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Delon, Brando, Berger, Rampling, Bardot and even Greta Garbo were rumored to have joined Visconti's ambitious project. Not for all the FN stuff (ew), but for Swann in Love, Mr. Delon is forgiven. FAQ | Ornella Muti I feel really bad for his coachman: having to take him to a booty call and wait for him all night. But it's a bloody shame that Luchino Visconti's four hour version of Proust’s seven-volume novel never made it to the screen. This list is the Letterboxd version of The Oxford History of World Cinema. Yes, I don't know how it took me so long, either. Swann in Love. . Please enable it to continue. IMDb Watch Swann in Love. Proust by way of Nykvist is more than we deserve. I'm not sure if someone who hasn't read the book could even truly follow the plot. TMDb (Thank you, Flash Gordon.). Runtime: 1m 50s. "Volker Schlöndorff's Masterly Film". Could have been a landmark in film history. 'Swann in Love' is currently available to rent, purchase, or stream via subscription on Criterion . - In the company of Baron de Charlus, brother of the Duchess of Guermantes, he wonders about the failure of his sentimental life, so far removed from this absolute he dreamed of... Jeremy Irons Ornella Muti Alain Delon Fanny Ardant Marie-Christine Barrault Anne Bennent Nathalie Juvet Charlotte Kerr Catherine Lachens Philippine Pascal Charlotte de Turckheim Nicolas Baby Jean-François Balmer Jacques Boudet Jean-Pierre Coffe, Margaret Ménégoz Eberhard Junkersdorf Martin Wiebel, Jean-Claude Carrière Peter Brook Marcel Proust Marie Hélène Estienne, Mario Di Salvio Joan Hills Michel Deruelle Jean-Pierre Eychenne, Eine Liebe von Swann, Swannin rakkaus, Swann szerelme, スワンの恋, Miłość Swanna, Любовь Свана, Swann och kärleken, 110 mins   It’s an LGBTQ+ world and these are my other LGBTQ+ lists on Letterboxd: ➡️Minor Interest Films: In the Closet: A…, Everything on the brand new Criterion Channel Streaming service. Streaming Guide Movies Drama. Volker Schlöndorff's Masterly Film. I have been reading (very slowly) Proust's In Search of Lost Time, and I thought I should watch this to remind myself of the plot from the first one. Developers | Original Title: Un amour de Swann. Gorgeously shot and performed. There's something that doesn't click. I've never read Proust's In Search of Lost Time and I have to admit that seeing Jeremy Irons talking and hearing Pierre Arditi's voice instead was a bit off putting initially, but I wound up being very into Swann in Love and very glad that I noticed it playing on TCM and recorded it on the DVR. Irons seems extremely uncomfortable in the part and just coasts along dead pan.


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