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The bolter is a weapon that fires a blunt metallic heavy projectile that produces a high amount of force. Various models on tabletop visually run from .50 to bolter sized bullets to rounds that probably are larger than a heavy bolter’s hanging off a short chain. The Bolter also uses electromagnets to propel a projectile using rails. of the 8 are in the ‘Phobos’ style and 2 (Templar and Space Wolves) are in a ‘Wolf’ pattern found in some images on the net. Godwyn Pattern Bolter is the normal Bolter. Six(Black ….) The Heavy Bolter fires a larger caliber bolt (1.0 caliber, as opposed to the .75 caliber of other bolt weapons, iirc) than others, but is otherwise identical in its functions to other "heavy bolters", whether it's man-portable or affixed to a tank. They all hit the same anyway. It is designed to bypass most armour through brute force and to break a robot's chassis. A .998 caliber round sounds more like a Heavy Bolter round (1.00 caliber) So, who the fuck knows. What Caliber Is A Bolter Rifle And What Is The Best Caliber For Ar 15 Rifle See Price 2019Ads, Deals and Sales. Heavy Bolter: There are 8 different Heavy Bolters that can be found within the Commonwealth. The magazine holds seven bolts.


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