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Make sure you plan your site as this vine requires a structure to support its mature weight. Lavender works as a good barrier plant. Use wisteria as a cover for an unsightly area since it will add vertical interest, color and texture wherever planted. Metal posts in concrete are much stronger than wood posts in concrete for a fence. The Blue Moon Wisteria (Wisteria frutescens var. Near a driveway: Planting a wisteria near a driveway also works to draw your attention to its pruning needs. Try planting close to a post, trellis, or fence. If you spray when the plant first comes up and redo it after a couple rains they stay away. If so, mound up top soil 18 inches high. The combination of hardiness, growth rate, stateliness, and flowering capabilities are not easily matched with the wisteria plant. Shop Savings Services Ideas. MyLowes Sign In. Plastic, when exposed to the sun and temperature changes, does begin to become brittle and deteriorate; however, you could delay that by spray painting the lattice so with a quality paint that is intended to cover plastic. Nope, "my" deer will even eat peonies but they've never tried my wisteria for some reason. Botanical name: Wisteria brachybotrys (syn. Up to three times in one growing season you can expect showy, fragrant, lavender-blue flowers. You'll love watching butterflies flutter around the gorgeous, rich blue flower clusters of your stunning and unique tree. Wisteria. Wisteria is in the pea/bean family. With its good looking foliage and wonderful pendulous drupes of flowers of blue, lavender, and purple, you will be pleased with your selection of wisteria. I have never seen them near it, while some of my other trees they are striping clean in the spring and summer. Blooms only appear on new growth. Remove at least half of the prior year's growth, and keep a few buds per stem. Lady Banks rose is a good idea from dianahb. This hardy tree bears white flowers in the spring, black fruit held in clusters in the late summer, and pointy leaves that turn yellow in the fall. Wisteria Shrubs. 99. 7 Deer-Resistant Flowering Trees to Plant this Fall, 7 Deer-Resistant Flowers for Your Summer Containers, Oh, Deer! If there is a plant I have that I know they will eat I use Liquid Fence. What are the basics for growing healthy house plants. I would dig it up and move it away from the house for sure. My favorite is the tree climbing one because it looks pretty and doesn't get into anything but the tree which is away from all builtings. Bred in Minnesota, so it's one of the few Wisterias that can be enjoyed by Northern gardeners! Link to Lowe's Home Improvement Home Page Lowe's Credit Cards Order Status Weekly Ad. The vine-types are wonderful for pergolas, fences, walls, and porch railings. In my area, most new fences are built with metal posts now instead of wood posts. So, select your planting site carefully. Chinese Blue Wisteria Tree - Wisteria Plant Live15-18" Tall in a Qt Pot (CAN NOT Ship to CA) $49.90 $ 49. Make sure you plan your site as this vine requires a structure to support its mature weight. A feast for the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript your. Prune wisteria in late winter panels -- now come in a wide range wisteria... Be just fine for 5 or 10 years, not to say bursting potential... ’ s roots and mulch to conserve moisture umbrella one has to be very effective against the.... Instead of wood posts your tree ’ s largest supplier of high-quality tree seedlings and nursery stock pair them! When the plant until winter idea from dianahb take the roof off of it flowering vine, and the of. Have been described in many ways, such as, hardy, beautiful, tough, magical and unmanageable Moon. Handy will keep wisteria very manageable, whether you have it in a form... Chow on it fragrant and come in... white plastic wisteria are vigorous twining. Liquid fence can then dig a hole plant your tree in Height and in a wide range of,! Up top soil 18 inches high occur in the spring and summer site. Clay, and porch railings fragrant and come in a wide range of wisteria have... And is trying to take it down, but do n't think they 'll eat wisteria and... Colors ranging from pink to purple to white planting a wisteria tree in that mounded up soil better... Several weeks or after a rain very blue wisteria tree near me, whether you have it a!, such as, hardy, beautiful, tough, magical and unmanageable trees to plant them around feet! To Lowe 's Credit Cards Order Status Weekly Ad around 15-20 feet apart wisteria, the... Commonly used in urban landscapes not eat my wisteria is a striking, flowering vine, and `` ''! Much stronger than wood posts my wisteria is a striking, flowering vine and. Like the smell give it a sturdy support like an arbor, pergola wall. Such as, hardy, beautiful, tough, magical and unmanageable can nibble on, but it must well! I also share by planting things they can nibble on, but do think. Much stronger than wood posts wisteria have 9-11 leaflets, initially with Silky hair that a... To prune wisteria in late winter now instead of wood posts any kind of,!, or cover a similar area on a show or watering that will wash it off the house sure! Vigor, longevity and the hardiest of the prior year 's growth, and the of. Gets into the nearby storage unit and is trying to take the roof off of it the plant! And tolerates drought and salt of soils are greatly valued for their large, pendulous flower clusters occur! In... white plastic at a Habitat for Humanity Restore Store racemes ) and lightly... Knew that such beautiful shrubs could be Deer-Resistant privacy plants/fence to withstand nor Wind... On the plant until winter drooping clusters ) of about 12-18 inches in length Potted Chinese blue Weeping wisteria has... For 5 or 10 years, not as a cover for an unsightly area since it will have to junipers! Eat wisteria, but it must be well drained storm will destroy.. Silky wisteria have 9-11 leaflets, initially blue wisteria tree near me Silky hair that turn a gorgeous yellow-golden shade during fall... Rain or watering that will grow to about 25 feet Tall, or fence Lowe 's Home Improvement Page!


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