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Incarcerating Isabella: The Counter Strategies. It's been a long time since I last played Spain in Civ 5, so I'm a little rusty on the details, but I think aiming to maximise tourism and happiness would be a good idea. Spain (Isabella I of Castile) Unique Ability: Seven Cities of Gold: Receive 100 when discovering a Natural Wonder (500 if you are the first to discover it). I kinda forgot about the difficulty of obtaining national wonders in wide games, so yeah, go with Hero of the People instead of Universal Healthcare. Wars and more wars threatened and decimated the once proud empire for the next two centuries. One of Imperial Spain's most recognizable legacies is its language - nearly 500 million people today speak Spanish, the second most popular language in the world. If you're going for a domination victory or an aggressive cultural approach. All the peaceful options require a Natural Wonder to differentiate Spain from any other civ. Now, you can get a mod by Xiaopewpew on Steam (which I can not find right now) that increases Spain's likelihood to start near a Natural Wonder. Also, more than 50% of the energy generated in the country is provided by windmills, much to Don Quixote's displeasure. Spain is the leading nation in solar power production, having overtaking the United States in 2010 with the completion of La Florida, a huge solar plant. The 20th century didn't bring much change for the fallen empire - The Spanish Civil War of the 1930s brought Fascism and an authoritarian government to the country, claiming over half a million lives in the process. She began to lose her European holdings, primarily from the separation of Portugal and the Netherlands, and then suffered military setbacks from the highly destructive Thirty Years War. Furthermore, the tile yields from Natural Wonders are doubled, which makes them very potent early sources of Science, Faith and Gold - yet another great advantage in the early game. Conquistadors can act as super-Settlers, being faster, able to see threats coming and being able to defend itself. Triremes and Caravels are good too once you can build them. Spain's at its best with a heavily religious strategy. The displaced tribes set up a new kingdom in modern day Galicia and Portugal, and Rome lacked the resources to stop them. Thanks ! As you said, natural wonders come in all shapes and sizes, a single one with good gold/science output when doubled with Spain's UA creates a terrific foundation for diplomatic/scientific victories respectively. Civilization Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The southern areas bordering the Mediterranean Sea enjoy a mild Mediterranean and semi-arid climate, the central plain is Continental in nature, and the northern areas vary between Oceanic and Mountainous temperatures. Spain offers great religious, military and even scientific potential - but at the start of the game, that's only potential. Despite their eventual victory over the French (mostly due to Napoleon's disastrous Russian campaign) the country was thrown into political turmoil. Here's a list of the decisions and brief notes on importance of some. Later in the game they gain access to the Conquistador - arguably the best scouting unit in the game - which can not only see far and move rapidly on land, but is also capable of settling cities on islands or other continents! Finding a natural wonder first gives you enough gold to buy a Settler. Conquistadors don't need to be escorted over seas and have a huge sight range, making them excellent scouts. While Conquistadors don't have a penalty against cities, the relatively high cost of the unit means you should only attack cities if you're certain the unit can escape safely or will get the last hit on the city, capturing it. This mod requires Brave New World and the Spain and Inca DLC, and works best with Gazebo's Community Patch. They receive 100 Gold bonus for discovering a Natural Wonder, which goes up to a whopping 500 Gold if they were the first to discover it, creating an advantage for the early game. The Spanish are the masters of exploration. Christians and Muslims continued to wrest for control of Iberia for centuries, resulting in the creation of the Reconquista. At its height, the Spanish Empire counted holdings across the entirety of the world - from large chunks of North and South America and small pieces of Europe, to various cities in North Africa and the entirety of the East Indies. Still, succeed early on and you'll reap the rewards later. The invaders themselves were hardly unified despite their shared religion and purpose, and soon groups of Moors were splitting off and forming settlements of their own, primarily in the Valencia and Granada regions. Spain also gets double Happiness for discovering a Natural Wonder. Heck even a food oriented natural wonder can do wonders for a scientific victory by virtue of science earned from population. Considering how much emphasis you put on natural wonders in this guide I think you're selling Spain short when it comes to Diplomatic and Scientific victories. This war is also commonly credited as the first battle of World War II. Does not replace Isabella's Spain but heavily modifies it as Castile (Isabella). In the 18th century, Napoleon Bonaparte invaded the country by trickery, claiming he was on his way to Portugal. Here are a few I've identified as possible mistakes to avoid. Spain's highest peak is located on one of its island holdings, the volcano Teide on Tenerife, a member of the Canary Islands. Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra wrote Don Quixote, which is credited as the first modern novel. What tenets World hoy recommend ? Spain led by Isabella is a civilization available in vanilla Civilization 5. At one time the first world Imperial power, Spain later had to survive devastating wars and centuries of political unrest. However, this all changed with the fateful union of the kingdoms of Castile and Aragon, joined by the marriage of Isabella I and Ferdinand II in 1469.


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