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Benjamin Cassidy, Allecia Vermillion, and Seattle Met Staff, 509 Olive Way, Suite 305, Seattle, WA 98101, 78 Ways to Make the Most of a Seattle Summer, Taste These Next-Level Seattle Ice Creams, Where to Get a Frosé Brain Freeze in Seattle. “Dave and I have declared it so,” Allard agreed. Our localish list of tracks released in the last year. This summer’s best chilled treats put plain scoops to shame. July 2017 was even cooler, averaging 67 degrees across the entire month. ... this cloudy pattern is at least delaying the start to wildfire season. In 2018, the month averaged 70 degrees, and as late as July 19, had a day where temperatures didn’t get above 68 degrees. Seattle Met Going on a Shopping Spree: Is That Allowed? Annika Lindburg, 11/05/2019 Seattle Met Staff, 09/10/2020 What Does a Very Online Art World Look Like? You would think only the Chief Meteorologist could issue a statement like that, but power structures are being upended everywhere these days,” KIRO Radio’s Dave Ross joked. (Stephanie Klein, MyNorthwest), Why Tim Eyman $30 car tab initiatives keep getting struck down in court, No tsunami threat for Washington state after earthquake, Rantz: 28 photos of Seattle's shocking, exploding homeless crisis, Sign up to receive the most popular email. “To put things in perspective, at Sea-Tac Airport, July is actually running above normal temperature wise and is nowhere near the top 10 coolest,” the National Weather Service Tweeted Wednesday morning. Benjamin Cassidy By Jaime Archer 5/29/2019 at 9:00am Published in the June/July 2019 issue of Seattle Met “By Sunday, temperatures will be 8-20 degrees warmer than today,” it stated on Twitter. How newcomers and new construction are changing our city's AC landscape. Seattle’s gloomy July weather is actually completely normal, Seattle's cloudy, cool July is actually nothing out of the ordinary. That was the question on the minds of many when another rainy day moved in Wednesday. If you're visiting Seattle in the spring or summer, pack a variety of lightweight t-shirts and shorts as well as a few pairs of long pants and a light jacket for nighttime temperatures. The unusually damp, dark weather this month is testing even the most die-hard Northwest native accustomed to rain and clouds. Claim your spot at the city’s rooftops or decks. Where is Seattle’s sunny weather? Nicole Martinson and Zoe Sayler, 12/05/2019 Seattle Met Staff By 8 places around the city that channel summer vibes, even on cloudy days. Our city’s getting warmer and drier. The NWS may have even better news, predicting a “warming trend” set to kick off Thursday, before things get even warmer through the weekend. By But according to historic data, the weather we’ve been seeing is actually completely normal for July. How Bill Gates Became Our Covid-19 Oracle, Three Reasons Why Everything Isn’t Totally Terrible Right Now. It doesn’t feel much like summer in the Seattle area right now — and the showers are likely to stick around until the end of the week, according to the National Weather Service. Jordan Kay, 10/02/2020 From boozy mini golf to bike polo, the season starts now. Published in the June/July 2019 issue of Northwest set for reprieve as wetter, light wildfire season approaches. By Allison Williams, Craig Romano, and Seattle Met Staff, 09/21/2020 Mike Holm, 08/04/2020 For even greater perspective, Seattle’s average high temperature in July is just a shade under 76 degrees Fahrenheit. 07/14/2020 Quirky Seattle Team Sports to Play in Summer, What to Do Indoors in Seattle When Bad Weather Strikes, 4 New Walla Walla Wineries Worth Your While, Takeout Cocktails Were Cool—Now Let’s Commit to Relaxed Drinking Laws. By That's the question on the minds of many as yet another rainy moved in Wednesday morning. By Illustrations by “[KIRO 7 meteorologist] Nick [Allard] personally assured me it would be here Saturday. By With July 2019 is actually on pace for a completely normal month, averaging just over 73 degrees for highs, and 66 degrees combined between highs and lows. Stefan Milne Recent releases with Northwest bona fides. Annika Lindburg, 07/02/2020 Jane Sherman Jaime Archer Illustrations by Carson Artac, 09/16/2020 Still very much a thing. But are we breaking all the wine rules? July 2019 is currently tied for the 48th coolest for the month on record, and just the 29th wettest. Seattle averages about 1 summer in 4 not reaching 90 degrees that year, but we haven’t had a 90-less summer since 2011. By What Does a Seattle Summer Really Look Like? Where to watch cinema in the open air, with a little something extra. But cloudy June days? Seattle Has a New, Old Reason to Stay Home: Wildfire Smoke, Why Now's the Time to Rent an Apartment in Seattle, Covid-19 Has Created a Condo Conundrum in Downtown Seattle, Seattle Area Public High Schools by the Numbers. For some, the perception is that things generally start heating up directly after the 4th of July holiday. How’s Covid-19 Contact Tracing Going in Washington? 5/29/2019 at 9:00am By Across both highs and lows, the month averages 67 degrees. By Where is Seattle's summer weather? Edited by Is It Time for Seattle to Embrace Air Conditioning? Taking a Fitness Class In Person: Is That Allowed? Three Prominent Seattle Clothing Boutiques Close, 13 Seattle Plant Shops for Growing an Urban Oasis, These Locally Owned Seattle Shops Are Back, 3 Seattle Bars Nominated for Big-Deal Spirited Awards, Exercise Your Right to Drink at These Seattle Speakeasy-Style Bars, Ditch the Chilly Weather and Warm Up Inside These Cozy Seattle Bars, These Big-Name Seattle Chefs Opened Bars Next to Their OG Restaurants, Greenwood Gets Lucky with Draft Punk Beer Bar, Allison Williams, Craig Romano, and Seattle Met Staff, High-End Lotte Hotel Finally Opens, Pandemic Be Damned, A Navy Vet's Miraculous, Indefinite Recovery from Covid-19. Neither has proven to be accurate so far, but sunshine could soon be on the way. Illustrations by At the National Weather Service, the unofficial end to cloudy weather is July 12. Washington water still dangerous despite warm weather. Sean P. Sullivan By 4 spots around town serving up the sunny slushy. Instagram-worthy, delightfully pink—frozen rosé has become the drink of summer. Two New Documentaries Investigate Our Troubled Prison System, What to Stream in Seattle September 25–October 1, Remembering the Washingtonians We Lost to Covid-19, A Brief History of Seattle, in Three Disasters, Omari Salisbury Bears Witness to Seattle’s Season of Protest, A New Game Allows You to Redesign Seattle Streets, The Idea of Anarchist Seattle Is Central to Trump’s Reelection Bid. Seattle Met. Hot Stuff. Photography by


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