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The recent surge in COVID-19 cases in Prague and the rest of the Czech Republic has caught the attention of international media, and last night Prague Mayor Zdeněk Hřib discussed the current situation on BBC's Newshour with presenter Tim Franks. The number of overnight stays of guests from the Czech Republic decreased 66.7% and the number of overnight stays of guests from abroad decreased by 96.2%. This is based on the current assessment of COVID-19 risks. All rights, Vítkova 244/8, Praha 8, 186 00 Czech Republic. • Help you to discover.. your unique skills For full details, please consult the website of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as the relevant authority in any destination country. In total, approximately 57,000 guests accommodated in spas, of which 51,000 were Czechs. is a modern marketing organization funded by the City of Prague. More details are available here. “Unfortunately, current data from the Czech Statistical Office confirm the most pessimistic scenarios of the impact of the coronavirus crisis on tourism in Prague. The restrictions were reflected even much more in numbers of guests from abroad, only 4.3% of foreigners accommodated compared to the corresponding period of 2019,”. Note that the below information concerns the travel of Czech citizens and residents abroad and back to the Czech Republic, and not travel for citizens and residents of other countries into the Czech Republic. Bosnia and Herzegovina: Negative COVID-19 test required on arrival; negative COVID-19 test or quarantine also required on return to the Czech Republic. Transit through Canadian airports is also possible for those with a valid boarding pass. Consult the U.S. Embassy in Prague for further information. The number of guests in collective accommodation establishments decreased nationwide in all Czech regions. COVID-19 Information April 7, 2020 Czech Republic has 4,828 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 80 fatalities and 127 recovered persons. Croatia: No current restrictions. The coronavirus crisis had also an impact on spa accommodation establishments. IčO: 27572102. your unique skills In the period of April through June, five-star hotels in the Czech Republic saw a drop of 93.1% in the number of guests, the largest drop in any hotel category. Written by Jason Pirodsky *Australia: Entry is generally barred except for citizens, residents, and their family members; travel from Australia or New Zealand to the Czech Republic is possible without restriction. As the situation surrounding travel throughout Europe during continuing COVID-19 measures remains complicated, we’ve put together an updated overview of where residents of the Czech Republic can expect to be able to travel. Russia: General (tourist) travel from the Czech Republic is prohibited. Pensions did better, with a 72.4% drop compared to the same three months in 2019. Montenegro: Negative COVID-19 test or quarantine required upon return to the Czech Republic. In absolute numbers, it was a decrease by 11.5 million nights. The number of overnight stays of guests in collective accommodation establishments reached 2.6 million nights in total in the Q2 2020, which was 81.7% fewer compared to the corresponding period of the previous year. Compared to the corresponding period of the previous year, it was a decrease by 4.8 million guests.


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