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The kind of polytheism found in the Indian Vedas (Hindu scriptures having the same religious background as the Gathas) is totally absent; the Gathas, for example, mention no female deity sharing Ahura Mazda's rule. They said to exist eternally in the highest heaven, revealed to the human beings for their welfare and to facilitate the nurturing of gods who cannot make food of their own. Zarathushtra‘s Gathas ―With hands outstretched in Reverence, O Mazda, I pray for the abiding support of your ever- expanding spirit of benediction. He is surrounded by six or seven beings, or entities, which the later Avesta calls amesha spentas, "beneficent immortals." The wisdom teachings he received from Ahura Mazda are given in the form of seventeen hymns, the Gathas, contained in the Avesta scripture. Especially prominent are the Israelite prophets and Moḥammad. He states the doctrine in two places in his Gathas, the sacred hymns that form the core text of the religion's scriptures. Zarathushtra‘s Gathas• Gathas are totally silent on phases of the . **Celestial and Terrestrial bodies 39 40. Humbach also discounts the basis of this calculation in his Gathas 1991 (pg 30). Boyce has wavered on an actual date: between 1400 and 1000 BC (1975), between 1700 and 1500 (1979), around 1400 BC (1988), between 1500 BC & 1200 BC "with the latter more likely" (1992). Indian Vedas, Zoroaster’s Gathas and Odyssey are examples of ancient poetry. Poetry is defined as a literary form of art, evoked in language. I don’t blame the author of this article for overlooking the overwhelming similarity between the Gathas(oldest zoroastian texts) and the Vedas(0ldest hindu texts). Tradition Schwartz underlines a difference from the Vedas and Younger Avesta: the Gathas exclude mythological material and similes. prehistoric or primitive Indo- Iranian cult or any of its divinities. The historical data on Zoroaster is conflicting, one set of data suggests he lived 6K years ago, another set suggests 2.5k and academics trend to the latter date. Since Hinz places Zoroaster’s death on 1 May 553 B.C.E., he is drawn to the Near East, rather than to the Vedas, for analogies to understand the Gathas. Rig Veda is most popular among all Vedas; today we will share some useful information related to Rigveda which every Indian must know. In fact, the Vedas have the status of being the world’s oldest piece of literature. It can be written on its own or in combination with other arts as in poetic drama, poetic hymns, lyrical poetry and prose poetry. The Vedas are recognized as the most sacred scriptures of the Hindus. Form. The Gathas employ khratu and chisti to designate wisdom. The Vedas are elaborate texts containing thousands of hymns. They are believed to be divine revelations and not manmade (apaurusheya).


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