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Some fish can be worth tens of thousands of silver, so it’s in your best interest to fish as often as possible. Pets are bought at the Pearl Shop or given as Attendance, Challenge, or quest rewards. Click here for all the details in our O'Dyllita Patch Guide. Office Layout Planning. You can have up to 5 pets out at the same time. This BDO Grinding Spot Guide takes a look at the many hunting zones in Black Desert, in which you can level. For example: If you are on a 7 day contract with 7,000 silver a day, and you earn 10,000 activity points, you can then be offered any other contract with a 100% raise, such as a 7 day contract with 14,000 silver a day, or a 30 day contract with 60,000 silver a day. Can start at 140 ap if you use species damage weapon like bares or elsh. What would be the best silver grinding spots with the latest update? 0. This community deserves it. Thanks Biohack!! 235 tet kutum: Manshaums makes an appearance here again. RNG my RNG:Oh RNG can be a fickle thing! From this list, you can see that the fastest way to gain your first daily payout of silver through BDO’s family fame fund is by leveling a few characters, preferably two characters to combat level 56, and then level a few more by a few levels until you reach the second combat fame tier. Book 1 gives 100% more junk loot. Prioritized YouTubers like Duodecil, Kanzetic, and Not Theworst, as long as they had a relevant and decently up to date video available. 25mil/hr, Polly Forest (once it gets its rework it will be a grind spot at this tier – take the video with a grain of salt, most KR players use loot scroll in their showcase videos. These don’t increase your damage but may help if you find you’re getting CC’d a lot. Also very good if you do not have pets or have less than 4 pets. Press shift to guide bdo guide about we put the horse ranch quite a new to find that has possibility of an ingredient in all the character. Eminent’s Node Networks and Worker Empires Guide If you’re interested in trade crates focus on CP and workers and processing before going for trade levels. Latest Silver Farming Guide 2019. your goal is 3k trash without loot modifiers like item scrolls but it’s still worth if you only pull like 2.5k. Dragon, il y a 1 an. The silver per hour reported above does not include any special item drop buffs like the ones below: Agris Fever:Agris Fever gives an item drop buff that can be obtained by completing the Margahan Adventure Log. Pets:Silver is highly impacted by pets. Thanks for pointing that out. Have fun grinding. Red/Blue Coral Earring, Dungeon is entered via a random Great Desert portal. Don’t have to pay the marketplace tax to sell plywood. Thus, it is crucial to find ways to obtain silver if … < > Showing 1-10 of 10 comments . Elite rotation around all of these areas make the most money in these spots. This well-received, 260 page guide has been added to and edited by me. A short route to power level is to buy cheap timber like an elder tree, palm, thuja, or timber that is under 540 silver per piece. Keep in mind you may get different results, and to take each example with a grain of salt. For example keeping Aakman mobs knocked down or Hystria mobs stiffened/stunned can increase your trash/hr by as much as 500/250 or more at Aakman/Hystria respectively.


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