicious cop, played by Donald Sutherland, will her smooth chatting con man dad find a way to change their luck that he never had. One rainy night, Nora’s estranged father, Max, pays her a visit out of the blue; he left her and her mother when Nora was nine years old. While they don’t have much money, they do have each other. Other actors might have had fun with the part; Robards may have realized that there would be enough jokes happening around him that he didn't need to be silly. Both Matthew Broderick and Kiefer Sutherland (cameo) are featuring in their first film appearance. Subscribe today to become a member of the MHM Secret Circle. 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Siskel, Gene (March 28, 1983). "Max Dugan Returns" is a sweet little movie that evokes, in its shallow wholesomeness, a world that has pretty well disappeared from TV and the movies. Herbert Ross directed the Neil Simon film starring Jason Robards, Marsha Mason, and Donald Sutherland. Nora and her (possible) father keep his identity a secret from Michael and Brian, with Dugan telling Michael that he knew "Max" in prison – then tells Nora the same, further obfuscating what she can believe. Max Dugan, the long-lost father of Nora McPhee, appears at her door one night. In Max Dugan Returns, Nora is a single mother who lives with her son Michael in a small house in Los Angeles.While they don’t have much money, they do have each other. There are certainly some questionable ingredients to the story, but you're not likely to notice them while the film is under way. She hasn't seen her father, Max Dugan, since she was nine years old. Your email address will not be published. "'Max Dugan Returns': Robards an island of sanity in a sea of Simon silliness". Max Dugan Returns marks the first of only three times (as of 2018) that Donald Sutherland and his son Kiefer have appeared together in a dramatic film project, the others being A Time to Kill and Forsaken, in the latter of which they both starred in the leads. Nora McPhee, played by Oscar nominee Marsha Mason, is a widowed English teacher in High School who is living in a home that in disrepair and a car in similar condition. This means when you click a link, and purchase an item, Movie House Memories will receive an affiliate commission. Read the full summary, and listen to our film review. Oscar and Felix: A New Look at the Odd Couple,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 10 September 2020, at 04:43. But in this version only Robards has that old style panache to carry it off. Advertisers and Affiliate Partnerships do not influence our content. Having created living and breathing comic characters, he starts to suffocate them inside an increasingly mechanized plot. He tells her that he is dying within the year, and wants to give Nora and her 15-year-old son, Michael, the $687,000 ($1.8 million today) he managed to embezzle from a Las Vegas casino after they appropriated his property, worth that same amount. Max is seen driving away, apparently headed for Brazil. This is compounded by busybody neighbor Mrs. Litke, who keeps reporting things to the police. This would be the last of seven Neil Simon-based films to be directed by Herbert Ross, as well as the last of his films starring Mason (Simon's wife at the time). "[3], Variety described the film as "a consistently happy comedic fable which should please romanticists drawn again to another teaming of Neil Simon, Marsha Mason and Herbert Ross. "Take the Money and Decorate". ‘Max Dugan Returns’ Movie Synopsis. Max carries with him a suitcase full of money, and begins to shower Nora and Michael with gifts before he dies of heart failure. See our, Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker, 11 new Her son, played wonderfully by Matthew Broderick,s is started down a road of trouble as well. 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Former professional baseball player Charley Lau appears as himself having been hired by Robards' character Dugan to coach Broderick's Michael to hit better for his high school team. as a teacher. In addition, Kiefer Sutherland – in his first ever credited role (like Broderick) – appears briefly as Bill, Mike's school friend. Max keeps buying extravagant cars, appliances, and renovations for Nora and Michael, making it harder for Nora to hide the truth from an increasingly suspicious Brian. Donald Sutherland also appears in the film as Mason's love interest, and more than his performance we notice simply that writer Simon has cared enough about the script to include Sutherland's character as a tension source. And the film's ending is so predictable that you will be putting on your coat at least two or three minutes before the end credits start to roll. But Simon overplays his hand. Nora meets police detective Brian Costello when her car is stolen and they soon start dating. The real-life father of Matthew Broderick (whose birthname is James Joseph Broderick), noted character actor James Broderick, died (November 1, 1982) around the time of the making of this film. He has figured out who Max is, and that he is dying, and warns her that she could face prison time unless she turns Max in. "Film: 'Dugan Returns'". I'm thinking of that lost American paradise inhabited by Blondie and Dagwood, Ozzie and Harriet and the Beaver -- a world where the family gets together for a cute-talk confab in the breakfast nook. Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave the film 2.5 stars out of 4, calling it "watchable and sort of sweet. Max Dugan Returns DVD 1983 For Sale Matthew Broderick Marsha Mason. You're likely to be laughing. On a quite rainy evening Nora's dad, played amazingly by Jason Robards, arrives at her home after having been gone for years. At the time of the movie, Lau was the hitting coach for the Chicago White Sox.


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