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Throwing some of my own ideas into the mix as well. Natural Theology; Or, Evidences of the Existence and Attributes of the Deity, Collected from the Appearances of Nature. A commentary on a debate between Richard Dawkins and Bret Weinstein.The soundbites are from this video: interview with Weinstein I later reference: references:- The neo-Darwinian theory of the mind: David Deutsch's "The Beginning of Infinity": Richard Dawkins' "The Selfish Gene": David Deutsch's "What is Computation? ", References: “Making Sense” podcast episode with Sam Harris and Judea Pearl: Popper, “Objective Knowledge” - Chapter 1 “Conjectural Knowledge: My Solution of the Problem of Induction” - Chapter 7 “Evolution and the Tree of Knowledge” Popper, “Conjectures and Refutations”, chapter 1 “Science: Conjectures and Refutations” David Deutsch, “The Beginning of Infinity”, chapter 2 “Closer to Reality”, References: David Deutsch, “The Beginning of Infinity”: - Chapter 1, “The Reach of Explanations” - Chapter 2, “Closer to Reality” - Chapter 6, “The Jump to Universality” - Chapter 7, “Artificial Creativity” Facebook research on open-endedness: OpenAI press release about Microsoft investment: Since we both spend a fair amount of time criticizing each other’s theories, you may get more out of this episode if you familiarize yourself with my neo-Darwinian theory of the... Today I have my first guest on the podcast. Succinct yet powerful and insightful presentation of an important perspective on an important problem. Original blog post: Interview with Ayn Rand about altruism: “Theories of AGI.” Artificial Creativity with Dennis Hackethal. We cover generating art with neural networks, AI’s challenges for neuroscience, and how the infamous frame problem in AI traces all the way back to Plato. A reading of my article of the same name ( Dawkins, Richard. New York: Penguin Press.- Hackethal, Dennis. ":, 16 – The Neo-Darwinian Theory of The Mind. He is the co-founder of the South African organization PANDA—Pandemics Data and Analytics—which, as stated on their website, “provide[s] decision makers calculated data on the virus’ cost on SA livelihoods.” Nick and I cover what is known about the virus and the disastrous effects of lockdown policies on people and businesses. Enjoy.PANDA: https://pandata.orgPANDA's Twitter:'s Twitter: to PANDA: to PANDA's newsletter: Medical disclaimer — Read before listeningNeither Nick Hudson nor Dennis Hackethal are trained medical professionals.


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