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however, the first thing I notice from all the downsides was its runtime is 2 hours long for a film that is about a make believe monster I was confused how will they make this run for that long. The following scenes offer some decent tension, as Nick finds what he thinks is the answer to the strange sounds the brothers have been hearing in the bush after the sun sets. It stars two HOME AND AWAY actors, Dan Ewing and Tim Pocock, who both deliver solid performances as two estranged brothers. Finding Your Roots With Henry Louis Gates Jr. J.R. 'Bob' Dobbs & The Church of the SubGenius, Fall TV First Look: Find Out What’s Coming, The Best Peacock Original Shows and Movies, All Upcoming Disney Movies: New Disney Live-Action, Animation, Pixar, Marvel, and More. CLICKETY CLICK FOR FULL REVIEW FROM KERNEL JORDAN ON SALTY POPCORN. Please reference “Error Code 2121” when contacting customer service. ", "Everyone ends up in the same damned place. Kernel Jordan reviews this one. I didn’t think this movie was half bad. The film starts at a slow pace, but it steadily gains momentum as we learn more about the story and the characters, some of which are quite three-dimensional. Do you love all types of movies? They won't be able to see your review if you only submit your rating. Cinemark Like an American Sasquatch or Barghest in the United Kingdom, the Bunyip could very well be a terrifying creature. Your Ticket Confirmation # is located under the header in your email that reads "Your Ticket Reservation Details". Simply put though, it’s a pretty cool folk-lore-filled creature feature. This little Aussie horror comedy was a whole lot of fun. and the Terms and Policies, Or is it real? The narrative especially gives way to some fairly original concepts about what the bunyip is up to. A new release Primal Rage (2018)was filled with hits and misses and old school There’s Something in the Pilliga (2014) is a found footage attempt which didn’t quite reach the heights it could have. Please sir, may I have another movie starring his fine ass? In fact, relationships that got built up by taking up a good chunk of time didn’t really make me barrack any harder for their survival. They always knew about the legends and the terrifying things that have happened in their quiet outback homestead. Audience Reviews for Red Billabong. It's going to send me off on a tangent rant though about Australian genre film, Not always related to this film but it's just something i want to rant about. He also enjoys writing about film, which is probably his biggest obsession (apart from writing). In the middle when the Bunyip is making more of a nuisance of itself, there is a genuine feeling of tension. Just confirm how you got your ticket. Upon finding out about the grandfather’s letter, Nick immediately wants to honour their grandfather’s wishes, which is to donate the land to the local Aboriginal tribe, suggesting a link between their grandfather and the tribe. The characters weren’t fleshed out enough to create strong enough connections with some. Overall this surprised me. [1] Billabongs are usually formed when the path of a creek or river changes, leaving the former branch with a dead end. Writer and Director: Luke Sparke. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I was expecting an average movie with some questionable acting, but this isn’t the case at all. RED BILLABONG is set in the Australian outback and incorporates Aboriginal Dreamland into the story. Are you ready…, Watchlist of movies that only you and your best friends might appreciate. Mighty Ape has a good deal for Blu-ray here. Fairly unique idea gets muddled down in an overly long script and unconvincing "traditional folklore" angle. It’s obvious that the crew who worked on this knew a lil’ somethin’ somethin.’. Or is it real? All Critics (3) When not writing for Salty Popcorn Jordan has his own website – he can be contacted via Slowly adding features, documentaries, short films and…. |. There's something about Horror films from this part of the world that just appeal to me on so many levels.…, Paul Anthony Nelson 217 films 27 5 Edit, A list of every Australian film made between 2010 to the present day. The soundtrack is very Australian and some of the cinematography is quite beautiful. All Rights Reserved © Vanessa Stewart Horror movies I've seen. This thing is huge and a couple of guys and a net just won’t do guys. This movie’s definitely a great example of a creative way to get more bang for your buck. For a movie with such visual pleasing and interesting idea, makes you wonder about their production values which by the looks of the film look decent enough yet Red Billabong somehow couldn’t grasp horror nor the thrilling of an adventure film. Film data from TMDb. Turns out that a so called mythical bunyip actually lives on the property and is looking for three wives, which are conveniently provided by one of the brother's drug dealer friends. The chemistry (or lack of it) is apt for the first act of the movie, but as it moves forward the two begin to rekindle their relationship despite many differences of opinion. