survival in a sentence
, Survival in the frozen wastelands of the Arctic would be impossible without warmth. Survival instinct definition: the instinct in humans and animals to do things in a dangerous situation that will... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples It provides for the payment of the sum assured and the bonus amount on the, The corollary is that it is not moderation, but total victory, that assures, He then joined the army, motivated solely by a desire to learn combat and, Even without taking into account large-scale land development, the malleefowl faces enormous, They are a technically reliable threat of last resort to discourage a foe from pressing too hard or threatening national, With most aircrews traversing hot, desert-like climates, it's easy to assume an arctic, For birds wintering at that northerly location, spring migrations may be less arduous, leading to increased, Pleasure is usually a reward for behaviour patterns that are good for, Make sure you pack an emergency travel kit containing plenty of, These patterns may have implications for population, Since its members will likely get next to nothing if it liquidates, the committee is now seen as an ally to the airline's bid for, Some Americans are afraid the next disaster might be handled as badly as the last one and they're stocking up for, Make no mistake, once you're in the crush for the ticket gates it's, It is a tale of fear and guilt, emotional, For without a contrast model the world has no way to know or feel the oddness of its dependence on power for, The felling of a sycamore tree in Bradford on Avon has angered residents who petitioned for its, While the crew wrestles with the logistics of, Ensuring that the animals are worth more alive than dead may be their only shot at, However, deeper layers of paint were protected from light-induced degradation, as evidenced by the, Resistant starches can act as a carrier to enhance the, Patients with aneuploid tumors have a poorer five-year, While we offer the ubiquitous aloha greeting, the lei of nonnative flowers, the real issues of Hawaiian cultural, We feel that economic failure has created a situation where, Over the years we have added scientific investigations on wildlife road kill, tree growth and a study of American chestnut seedling, The few remaining teachers rely solely on donations from various sources for their, Surprisingly, Chris discovers her true self during the, Concern has been expressed about the long term, Natural selection leads us to expect animals to behave in ways that increase their own chances of, It has been used by the native North American Indians as a, Well, the greatest reward in World War II was, An increased laying interval would create a large hatching interval for last-born chicks with potential negative effects on their, Their opinion was that negative emotions are more lateralized in the brain because they are associated with, It has lots of fun things for cheap, but it's a hassle to go there and spend any amount of time buying things for my, Does a blood transfusion in anemic patients with acute coronary syndrome improve, And that in layman's language is about the, Another Maryland tree, a 81-foot river birch in historic Belt Woods, has little chance of, In order to launch the WMU and to assure its, Four lines of print at the bottom, stating that, A second objective was to attempt to ascertain the limits to, Small apollo butterflies demonstrate various means of defense to increase their chances of, For Nepal's indigenous ethnic minorities like the Buddhist Tamangs the struggle for, The administration of superoxide dismutase to scavenge superoxide anions was found to promote the, The endosymbiotic theory describes how a large host cell and ingested bacteria could easily become dependent on one another for, Maintenance of blood glucose homeostasis is of paramount importance to the, The researchers suspect that the same genes could confer greater longevity and are measuring the animals', In a global market, consolidation has become a, Missing from most historical accounts in Mexico and the US is how Apaches and Yoemem were forced to engage in struggles for, The birds have been bred in captivity and will be fitted with radio tags to monitor their, Specific antiviral treatment has been effective in improving the, And Parkes is fully aware of what's riding on the outcome of the next eight games as Rovers battle for Premiership, This process will lead to the evolution of a life history in which fertility and, That impressive pedigree transmits well to this film, a rousing tale of, Above all, 82 accident victims need artificial hands and 91 others artificial limbs for, The antilog of the slope of this line represented average annual, Overall, the price depression has predisposed subsistence farmers to serious problems of, However, it is unclear why intrinsic value should attach to cultural, As the old lower middle class struggled for, Word quickly spread about the convenience and economy that could result from teaching, The stakes of nuclear war engage not just the, There is just so much to know about cellular respiration, which is vital to the, Some islands provide nesting habitat that is critical to the, Hogwarts retells the story of Harry's birth, fame, and miracle, So there is a sadness, but there is also the, Winter for Kiev's waifs and strays is a cold, bleak daily battle for, New fighters and bombers could be equipped with cameras to carry out the same reconnaissance with a much better chance of, I clocked up 32 victories and 2 charged sigils in, Now, the flip side of the heartbreaking stories we've had to bring you in abundance this week are the breathtaking stories of, It began on the western frontier, at a time when driving cattle was vital to the, Several studies have shown that immediate heparinisation followed by warfarin treatment improves, The restoration of diversity is one of the keys not only to our, Plants have evolved various protective mechanisms that allow them to acclimate to unfavourable environments for