rio 2 roberto singing
Four of them include Jewel and the kids. He is definitely in his comfort zone, living large and like a human. He flies off, upset over his failures despite his best intentions and efforts to fit in. He'll be back for us! Who knows what we'll find on our way to the city? | title10 = I Will Survive With the flock now under Linda and Tulio's protection, Blu and Jewel decide to live in the Amazon with their kids, though still agreeing to visit Rio in the summer. Awakened by the singing of his fellow birds in the rainforest near Rio de Janeiro, Blu dances along with them. He also seems to be the captain of their tribe's soccer team, and most likely one of the best players. Roberto is also hiding a secret and when Blu finds out, there is a surprising shift in their dynamic. Meanwhile, in another attempt to get closer to Blu, Nigel successfully wins a talent show to become a performer for a Carnival show that Rafael, Pedro, Nico and Blu's daughter Carla are hosting. Later, Nigel approaches them and explains the reason for his evil nature, as well as the reason behind his hatred of "pretty birds". Big Boss tries to blow up the trees instead, but Blu steals the lit dynamite and takes it into the sky where it detonates harmlessly. I came here just to sing. Roberto, unable to deal with real danger, panics and Blu is forced to save him from an oncoming bulldozer. ", "Sorry kids, it's safer here! #Rio2", "Photo: Janelle Monáe Voicing as the Doctor in 'Rio 2′", "Guess who has a cameo in "Rio 2"? Gabi tries to shoot Blu with a "poisoned" dart but fails to aim correctly and accidentally hits Nigel. | note2 = featuring B.o.B. ", "Look, Eduardo, I might not be the birdliest bird in the flock. Sally Brown | man-made. This is also the case during New Year's Eve when he dancing with. If Roberto’s looks, talent and friendship with Jewel weren't intimidating enough for Blu, the songbird hosts the family in his magnificent mansion, located in one of the Amazon Rainforest’s most impressive trees. ", "Find the flock with Linda and Tulio then get home. Jewel manages to get Blu free just before Ssssalbatore drops into the ocean. To take off and leave me? "But maybe... explore with caution! Meanwhile, Blu does his best to fit in with the flock, as his family are doing, but his continued reliance on human tools prevent him from connecting with anyone. Stretch my spine, to tap danceAnd the rhyme says, that I will love youSo open the circle for me to show youI came here just to sing. ", "Yeah, Jewel says it will be good for us. Ellie | When Blu first met Felipe, Blu was perturbed when Felipe called him Eduardo's "sidekick" and "nurse." Well... right. ", "Could you just scratch a little lower, please? Only the first quarter of the lullaby is featured in the movie itself, with Flavia's vocals omitted. The song is performed by Barbatuques, Andy García, and Rita Moreno. | title5 = Ô Vida When Blu is put in Jewel's aviary with an afro-like hairstyle to try and impress her, it is actually an accurate fact as macaws commonly puff up their head feathers so their partners cannot resist preening them. ", "No no, guys, really, I'm fine.


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