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. This may grow into my creature feature collection, only time will tell. Takes forever to get going and ends up being nearly 2 hours because of it and the bunyip stuff is a bit silly. Donate the amount of a cup of coffee. Why the hell did this movie need to be 1 hour and 53 minutes long? Coming Soon. One star for unexpected use of Daryl Braithwaite's "The Horses". While a little predictable RED BILLABONG offers some suspense filled moments and a story that carries some weight, especially due to the connection with Aboriginal tribes. A unique and original creature feature, Red Billabong overcomes any VFX limitations with an intriguing story and truly tense scares, resulting in one of the more innovative and interesting monster movies to be released in some time. All rights reserved, Review of the latest films, old films and DVD/ Blu Ray, Category containing gay, homosexual and/ or lesbian movie reviews and information, The top 10′s of everything – we all love a good list and we will write lists of whatever you like, DENDY CINEMAS CANBERRA 24th October, 6:30 pm, GRAND CINEMAS BUNBURY 27th October, 7:00 pm, CINEMA NOVA CARLTON 8th November, 8:30 pm, THE CAPRI THEATRE GOODWOOD 18th October, 6:30 pm, NARACOORTE TOWN HALL 3rd November, 7:00 pm, CINEMA PARADISO ETTALONG 13th October, 7:00 pm, VILLAGE CINEMAS MORWELL 19th October, 6:30 pm, BCC CINEMAS DARWIN CITY 31st October, 7:00 pm, VILLAGE CINEMAS JAM FACTORY 19th October, 6:00 pm, PENINSULA CINEMAS WARRAGUL 25th October, 7:00 pm, DEAKIN CINEMA MILDURA 31st October, 7:00 pm, LIDO CINEMAS HAWTHORN 17th October, 6:30 pm, THE MONCRIEFF THEATRE BUNDABERG 23rd November, 7:00 pm, MAJESTIC CINEMAS SAWTELL 18th October, 7:00 pm, READING CINEMAS ELIZABETH 20th October, 6:15 pm, HOYTS CINEMAS ERINA FAIR 13th October, 7:00 pm, MAJESTIC CINEMAS PORT MACQUARIE 13th October, 7:00 pm, BCC CINEMAS MACKAY MT PLEASANT 12th October, 7:00 pm, HOYTS CINEMAS BLACKTOWN 12th October, 7:00 pm, EVENT CINEMAS NORTH LAKES 26th October, 7:00 pm, ALICE SPRINGS CINEMA 12th October, 7:00 pm, GREATER UNION SHELLHARBOUR 12th October, 7:00 pm, BCC CINEMAS TOOWOOMBA STRAND 12th October, 6:00 pm, VILLAGE CINEMAS GLENORCHY 12th October, 7:00 pm, EVENT CINEMAS LOGANHOLME 5th October, 6:30 pm. The percentage of Approved Tomatometer Critics who have given this movie a positive review. Citizen scientists, AI and cloud bond to boost billabong health in the Top End By Microsoft News Center 13 October, 2020 A major initiative is underway in Australia’s Top End – combining citizen scientists, artificial intelligence and cloud computing to create the world’s largest training dataset of fish species. For the first two parts of the film we don’t get to see much of the creature. The image is an example of a ticket confirmation email that AMC sent you when you purchased your ticket. Mobile site. I'm Thinking of Ending Things. | Rating: 4/5 I’ve turned off a few flicks this week, and this has enough story and intrigue to see it out. © 2020 Salty Popcorn. Nick isn’t so sure about the credibility of these potential buyers, and takes it upon himself to investigate. I think this movie could have the potential to be good if they swap out the bunyip for a more intangible being, tone down the weirdly forced in cultural angle, and remove most of the extra antagonists. Studio: SparkeFilms History Design with Pinnacle Films. Fight scenes with the monster have laughable CGI. Billabong is the name of an Australian brand of sportswear for surf, skateboard, and snowboard. I also suggest you hit up the RED BILLABONG website or Facebook page for further information. The end result is a bag of missed opportunities and odd filmmaking choices. The dog was particularly good in this and I hope he went on to do further roles. A billabong (/ ˈ b ɪ l ə b ɒ ŋ / BIL-ə-bong) is an Australian term for an oxbow lake, an isolated pond left behind after a river changes course. At the end of the article you will find all the details on upcoming regional screenings. Their main disagreement involves the land that their grandfather has left to Tristan (Tim Pocock). I can’t find the budget figures used to make Red Billabong, but I can only assume it to be modest. Some of the CGI towards the later end was a bit shaky but I’ve certainly seen worse (looking at you a the Asylum), If only the run time was tighter and some earlier scenes…. The billabong changes vastly across seasons, from fully flooded (February/March) to parched dry (usually by October). I’ve watched a few films using the humble Bunyip, Yeti, Big Foot or whatever name you wish to give these mythical creatures as a backdrop in their cinematic landscape.


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