continued, These moral codes may be forces for good or forces for ill, but they clearly have, In the Gulf, I had taken out the watch cap and the hand-warmers, and I hadn't bothered to put them back into my, After all, the more unkind the times, the more the, The compromised microcirculation further jeopardizes the, The purpose of an infant incubator is to secure and improve the chances of, Pitic may have let the internal disagreements blind him from the many uncertainties ahead, not least the, Conversely, patients whose genes efficiently counteracted chemotherapy and radiation treatment had shorter, For all of their contacts and talent, he acknowledges the fact that, To the peoples of the west Nordic and arctic areas, hunting is a question of, Four patients responded despite extensive metastases to liver, brain, skin, and adrenals, with, In subtropical or temperate regions, or on tropical mountains low temperatures may limit their growth and, These thoughts race through the brain just as a kick of adrenaline triggers a, Many of those left behind lost not only their loved ones, but also their means of, Large seeds have been found to have a better chance of, Siblicide is a cause of juvenile mortality, and so should select for greater investment in, They rightly fear that the adventurist posture may prove very costly to their own interests, even to, In this way, the plant can resume aerobic metabolic activity required for long-term, The four-week course taught aeromedical physiology, aircraft-loading procedures, and, The novel follows a farming family's fight for, Like a sharp pair of fangs, quick forelegs, or keen hearing, our adept mind has insured the, Whatever the eventual afterworld destination of the people involved, one imagines that they are keenly alive to their own, There's been a colour-shift giving them a rather livid hue as if they had all been bruised in a fight for, That's a very European idea, which needs to fight against a tough tide of facts for, Whereas in the case of saplings planted in a house with the wholehearted co-operation of the house owner, the chances of, The livelihoods of many thousands of people depend on their success and they must succeed to ensure, The order specified as its purposes the company's, Animals that rear their young might educate their young in, Cunning eyes, wily grins, pesky faces had beamed tenacity and aptness and, He has been given a 20 per cent chance of, London-based Wanderers' fans are celebrating a double, It has proven itself to be the winning strategy for the, After the briefing, the pilots suit up in their combat, Sen. Blanche Lincoln is in a dogfight for, I know that politics is a blood sport, senator, but your strong, To view it differently is to prefer brain-dead legalism to, Settled by the mutineers from the Bounty and their Tahitian companions in 1789, residents of Pitcairn have relied on fishing and subsistence farming for their, What is less convincing is her buoyant optimism about our odds of, In fact, it now became necessary to think about how to make a landing on this lee shore without having the entire, The controversial defection law was put on ice yesterday pending a Constitutional Court decision, leaving some politicians in limbo and others scrambling for, This is highly unusual in the war culture of Mogadishu, where, With chemotherapy, her doctors give her at least an 80 percent chance of, Since this use of 'ginger' is considered obsolete by the OED, these instances suggest a re-invention via back-formation rather than a, On Monday 18 yachts sailed in the north lake where an extremely strong wind from the north created, Chicagoan Bill Smith discovered Chen three years ago when she was scavenging for, It was a long shot, but it seemed to be my best chance at, Will there be future developments that will once again force us to review the age at which we see a foetus as a human capable of independent, Several countries with socialized medicine have breast-cancer, In addition to testing the generality of fungal, As much as the concept of community had developed, humans still had a capacity for wanting the best for themselves, the remnant of, Yet, our brain's wiring hasn't changed much, and human, Encourage research into the effects of acidification of water bodies on the, Never mind the game, the moment to savour came after the final whistle when the happy Wanderers went on a lap of honour to celebrate their, Future trials should also examine long term outcomes, recurrence rate, long term, The problems with this concept include the role of food enzymes in digestion, their, Harvey, who had won five of his seven previous fights, took an eight count, and having felt Symonds' power resorted to holding for, Evolutionary psychology has puzzled over the question of what is it about crying that would have been advantageous for, The ruthless logging of these magnificent trees is leading to the destruction of precious forests that are critical to the, This small moth is completely dependent on the yucca plant for its existence, and the yucca plant is completely dependent on the yucca moth for its, There is nothing worth giving your life for, it's all about, She is using this technique, which generations of African-Americans have used for, Having been reduced to a rump of six seats in 1999, the Nationals have made a desperate bid for, They were taking down our coordinates every 15 minutes in case we got washed under and had to take the rubber raft and jump into our, The king feared that had Prince Bertil married a commoner, the royal dynasty's, With two out of every three deaths in Iraq caused by diarrhoea and respiratory infections, a safe supply of clean water is crucial to child, What seemed to be an old political rivalry took on ethnic overtones, with the very, They took us in, fed us, clothed us, and taught us basic, As despotic regimes across the Arab world crumble or battle for, This in turn has served to fuel hostility from those whose, In fact, requisites for the intertwined interests in cultural.


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