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Mont Saint-Michel Facts Mont Saint Michel or Le Mont Saint-Michel as it is known in France, is an island commune located in the Normandy region of the country. Mont-Saint-Michel was an Armorican stronghold of Gallo-Roman culture and power in the sixth and seventh centuries. With only less than 50 residents and over 3 million tourists each year, this is one of the most visited places in France. Mont Saint-Michel is a monastery erected at the top of a small rocky island that overlooks the sea. From about the fifth to the eighth century, Mont-Saint-Michel was part of a region called Neustria. Mont Saint Michel bay is thus now several square miles smaller than it was in the Middle ages, when the first Benedictine monastery was set up on the island. This wonderful complex inspired the castle from Disney’s Tangled movie and it really looks like it came straight out of a fairy-tale. More than 3 million people visit this destination each year, promising everyone a great adventure and history. Here are 4 interesting facts about Mont Saint-Michel. During the Middle Ages, le Mont Saint Michel was an important and iconic location in this north western part of Europe . The impressive views of Mont Saint-Michel have inspired popular culture, from books and classical music to Hollywood movies and video games. Mont Saint Michel is a must-see attraction if you are in France for a vacation. Mont-Saint Michel is an island in Normandy, France, of the northwestern coasts. At the start of the ninth century, it was an important place in the marches of Neustria. Mont-Saint-Michel Was The Inspiration For Minas Tirith In The Film The Lord of the Rings The Verdict. It’s a magnificent place that will take your breath away offering a delightful appearance and power. Here Are Some Interesting Facts About Mont Saint Michel Mont Saint Michel, the Fortified Abbey. In the seventh century, the Franks took the mount. 1. Tourists flock to the island in vast numbers all year round to see the famed architectural masterpiece, which is steeped in over 1300 years of history. Mont Saint Michel is an important place of worship; however, it is also a fortified site that shares a history with Normandy and its past wars with England. Mont-Saint-Michel was used in the sixth and seventh centuries as an Armorican stronghold of Gallo-Roman culture and power until it was ransacked by the Franks, thus ending the trans-channel culture that had stood since the departure of the Romans in 460. Here are 10 interesting facts about Mont-Saint Michel. Mont Saint Michel is a Medieval village on a tidal island that sits about one kilometer off the French coast in Normandy. Feb 22, 2019 Six intriguing facts about Mont-Saint-Michel Feb 22, 2019 Jan 23, 2019 Paris Under the Snow is a Winter Wonderland Jan 23, 2019 Sep 27, 2018 … It really is a special place. Mont Saint-Michel is one of the most famous landmarks in France, visited by over 3 million visitors each year. If you can’t make it in person then it’s fun just to learn some Mont Saint Michel facts, look at the photos and watch some videos.


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